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July 06, 2006


I attended the candidates forum on June 29th and was pleased to see all of the candidates in attendence. Especially those is the bigger races like county executive and state senate.

As I watched the first two candidates speak and answer questions I was refreshed and impressed with how John Rizzo answered questions directly and honestly especially the hard ones like abortion and the death penatly. However John Burnett was trying to make everyone happy by being for everything. John Burnett said that he was pro-life but voted with pro-choice advocates. John Burnett said he is for the death penatly but was against how is was being used now and wanted to stop it. I'm sick of slick polished politicians. I hope that John Rizzo never loses his touch with the people when he goes to Jefferson City like John Burnett has.

In the Senate race I was the most impressed with Jolie Justus. Jason Klumb was overbearing, Ingrid Burnett read from a piece of paper like she knew what questions were going to asked, and Mike Flaherty just talked about Harry Wiggins who I don't believe ever set foot in Northeast.

I am still waiting on more information from Scott Burnett and Patrick Dobson to make my decision in that race. They were equally boring.

I am also waiting on more information on the county executive race. Such an important race shouldn't be decided until all the information is out there.

Phil Cardarella

The organizers of this forum deserve a big round of applause for their efforts. It was a well-run forum that allowed the voting public to ask some pretty tough questions of the various candidates, and did it through a very good moderator to insure that it was not just partisans of one side or another trying to make a point.

Of course, the high point of the evening may well have been Charlie Wheeler -- who had just picked up a big endorsement that Mike Sanders was counting on -- urging voters (tongue firmly in cheek) to give Sanders "the opportunity to complete his full term as Prosecutor" instead of quitting midterm to be County Exec. Everybody got a good laugh -- and we were reminded of just how incredibly bright (not to mention funny) Dr. Wheeler is.

It is good to see that Cardarella is following other races besides County Exec. However Phil I am curious as to what you thought about the other candidates and other races like county legislator, state representative, and state senate. Let us know what the guru is thinking.

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