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July 03, 2006


Matt Hawkins

The poll John Combest cites about Parker is bogus. The "interesting" thing Kit is this: Why isn't Todd Akin listed as one of American Viewpoint's client's? You would think that a poll that has you leading by such a wide margin would be releasd by the Akin campaign to the media, not by the polling firm to a "news compiler". The source code on the word document supposedly released by American Viewpoint on Compost's site says "CT 5 Benchmark, Nancy Johnson, CT5, 2002". Hmmmmm????? Nancy Johnson, a Congresswoman from Connecticut was an American Viewpoint client in 2002. This is the real story that needs investigating.


There aren't 7/4 posts up yet, so tagging here my thoughts on the Fourth of July and Freedom.


Why is it important that all these pols use the same pollster?


More importantly, why am I supposed to care they all use the same pollster? Maybe they all drive Ford's too.......what a coincidence.


The reason it matters that all these campaigns use the same pollster is because, aside from ad buys, polling is one of the most expensive parts of any campaign. It costs often hundreds of thousands of dollars to do polls throughout an entire cycle. American Viewpoint is one of the best in the business, which is why so many top-flight campaign use them. What this poll shows conclusively, and what many have known for some time, is that Sherman Parker has no chance whatsoever of beating Todd Akin in the primary. No chance.

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