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July 13, 2006



Victor not the boogyman? DeAnn,say it isn't so. Now who will we blame everthing on?

Todd Elkins

Victor's letter says that Steve Kraske and Laura Scott are "factually challenged" and have an "impoverished sense of ethics." I don't have a personal relationship with any of the principals mentioned in the piece, but that hardly seems consistent with my experience as a reader of Kraske and Scott.


No it means Wheeler is a nice man unlike victor callahan and is going to let the people make their own minds up, and i think by all the negative on these blogs it pretty safe to assume victor callahan is still a political liability.


Because Wheeler doesnt attack victor callahan doesnt help the fact that people who are endorsing Wheeler trust him more than a track record of bombthrowing and destruction that callahan has a great resume for . Mike Sanders dont take too much comfort in this statement the fact Wheeler is still voting against you and victors friendship is still costing you votes . Its a net nothing


Has anyone stopped to think what the heck is going on if Wheeler's peeps are posting all this negativity and he denies any knowledge of it? What kind of people has he surrounded himself with? And what is Wheeler thinking? Honestly, for a man who presents himself as an elder statesman why does his closest adviser include an elected official that was once under federal investigation? I applaud Wheeler for all that he has done for our community. However, when it appears that he would lower his principles and integrity for a public office, it forces me to question my level of respect for him.


southkc, are you another "new to the area" blogger who doesn't care anything about politics? I love the way your camp tries to throw a nice bone like you are all 'Joe Blow' and then insult/threaten Mike Sanders in the end. I have talked to ALOT of people about this race, and believe me, no one cares about Victor Callahan. There are very few people who know who he is, let alone will he cost a candidate the election. Freedom Inc. had made their minds up over a different issue, and it had nothing to do with Callahan. Heck, I bet if Victor had given them enough money, Mark Bryant himself would have claimed him his friend.


Everyone knows victor callahan and i am sure on election day you will see for yourselve. People in this county have been waiting since he bluffed his way into that senate seat to vote against him and it to bad you will be the example . victor if you read this understand the damage you are doing to your friends. But as long as you gave a wheeler a ride i am sure all is forgiven


When exactly does an "elder statesman" have to once and for all prove it by standing up to the minions around him and telling them to cut out the name calling, mud slinging, and... call it what it is... LYING?

Or could it be that he's not even paying attention anymore?

It's interesting that Wheeler thinks Callahan tries to create a divided county (divide and conquer?) Somebody should tell Wheeler that Kansas City/Eastern Jackson County split is exactly what Mr. Shields and Glorioski are depending on (desperate for).

No, Steve Glorioso is in the process of writing an anti-Victor piece that will be mailed into south KC. It will accuse Callahan of all kinds of horrible deeds, and then link Sanders to the alleged bigot/racist. Also, the bill for this mailer will be paid for through 3rd party committee that is being finnaced by the Hallmark people (although, I am told that Bob Kipp and the people at Hallmark have no idea that their money will be used for such a low-brow piece). I have not seen the mock-up, but am told by one of the graphics guys that it will invlove indirectly (guilt by association stuff) attempting to smear Sanders as a bigot, ant-gay, and anti Kansas City. It will appeal to the lowest common denominator. It is expected to hit the street around the Saturday before the primary (Werner and Glorioso have even debated risking mailing this piece so that it arrives on Monday, but a Saturday arrival is the current plan), so that, Glorioso has said, Sanders will have as little time as possible to respond. Gives a whole new meaning to a Hallmark greeting, eh?

Phil Cardarella

Dr. Wheeler is a gentleman of the old school, quick to look for the best in a person, and to rememember small kindnesses.

Alas, Victor Callahan is not a boogeyman, but all too real a negative influence in politics and government. He is talented, but his record is not one of putting that talent to good use for the community. He is intelligent, but he uses that intelligence to obstruct progress and destroy reputations.

That is why his close political ties to Mike are so troubling. Those who have been around Victor over the last decade can see much of Victor's distinctive and familiar style in Mike's public statements (especially his response to the loss of the Freedom endorsement) and in much of the information eminating (directly or indirectly) from the Sanders campaign. That's not a good thing.


Thanks for enlightening us Mr. Cardarella.

What is so funny about all this fuss about Callahan meddling in the Executive race is that it is just a distraction to the fact that he has a candidate in the Tenth Senate race and is proceeding with his plan to take the Independence part (read white) of the KC School District away from KC (read black). Ingrid Burnett has fought him on this issue for months but has not been successful in raising the issue in the Senate race. Perhaps the KC Star people just dont want it talked about?

Ah, even after his candidate admits his personal realationship with Callahan, Cardarella still can't get away from attemtping to attack Sanders for what Cardarella alleges is a "personal relationship." That sword must now cut both ways. If you are being logically consistent (sarcasm), then I assume you are also troubled by your man Wheeler's political contributions to Callahan's campaign and their personal time spent together? Or perhaps your assertions are simply based more in political expediency than in truth (big shock). The reality is, attacking a candidate by alleging a relationship to another is one of the more feeble and weaker ways to engage in a negative campaign according to national polling data (which you know). This must mean that you have so little to work with against Sanders that you have to sink to this level to able to sling mud. This is a positive statement about the job Sanders has done, that Callahan is your "best stick" in this campaign.

