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June 23, 2006


Ed Friedemann

Bush is not running this country, his handlers are, and they're some very dangerous people, or murdering thugs would be a better description.

Old Drum

Since 2002, the Republicans have controlled both houses of Congress.

Why does Bush need a line item veto for items passed by a Congress his party controls?

Ed Friedemann

Not only does Bush not need a line item veto, with The White House interpretation written into the signing statements, all he needs congress for is to send him any Bill, then White House Lawyers write the signing statement's language which rewrites the Bill to suit whatever needs they deem necessary.

In other words, Congress can tailor a Bill to pacify the Democrats, then the White House will make changes to the legislation any way they want using the signing statements.

The American People want this Karl Rove bunch out of their lives, so counting the votes is of major importance. Rove and his gang of Neoconservatives, Zionists, and hardcore swindlers must be stopped from getting anywhere near counting the ballots.

That is America's Achilles Heel right now.

The American People want this bunch gone, and this bunch doesn't want to leave.

This latest scam of a "terror" alert was nothing more than a bunch of kids trying to get some money for saying "Sears Tower." Expect much worst from Karl's gang of thugs as the election draws near.

They will do anything to keep their tricked-out dictatorial powers.

Ed Friedemann

Here is how Haaretz plays-up the phony "terror" alert { These boys were in a warehouse wearing "Ninja Costumes," telling an "undercover" FBI Agent their shoes sizes to get some boots to go with the "Ninja Costumes" }

"U.S. official: Alleged terror plot dramatizes threats U.S. faces

By The Associated Press"

"WASHINGTON - Seven young men arrested in an alleged plot to bomb the tallest building in the United States were part of a group of "homegrown terrorists" who sought to work with Al-Qaida but ended up conspiring with an informant, U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said Friday."

"Outlining an alleged plot against the 110-floor Sears Tower in Chicago and a federal building in Miami, Gonzales told a Justice Department news conference: "They were persons who for whatever reason came to view their home country as the enemy." { this belongs on a SNL skit }


Ed Friedemann

The Lawyer for these "terror" Ninja Kids should be able to make a case against the FBI for entrapment. These kids were just trying to "pull a train" for money, having seen the "Sears Tower" thing a TV.

If Karl wasn't trying to get his "Boy-Bush reelected these matter would have been handled as a simple B&E by the local police, and maybe not even that as it would be difficult to find a complainant, as the warehouse was abandoned.

Their mother said they were all dressed-up like little fools with only their eyes showing through all the head wrapping. They gave the FBI "undercover agent" their shoe sizes to get some new boots for their "ninja costumes" What were they going to attack with, "bottle rockets?"

Karl is desperate.


Your obviously not too in touch with what the american people want, if this regime has been elected to office twice.

Jim S

But would they be elected again? Unfortunately it took too long for the true nature of where this gang was leading the country to become clear enough for a clear majority of the population to see it. Enough people fell for the hype and the fear-mongering to barely re-elect him. And never, never forget that in the first election he lost the popular vote. Not by much, but he did lose it.

John Boy

Well, excuuuuse me Mr Ed F...If Americans wanted this bunch gone, then why did they re-elect him? You dont make any sense at all !! Of course, most bigots dont


I don't think that the RNC "forgot" Rev. Cleaver. I think they are ignorring him. For whatever reason, they don't seem to think that Cleaver is dangeroous to their goals.

Remember all of the "terror alerts" leading up to the last election? Even Tom Ridge, the Sec of Homelad Security at the time, has said he was "amazed at the flimsy information" that these alerts were declared based on. Has there been even one since election day? Funny how the terrorist never do anything unless and until the Republicans in power get in danger of losing that power.

If the Democrats don't make an election issue out of Karl Rove this time, they deserve to lose.


I get it ... these homegrown terrorists aren't so bad, they are just wannabe's. Those WMD aren't the droids we were looking for...

Jedi mind tricks don't work on the American public anymore.
Timothy McVeigh was a wannabe until he parked the truck in front of the Murrah building
If the 500 shells of WMD are harmless, can we park you in a room with one while we open it?

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