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July 29, 2006



That's what Mike Sanders would be saying if this were done to him.

It sure isn't so much fun when the shoe is on the other foot is it Mike.

Except he's not about to turn 80 and sleep through the county legislature

Chicken Little

The sky is falling! The sky is falling! The sky is falling!


Notice how they don't even claim anything in the ad is wrong? Haven't seen the ad yet, but it sure makes me wonder what they are so worried about. Wow, I can just seem 'em all red-faced, and just about ready to smack...


First, no more kudos from Star columists and editorial writers about what a clean campaign Sanders is running. Because of sloppy work by O'Neil, the direct link from Sanders to this third party negative ad is solid. Sanders is the chief elected law enforcement official and he cannot claim not to know the law. If ethics complaint is filed and found valid a special prosecutor will have to be named.
Second, who are the money bags behind this committee? Fire Union, Ken McClain, and surely Jim Nutter. We will found out on Monday when the campaign report will HAVE to be filed.

Those who live in glass houses...

What are they Really upset about?

Is it the unflattering photo? Can't be. Every campaign uses not so great pictures of opponents (including Wheeler's).

O'Neill's involvement? Can't be that either. After all, what could be more suspicious than the words "volunteer" and "Steve Glorioso" being used in the same sentence? Glorioso doesn't *not* get paid.

As Ms. Smith's blog points out, Wheeler did have the Senate's worst attendance record, and worst voting record, even missing more votes this session than in Harry Wiggins' entire career. Heck, the ad even used a smaller number of missed votes than it could have: 133 missed votes instead of the real total of 262!

And it couldn't be the Sleeping on the Senate Floor thing. Wheeler himself has admitted doing that from time to time.

It can't even be the third party committee thing, because surely Maureen and Ms. Smith know about each of the third party committees controlled by Phil Cardarella, Don Shields, and Steve Glorioso?

Wait a minute. You don't think... They didn't tell them that??? For months they have been directing donors not just to their own campaign committee but to other third party committees too.

Wonder what those committees are called Ms. Smith, and what their reports show? Surely Glorioso, Shields, and Cardarella can stop holding their breath long enough to tell you those committee names?

After all: Why Would They Hide Them???


Is Steve Glorioso the new Dolly the Sheep? Has he been cloned? Good Steve/Baaaad Steve.

"Wheeler volunteer Steve Glorioso, also a part-time adviser and consultant to Mayor Kay Barnes, provided us documents from KMBC..."

But the Glorioso we know has been spending the last several weeks on Star editors/reporters/columnists backs keeping anything too negative about Wheeler out of the paper itself. I hear he'll accept the Blog, but for heaven's sake, not in the printed paper! (Kind of a silent editor you know).

He spent enough time on that to successfully squash several stories (factual but deemed not needed for the masses). One assumes he's also working for the Mayor too.

So how does he have time to go dumpster diving at tv stations? I smell a sheep.

Wait a second. Didn't Maureen just admit in the interview that she would know if they had 3rd party ad? She's Wheeler's campaign manager right? And she's making a criminal allegation that Sanders knows about the ad? Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black?

John Vogel

The Wheeler people, including Charlie himself, have been jabbing and punching at Sanders throughout this campaign. Now they're squealing like stuck pigs because someone has punched back. Surely they didn't think the senator was such an "icon" that no one would dare take a few jabs at him. Politics is a rough and tumble business. When you step into the ring you know, or should know, that you are going to get hit.

As the original blog states, State law..." describes a continuing commitee as one which is not formed, controlled or directed by a candidate and is a committee other than a candidate committee or campaign committee." Sanders neither formed, controlled, nor directed this ad. The Wheeler camp may not like the ad, oh well. I'm sure the Sanders family didn't like a lot of what the Wheeler camp has done/said to them.

As the original blog states, State law..." describes a continuing commitee as one which is not formed, controlled or directed by a candidate and is a committee other than a candidate committee or campaign committee." Sanders neither formed, controlled, nor directed this ad. The Wheeler camp may not like the ad, oh well. I'm sure the Sanders family didn't like a lot of what the Wheeler camp has done/said to them.


What a difference a month makes!

Hey Wheeler(less) [really where has your candidate been??] supporters, remember this little gem you tried to throw in the face of the Sander's supporters low a short 29 days ago:

"If Sanders had been given the Freedon, Inc. endorsement would Charlie Wheeler being hitting the airways crying, "That Mike Sanders promised this and that and blah blah blah, whine whine etc". I think not. This speaks to who Sanders is and the Sanders camp is simply DEVASTATED and hurling stones at Wheeler". Posted by: | July 01, 2006 at 10:52 AM

Nice to know just how hypocritical you really are! Your desperation is showing and it is pathetic, I remember reading one saucy blogger telling us that "Mikie" was getting a "lesson" in politics from the master after the billboard incident and that he needed to just shut up and take it.

