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July 25, 2006


Kansas Meadowlark

Who might be behind this DC fundraising event for Dr. Tiller's ProKanDo PAC?

I'd bet on Chris Gallaway (, who is the former Executive Director of the Kansas Democratic Party (see ), and was the architect of the huge money transfers against Phill Kline in 2002 ( in support of Democrat Chris Biggs. Many in the Kansas press were silent about these huge, last minute expenditures.

Now, Chris Gallaway is the President of Young Democrats of America ( ) and works in Washington, DC. Just yesterday, the ProKanDo PAC report ( ) showed a $6250 contribution from the Young Democrats of America from a Washington, DC address. So is Chris Gallaway continuing his help and support for Dr. Tiller's ProKanDo PAC in Washington, DC tonight?

In March 2003, Governor Sebelius wrote a letter-of-recommendation for Gallaway calling him "one of the nation's experts in campaign finance compliance." See . But, from the Lawrence Journal World ( ) : "Gallaway came under scrutiny in 2002 when it became public that he had not paid more than $18,000 in parking tickets to the city of Topeka during his time with the state party. He also was sued six times between 1998 and 2001 for writing bad checks and failing to pay his credit card bill."

Gallaway has gone on to become the head of the Young Democrats of America and apparently is architecting “tricks” now at the national level. An official of a Democratic organization in another state contacted the Kansas Meadowlark over a year ago and asked:

"…I came across the information about Kansans for Democratic Leadership and ProKanDo. I was wondering if there is any other information that is not reported on the website ( I am especially interested in anything about Chris Gallaway, the treasurer of KDL who I believe is also involved in a money-laundering scheme in his current role as president of the Young Democrats of America."

Why can some papers in Kansas (e.g., the Wichita Eagle and the Salina Journal) find at least part of the nearly $300,000 political money story (see ) about what Dr. Tiller spent in 2002 to prevent Phill Kline from becoming Attorney General, but other papers like the Kansas City Star and the Topeka Capital Journal hide the story from their readers, and the need for reform of political money reporting?

And did any members of the Kansas press discuss Tiller’s use of medical records for political fundraising?
The above is posted at the Salina Journal blog


More evidence, if anyone needed it, about what Paul Morrison's record will look like. If these folks are involved in any criminal activity, Paul is committed to looking the other way.


Jim Sullenger, is that the husband of the convicted terrorist Cheryl Sullenger who spent two and half years in federal prison for her role in the attempted bombing of an abortion clinic?

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