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July 17, 2006


Steven Rogers


Most relate to the problem of unintended results. Normally they are ripples on a small pond. Unfortunately, sometimes they are unforeseen tsunami sized waves.

The proposed constitutional amendment which creates a right to harvest stem cells from cloned human embryos is a perfect example. Billed as hope for life-saving cures, its radical departure from constitutional principles creates destructive, island-swamping waves.

The amendment’s language outlaws anything which might “discourage” the research. It orders Missouri courts to judge cases, not fairly and open-mindedly, but so as to protect the investments of the businessmen/researchers. No one may pass laws which will oversee the research - even public health/safety laws. Those charged with enforcing the laws from the Governor down to the local constable can’t do anything which will act as a “disincentive.” [See §§2(7) & 7 of the amendment - ]

If you look past the advertising campaign, you will see the crest of an enormous, destructive wave. If “seeing is believing,” actually looking must count for something.

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