Sound like good advice for these hypocrites to now follow!

Dear Sanders camp and yes, Deann that includes you as you are anything but an unbiased reporter. Deann, when did you attend medical school and become an M.D. diagnosing Senator Wheeler with "liver spots"? You chose journalism over practicing dermatology? Nothing surprises me coming from Deann Smith. I listen to Steve Kraske the senior political columnist for the Star. Steve Kraske picks Wheeler to win. Steve's been around a long timeand I trust his judgement. Remember, all you bloggers that you account for only about 4-5% of the voting community and in no way reflect the feelings of a true cross section of Jackson County.

I see the Sanders spin doctors jumped all over DeAnn’s blog about the new Sanders attack ad last night.

Our family has known Charles Wheeler & and knew Harry Wiggins for many years. They were close personal friends who had a deep mutual respect & admiration for each other. When Harry learned of his impending death he made his funeral plans in advance (always the planner) and who do you think he had as one of his pallbearers? CHARLES WHEELER. Harry would be turning over in his grave if he knew his name was being used by Mike Sanders in sleazy attack ads against his good friend.

Charles has his priorities in life in the proper order, as Harry did before his death; 1 God, 2 Family & 3 Job. The reason Charles missed votes in the Senate was to attend to his ailing wife in Kansas City. He even purchased a home in Jeff City in hopes of bringing his wife there so he wouldn’t have to make the long arduous drive's on a daily basis. But because of Marjorie’s health and her need to be near her physicians the move to Jeff City never came to fruition.

Did Charles Wheeler miss votes? Yes. But anyone who understands how the State Senate operates knows that not all votes are created equal. Many votes are merely intended to facilitate the legal process (to move matters along). For example, my research showed that the first vote Wheeler missed in this year’s session was to have daily newspapers delivered to each Senator’s office to be paid with Senate funds. The vote was approved 31-0. How many other bills were of a similar nature?

Yet Sanders has his own attendance problems. It’s well known that before this campaign started he was only an occasional visitor to the Jackson County courthouse. Why has he not released his own attendance records? This is the story The Star should be investigating.

This just demonstrates the depths this sleaze ball Sanders will stoop to get elected. Wheeler & Sanders had an agreement of no negative ads. But Sanders must be desperate. As Jackson County’s “top lawman” where is Sanders’ moral & ethical compass when he most needs it? Pointed squarely at Nutterville & Pat O’Neill’s O’Neill Communications. I’d call for a criminal investigation but guess whose office would prosecute it? Something is really rotten in Nutterville.

Mike Sanders wasn’t fit to shine Bob Beaird’s (previous prosecutor) shoes and now he’s showing he’s not fit to shine Charles Wheeler’s shoes either.

The Star editorial board should retract it’s endorsement of Mike Sanders.

Just The Facts

On a recent blog someone wrote that in 4 years as prosecutor spending by Mike Sanders has increased 50%. This blogger was then vilified as an ignorant fool who can't do math.

Granted my masters degree is in healthcare administration, not finance, but with 20+ years of hospital administration & IT project management experience I’ve prepared and analyzed more than my share of annual budgets. (No, I have no relationship with St. Luke’s or any other local hospital.) So I decided to take another blogger’s suggestion to go to the county website, download the budget reports and analyze them myself. Here’s my analysis:
-------------------------------------% Increase----% of Ttl
---------------------------------------From 2002----County
Actual Spending-------------------------------------Spending
2002--------------------$11,015,047-------NA-------Not Avlbl
2003--------------------$14,983,243------36.02%----Not Avlbl
2006(Adopted Budget)--$19,181,512------74.41%------7.60%

So the blogger was wrong, Sanders’ spending didn’t increase 50% in 4 years. It increased 51% in only 3 years. And in 4 years it increased 74%!!! And his department spending as a percentage of total county spending has steadily increased over the last 3 years, from 6.8 % in 2004 to 7.6% for 2006.

The blogger also claimed that Sanders had never prepared or submitted a budget and that his budget had to be estimated by the county finance department. For this he was also crucified. During my research I found information that supports this claim for the 2006 budget.

At the beginning of each department’s budget report there are sections for the department’s Mission Statement, Goals, Objectives, Noteworthy Accomplishments for the Year, and Changes From the 2005 Budget. All the other departments I reviewed had very articulate narratives in these sections. With a department that is probably the most educated of any in the county one would expect these sections to be filled with eloquent, persuasive descriptions of Prosecutor Office operations. But here is what I found. They are direct quotes:

Prosecuting Attorney Mission Statement:
Review, file and prosecute all violations of Missouri State Law in order to provide and ensure the health, peace, and safety for all citizens of Jackson County, Missouri.
(I wonder what genius thought that up. Or was it lifted from his predecessor, or another Missouri county?)