Last, aren't you supposed to have a law practice or a day job or something? Where do you find the time, if you have any clients, to be one of the most active posters on this BLOG? Maybe you and Mark Bryant ought to go into the no-bid county contract business together. I hear he's gotten some solid commitments from the county as of late for "services rendered." Just ask your wife.

Stacey Knowles

Watch out Kansas City Star - Victor is out to get the Western half of Kansas City - from Cardarela and Gloroso's mouths to your ears... who's running the County's now?

Victor's legislative aide, Hoppe, is in charge of Flaherty's race. Victor's little buddy, John Burnett, is the spouse of Ingrid. Lawyer John has represented Victor lately.

Don't let their little tiff about the Kansas City School District confuse you. Ingrid is as much under Victor's thumb as Flaherty.

Where's the televised debate with the County Executive Candidates. Where are the issues? Why are Victor Callahan and negative campaigning all that drive the election this year?

Everyone within the party knows what you are saying, Victor is involved with John Burnett, and Michael Flaherty. He is NOT involved with Sanders as, frankly, he is, indirectly and quietly, working against Sanders by pulling support in Lee's Summit away from him. The rumor has been that he and Charlie made an agreement when they were in Jeff City (Charlie has mentioned this to several people) that Victor would not help Sanders and would work to pull eastern jack ballots from Sanders. The Star has covered A LOT of gossip and rumor concerning Callahan and his rumored ties to Sanders, but who among us really expects the Star, other than DeAnn, to ever put the shoe on he other foot and print any of this or Charlie's ties to Callahan, even though many are talking about it and finding people top quote would be quite easy if someone tried. Thankfully, at least we have DeAnn, who people can say whatever they want, but is balanced and fair.

Stacey Knowles

I want a televised debate, focused on the issues and and the candidates' performance, perhaps of the past five years. I am tired of the negative campaigning and manipulation.

Give the voters something real in which to judge these men before we visit the polls, not petty gossip and campaign-driven accusations.

This is why voter turnout continues to plummet.

Victor Callahan has too much power, because it's given to him. He's actually pretty ineffective and not as smart as Wheeler's boys want the voters to think.

Wheeler's flunkies toss around Victor's name to create fear, not understanding that this generates cynicism among common voters. Barfing Callahan's name doesn't drive voters to Wheeler, it discourages voters from going near a poll. Voters figure this is all politics/business as usual, and their vote doesn't matter. Understandably, voters have no interest in dirty politics from either side, so they stay home.

But then again, Cardurella and Gloroso, I don't think you want anyone else on the playground, do you?

debate, debate, debate...

bobby thmpson

mr cardarella...your family
background means you have no
right tot alk about backstabbing..
etc....your roots are planted,..


Why is victor callahan chief of staff running a state senate campaign .Tom Hoppe i hope has taken a leave from his senate job. Its amazing how victor isnt in the county executive race but his chief of staff is doing full time campaigning.I am sure flahertys will put out a ballot and sanders will be on it. Also i am sure the burnetts will put out a ballot and sanders will be on that too.After all john burnett is promised mike old job . But victor is not in this races. Victor footprints are all over these races wake up people


I find the comments about Victor amusing.. Perhaps Glorioso and Cardella should look in the mirror before they start casting stones.

As a lifelong Independence resident, I enthusiastically support Victor's efforts to rid Independence of the KCMOSD. It's not a racial issue, but one of survival for Independence, Sugar Creek, and eastern Jackson County.
Both KCMO and the KCMOSD have become blackholes which are financial drains to the taxpayers !!


Victor has no chance of passing that legislation its a red herring and he knows it but his polls tell him that he get votes with it .He is leading you down a dead end to help his trip back to the senate . Even the indep school officials will not sign off on it .And in case no one knows kansas city would have to sign off before it would happen , you really think they will do that. Wake up . you are a victim of the callahan pr machine .

It appears to me that the Sanders camp is just as adept at the mud slinging, name-calling and character assassinations as the Wheeler supporters, maybe even more so. Anyone that knows Charlie Wheeler knows he's always been his own man, isn't swayed by the 'minions', and stands by his convictions.

So let's bring this blog out of the gutter and talk about who has the best qualifications to be county executive. Does anyone have the job descripition for this position? Then let's compare the knowledge, experience & attributes each candidate would bring to the position. That's how any good employer in the private sector determines who gets the job.

Regarding Hallmark, "When you care enough to ELECT the very best!

Sanders you sure are a sore loser i would think calvin would teach you better .Freedom dumped you and they took a bribe now hallmark is being punished for supporting wheeler . Nothing is safe on these blogs including your reputation. Calvin do your job stop your candidate he is going over the cliff.

Do you really think Calvin or Sanders has the free time to look at these blogs? Please! FYI- A potential employer would also look at present work history, not looking so good for Wheeler with his voting record. Knowledge? Wheeler admitted he didn't know much about the budget and would need 5 months to get "up to speed". Attributes? Personally, I don't hold anything against a man who enjoys a few stiff drinks now and then. Experience? Well, he does have that - PLENTY of years of experience.

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