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June 28, 2006


Political Moderate

C'mon folks, Claire needs our money as well as our support. Talent is going to wage an enormous media assault. Claire must have the ability to respond to the "distorted" information Jim Talent will present.


Claire must be desperate if she thinks Janet Reno is going to help her campaign. Yikes!!

D. Walker


Being that Claire McCaskill is in the lead in this race so far, I would not call having Reno help her raise funds, a desperate move. (And, why do you say Yikes!!)

After all, Ms. Reno was our country's FIRST and only FEMALE U.S. Attorney General. That is something to be admired and respected by all, even if we don't like her.


I'll go by my first name of Dionne so as not to consistently get the 2 of us mixed up :-). I do enjoy seeing women succeed and be empowered but not over and above my core principles. Janet Reno doesn't stand for much that I believe in so its a little hard for me to admire her.

And if you want to think Claire is in the lead thats fine but if you look at the recent polls the Zogby one had Talent up by 5 ( even though the St. Louis one had her in the lead. Right now I'd say its probably a statistical dead heat except that Talent has a lot more money than Claire. I don't know how you get Claire in the lead from that.

D. Walker


How many people does it take to fill even the largest ball room in the Ritz Carlton and raise one (1) million dollars in one night for Senator Jim Talent?

All this money, is it given away for your interests or the interest of our country, or the average Missourian? All this money impress you, why?



So if Claire had more money somehow she wouldn't be doing things for special interests?? Whatever!! I happen to know that many more Republicans give small amounts to Republican candidates that add up and many times its rich Democrats like George Soros that give a lot to Democrats. My husband and I are by no means rich and my average gift to Republicans is $10. And I consider myself to be an average Missourian. What do I expect for my money? I expect my Republican candidates to stand by the principles they espouse while running for office.

D. Walker

I expected the same thing as you. They said that they would do things that represent values, didn't they? They had the POWER and TIME needed to do all these things, but did not, right?

Maybe you can explain to me why they did not already?

So, do you believe these same ones will do what they promised next time around?

As the saying goes, you're a easy mark.

D. Walker

Also, Dionne,

All, and that include both, Democrats and Republicans, YOU MUST STOP ignoring and making excuses for bad and wrong behaviors by your party representatives.

As for those who call themselves Christians, and or children of God, THIS IS A REQUIREMENT, just as surely as same-sex relations, sex outside wed-lock and, murder are sins.


I have no idea what you're talking about. Jim Talent has done an awesome job in the senate in sticking up for what he ran on. The people I'm irritated with are Arlen Specter and John McCain and all the other liberal/moderate republicans who have gummed up the works. But I can't vote for Specter or McCain but I'm not going to punish Talent for how his colleagues have tried to screw things up.

D. Walker

Honestly, I like Talent very much, but am very disappointed in him for supporting amnesty for businesses that hire illegal immigrates, and in him for not supporting the minimum wage increase.

Two things that are hurtful to the economic welfare of society, and the extremely working poor.

These two actions are also moral issues.

His view on these two issues supports the GREED that has been the American way since the early days, starting with the early settlers taking advantage of people from the Old World, tricking them to come here for the sole purpose of free labor, then the kidnapping of Africans (Slavery) to do free labor, then taking advantage of the Chinese labor in building our railroads.

All morals are important, and I know from my faith that this country will not be made better if we ignore what’s right and moral on all issues that surface.

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