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July 19, 2006



Are they really that stupid? As you point out, this is exactly what led to a 2 year federal investigation before. Some people never learn. I guess it's true. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.


I really can't wait for Shields' campaign for Mayor to start having debates and meetings so the public can start questioning to her face about this kind of crap. I'm making a list. It's going to be really fun (at her expense).


Jackson County government is a joke.
Scandals, Federal Investigations,
boxing matches...

The legislators gave themselves a raise to $25,000 annually and cushy
pension benefits , FOR A PART-TIME JOB !!!

Meanwhile, the parks and the Longview and 140th & Holmes ballfields are deteriorating and look awful because of lazy management and the Legislature does not spend the money for upkeep !!!

The unfortunate matter is that these baffoons will be re-elected !!

Mark Forsythe

Have things really gotten so bad that our leaders don't even care about the appearance of impropriety anymore? Did they ever?

Joe Blow

Now we REALLY know why Albert Riederer dropped out of the "race" for County Legislature don't we????

J Tuscan

The statute says no more than three members of the Sports Authority can be from one party, it says nothing about three members from the Governors party. Since Jackson County is a majority Democratic county the majority of the members should be Democrats not Republicans, whoever the Governor is. And does anyone believe Warren Erdman is any less political than the other indiviuals mentioned. Wasn't he on Blunt's government review commission that recommended turning over parts of state government to the Governor's buddies. Why don't we turn the enire state government into one giant fee office.


Damn! I guess I won't send in my resume!

I hate to tell you this, Ian, but you probably wouldn't qualify for the Sports Authority anyway. You spelled the word "resume" correctly in your post.


Damn! Foiled again!


Hey Ian, no problem, get with Glorioso and have him fix it.


Hi bros,

very, very good. Nothing to be concerned about. -
What do you think?

See you

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