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June 28, 2006


Karl Wilson

Am I the only person confused by Charlie Wheeler's remarks about Gov. Blunt? If the senator likes Gov. Blunt very much and thinks he's getting better all the time, it must be the case that Wheeler was confused and filed for the wrong primary. Surely he meant to file as a Republican. Or maybe Wheeler thinks this will encourage Republicans to vote for him in the Democratic Primary. One thing for sure, we Democrats sure don't need a Republican sympathizer sitting the County Exec's office.

Adam Coonce

Get over the partisan bickering. I am a conservative and I have several friends who are not. Why all of the animosity. We are all Americans here.


We better begin paying more attention to what is happening with the Democratic Party when a member likes a Republican Nazi who is part of the big picture to destroy the average American citizen and failing to follow Missouri's state motto, "Salus populi suprema lex esto" meaning "The welfare of the people shall be the supreme law." The Republican agenda is to have the super rich Republicans as the supreme law.


If it were up to the Democratic Party, they would change the motto to "The supreme law shall be welfare for all people."

Karl Wilson

Ken - Don't try to change the subject. On this post we are wondering about Senator Wheeler's cozy relationship with Republicans. The way Senator Wheeler is lining up support and getting all friendly with Matt Blunt, it makes one wonder about the senator's party affiliation and whether he would remain a Democrat if elected. His anti-labor views date back many years, and as we all know, Wheeler's support within the Democratic base is very weak.

This candidate's statements are so cartoony, they deserve a cartoon take.

I think Hank Hill from "King of the Hill" said it best:
"Just when I think you've said the stupidest thing ever -
you keep talking!"


Don't you guys ever get tired of the bickering? I for one would really like to know about his preliminary thoughts on how we should start preparing for the bird flu and terrorist attacks.

Hey Dave, is it ok if his people play this tape at tonight's Big Business/Republican/Old Guard/Status Quo fundraiser for Dr/Senator/Mayor/Icon Wheeler? I'm sure the "I like Gov Blunt" "He's getting better all the time" stuff will be well received there. Although I can think of precious few other places where it would.


This comment just cost Charlie my vote.


What's all the fuss? Do the two have to be mortal enemies just because the two are from different political parties? If you're from different policital parties does that mean you have to disagree on everything? Just because you disagree politically does that mean the other person is automatically doing a bad job? Can you not disagree and still respect the other person? Why are you labeled a traitor just because you said something nice about the opposition? I commend Rep. Wheeler for saying what he apparently truly thinks instead of bowing to politics. I'm sure Wheeler and Blunt do not agree most of the time but that does not mean you can not get a long with them and try to work for the greater good, even if you may have different ideas as to what the greater good entails or how to get there. When politicians can actually find something to agree on I believe that should be a reason to rejoice, not criticize. I think we would be a lot better off and get more accomplished if more people of both parties in Jeff City and D.C. did what Rep. Wheeler did.

Dr R V Davis

Dr Wheeler has reached the point in life where it might be good judgement to retire and leave the governmental decision making to those who retain an awareness of the needs of the people. When I say the people, I do not mean the wealthy; I mean the little people who work everyday and who have children who need help with physical disorders and who need food on the table. I am an Independent, but have little respect for the attitude of the current Republican party, whether in this state or in Washington. If Abraham Lincoln were alive today, he would probably be a Democrat based upon the current trend.

Everyone remember the Blunt-Kinder Medicaid cuts, which eliminated more than 90,000 people from the health care program in Missouri? Let's ask the 90,000+ of Missouri's poor if they agree with Wheeler's "He's getting better all the time" comment.

Ken, under the Republican Party, the motto should be changed to "The supreme law shall be CORPORATE welfare for all rich people!"

phil Wilson

Charlie Wheeler is an old cuss who has lost his political mind to say nothing of his common sense.

It's time some Jackson County folks "retire" before he comes a general embarrassment to the entire State of Missouri and Jackson County.


I am one of those people who got cut from Medicaid. I work 6 days a week. I am a single mother of two. My ex does not pay his child support. I have a few medical problems that need prescription medications that I now cannot get. I think "one-term Blunt" is horrible and I just cannot wait to vote him out!

Gene Ostermeier

In praising Matt Blunt today, its clear that Senator Wheeler was trying to curry favor with some Republican voters. For an experienced politician such as Wheeler every act is calculated. It could be the case that Wheeler thinks he has an uphill battle in the County Executive's race and needs some crossover votes. Anyone who thinks Wheeler was just being a "nice guy" is either extremely naive or disingenuous. So whats the fuss you say? This is one Democrat who finds the senator's fawning very hard to take.



