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June 23, 2006


Doug Harpool, state senate candidate from Springfield (and a former rep in the '80s and '90s) has already announced his own plan to overhaul the fee agent offices. Glad to see the GOP is finally catching up to him.

Oh yeah. Read all about it at

Terry Jackson

With all due respect to Representative Silvey and senate candidate Harpool, Representative Henke has filed this bill the past 2 legislative sessions. In 2006, Representative Henke filed HB 1336 which required the Department of Revenue to award fee office contracts with a priority given to school districts and charitable organizations over individuals in a competitive bid process. He also filed a similiar bill (HB541) in 2005.

Both years, the chairman of the committee (Representative St. Onge in 2006 and Representative Roark in 2005) refused Representative Henke’s request for a hearing on the bill. In both years bills that were filed much later in the process were heard in committee, voted out of committee, and became law.

On at least six different occassions Representative Henke attempted to amend his bill on to other bills. The amendments were ruled out of order by the Speaker or voted down by the Republican majority.

Representative Silvey supported none of these amendments when they were offered by Representative Henke. He did support a somewhat related amendment along with a few Republicans and nearly all of the Democrats that would have prohibited repeat drunk drivers from running fee offices. It was alleged at the time that some of the fee agents appointed by Governor Blunt had multiple drunk driving convictions, including one appointee that was a former legislator. The amendment ultimately failed on a nearly straight party line vote.


Silvey is a waste of flesh.


IS it just me, or does this guy remind you of "Pip the elder" from the old Black Adder III BBC series? This guy is practilcy a kid. He hasn't even had a real job yet. Another yuppie wanna be turned politician.

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