None were provided by the department.

None were provided by the department.

Noteworthy Accomplishments:
None were provided by the department.

Changes from the 2005 Budget:
None were provided by the department.

So it looks like all you Sanders supporters owe a HUGE apology to the blogger that brought these facts to the forefront. Are you man (or woman) enough to admit when you’re wrong?

If a department head working for me was to submit an annual budget this full of holes I would ask for his resignation & replace him with someone that can demonstrate fiscal responsibility. I would certainly never consider him for a promotion. Yet that’s exactly what Mike Sanders wants. From this data alone I have to question his performance as county prosecutor. How can he possibly think he can successfully run the entire county?

DeAnn, why has this not been picked up by the Star?
- Just The Facts

Nothing in the ad is factually incorrect. If Wheeler's handlers are unhappy with his voting record, they only have their candidate to blame. I think what they are most unhappy with is the "60 is the new 40" ad they have going won't really square with the photographic depiction of him in this ad. Well, as a matter of fact, Mr. Wheeler turns 80 next week - not 60. He had his 60th birthday 20 years ago. The ad that is disingenuous is Wheeler's ad. If any statement in the ad was false, they would have every right to complain. But everything in this ad is true.


I'm not sure what all the hub-bub is about with this commercial. Have you seen the new Wheeler commercial with him slumped over his Senate desk? How is the Citizens for repsonsible spending commercial image any worse? Nothing in it is inaccurate. Truth hurts?

Hey 10:08 "The reason Charles missed votes in the Senate was to attend to his ailing wife in Kansas City." Guess you have forgotten the time he missed voting on the voter id bill to receive a personal award.

10:08 "I see the Sanders spin doctors jumped all over DeAnn’s blog" There is nothing to spin here. Everything in the ad is true.

9:42am, I agree, DeAnn should not be discussing liver spots. If she really knew what she was talking about, she'd called them AGE SPOTS!

I repeat my question above regarding Sanders own attendance problems. Why has he not released his own attendance records? I understand that county employees have to swipe their ID badge each time they enter & leave the courthouse. So it should be very easy to retrieve this data. If he has such an exemplary attendance record why has he not released these records? He who lives in a glass house should not throw stones.

Do you think Mr. Sanders, his wife, or their family members think your campaign has been anything but negative? Quite frankly, I am surprised it took them this long. In comparison, Mr. Sanders’ ad is very restrained. It only gives facts, which your attacks do not. Notice the Wheeler supporters don’t refute any of the information in the ad, just the ad itself because it is unflattering to their candidate. Too bad…

Where was “Good Guy” Charlie when those vicious political emails about the Sanders’ critically ill baby were circulated? Why didn’t he step up to the plate and stop his supporters from going negative?

Where was “Mr. Integrity” when his campaign blogging support staff were spewing vile lies about Sanders and Nazis, and the KKK, and his sexual orientation, and Mr. Sanders’ wife, and their marriage, etc.? Why didn’t he step up to the plate then? He got on the blog himself and posted a statement to try and defend his terrible voting record, but was SILENT on those terrible lie-filled negative blogs his supporters were posting.

Where was Wheeler when the second wave of shameful posts about Mr. & Mrs. Sanders’ sick child hit the blogs? Why didn’t he step up to the plate after that and stop the negative campaigning?

For those of you in the Wheeler camp who have memory problems, let’s review a few more of those gems you put out:

1) Mike Sanders is a hate-mongering tool of organized labor…he will revert the county back to the 1950's when organized crime and corruption ruled the county
2) Mike Sanders is the most corrupt, dishonest and lazy public official ever elected to any office at any level
3) He must be stopped before him and his jack-booted nazi thugs from eastern jack take over
4) Sanders is a known rascist and KKK sympathiser that has regressed the prosecutor's office decades in terms of affirmative action
5) Sanders got the endorsements of the gay community because he is a well-known homosexual who entered into a marriage of convenience with his wife, who married him for his money.
6) His new "PR" man is his newest gay lover and they often take gay romps together for weeks at a time!...ask any gay man in KC. Everyone has slept with him
7) Sanders was never in the U.S. Army. He has made up this "fact" to pad his pathetic resume!

Hmmm….this is the Sheilds/Wheeler/Cardarella/Glorioso/Werner campaign not going negative?

Hey 11:09 Yet another red herring...county swipe card records DO NOT EXIST and you know it.


I still miss Chris Werner's mommy. Her posts were always fun. Does anyone know whats happened to Chris Werner's mommy? Perhaps she's over at the Wheeler house trying to think up some more reasons why Charlie missed all those votes.

I'm really sick and tired of all these moronic, juvenile blogs. If you weren't born or can't remember when Jimmy Carter was elected President please refrain from boring us with your inane comments.

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