So I'm naive or disingenuous? I've been involved in politics in Jackson County for long time now. I know that Jackson County has not had a Republican County executive for as long as I've known. A Republican will have no chance to win that seat for probably at least another 8 years, when the political shift has moved entirely to Eastern Jackson County. At this point he would not have to curry any Republican favor to capture that seat. (I think it's safe to say Katherine Shields garnered basically no Republican support and skated to victory) Based on what I've seen on this board, any Republican support he might have garnered has been cancelled out by perturbed Democrats. I don't believe he gains any political advantage by making his statement. I guess the Democrats have to get the story straight--is he a smart politician as you allege or senile as the other allege?


As a staunch democrat, I have watched with differing forms of shock and worry as I began to see long-time and staunch republican donors, and now the republican governor, throwing their support behind the Dem Wheeler. The only way this makes sense to me is that the Repubs see Mike Sanders as a rising star in the Dem party, one that would give them fits if he were ever to run for statewide office. I have suspected for some time that Wheeler's deep Republican support may be in fact a pretty smart play on the R's part, take a shot at Sanders now and see if you can knock him out today. Becuase if he were to win the Exec's race, is there any doubt that he would eclipse all other politicians in this area fairly quickly? Just look at what he has done with th small office he is in, what could he do with all of that plus a $300 milion budget? They know that, so they are organizing their shot at him now before he can consolodate his base of power. Pretty smart, we'll see if it works, but if Wheeler wins, the Dem party is in for a long 4 years under him.

Wow. This proves to me and to others how far out of touch Senator Wheeler is with his own party constituents and Missourians cut off of healthcare by Blunt. I had concerns that he would not have the energy, and critical decision making skills needed to run the county. With so much money at stake with the stadium renovations and downtown revitalization we can't afford to have him make mistakes. I truly respect Wheelers service and the work he has done, but I equate his decision to run for this office to the athlete who doesn't know when to retire on top.

Gene Ostermeier

Scott - I'm going with naive. Anyone who has truly been involved in Jackson County politics for a long time would know how to correctly spell the current County Executive's name.


Scott - I would have go with naive as well. Although I can forgive the spelling (I guess) your statements about Jackson County politics do seem naive. If you have been watching JACKO as you say, you would have to be naive or have just woken up from a decade-long drunken stupor not to know that Katheryn Shields has lost almost all support in the "D" column. She gets her real money and support from the Kempers and Halls, and other big business Republicans, and from handing out county contracts to cronies.

We'll get more of the same with Wheeler, if voters are just as naive. We thank him for his past service. Now it's time to retire.

I find it ironic that Wheelers slogan is about integrity and he talks about bringing integrity back to the office of the county exective. Based on her performance as exec and his statements that makes Katheryn Shields corrupt, but wait she is backing him. Charlie is taking large donations from Republicans and is being supported by an unpopular outgoing and possibly corrupt Shields. It seems the Republicans and Shields are both just using Charlie as a means to an end. I just wish he would wake up and look closer at the people around him and their motives. Mike Sanders has the honesty, energy, and ideas that Jackson County needs in this office.


I remember Wheeler saying less-than-kind things at a public forum on the foster system a few short months ago. Is the former mayor suffering from Alzheimer's?


People are discussing the relationship between Wheeler and Blunt, including the Star, as if it is uncommon for members of different political parties to work together for a good cause or to pass a decent bill. In this case, that is exactly what took place. They have a mutual respect for one another in regards to the work they did to make this bill pass. AND, this particular bill is a good one! That's the bottom line.

Besides, the same could be said between Sanders and Blunt who have worked on numerous crime bills together. Including the one Sanders office has in place that assists in helping with old and new cases through the use of DNA testing. That is also a good bill! I am sure that Sanders probably thinks Blunt is a nice guy and likes him in regards to all the help Blunt has provided in making this bill happen. Who wouldn't when you are accomplishing something good together?

Jim Jackson

Yeah right. Wasn't Dr. Wheeler a coroner at one time? If so, then I understand he might want to change his job to undertaker. Maybe a job at the Medical Examiner. I get it now, Blunt kills off Missouri citizens, and Wheeler pronounces them dead. Maybe that's Blunts way of making government smaller. Kill off its citizens, then you don't need a big government. The Medicaid cuts prove it. I hope I never step into the church Blunt goes into. "Good Job" Mr. Blunt, "We should hve this state thinned out in no time".

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