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August 18, 2006


Jay Nixon "made a start Thursday night in repairing the damage from the Kansas City School District desegregation case"?

It's going to take more than a start to repair that damage. Folks here have long memories and right now what we remember is Nixon not being any improvement over those other 3 R's - rural racist republican.

"Note the similarity in their titles. A title Nixon would like to add to his collection come November 2008. "

Good heavens, let's hope not!

As much as I dispise Blunt, at least he'll stab you in the front so you can see it coming. Nixon won't hesitate to put the knife in the back of any constituency in the name of political expediency. It's laughable that he thinks he can suck up now and all will be forgiven.

James Cantrell

But what about Mark Jones?...oops, sorry, wrong blog.

Patricia Williams

I totally support the fact that the materials in the Black Archives must be valued, preserved, and restored, however, I break with the Star on how to accomplish the tasks.

Having watched many communities struggle with attempts to preserve local historical documents, it just boils down to the fact that there is a lot of material and few users who actually will access it. The most successful historical society archives have partnered with some sort of existing institution. Examples might be the Wyandotte County archives room in the Wyandotte County Museum or the Leavenworth County archives room in their downtown publich library.

The city needs to consider a separate room and space in the really fabulous new Central Downtown Library or elsewhere.

It cuts costs and ultimately does a better job with the preservation and access process.


Wow, this is a big day. I agree with Patricia.

Who knew we could find common ground on wanting an efficient government.

Patricia Williams

Just for that comment, I will call you FarRight. : )

Patricia Williams

I am also a fiscal conservative. Surprise!

Patricia Williams

I am also a fiscal conservative. Surprise!


Jay Nixon can come to every event in the world but he cant repair the damage he has done going after democrats as Attorney General. All of those are waiting for the chance to judge Jay at the polls. Democracts wake up this is not our guy.

Jacob and Donna Turk were heartened to hear so many community leaders pledge their support to revitalize the Archives and disappointed our current representative was unable to attend. (Jacob is running against Cleaver)

A retired archivist speaking on the subject of the difficulties of preservation and the expertise needed to save memorabilia, documents, photographs, artifacts, etc. sparked the following idea:

The primary concern is that all the materials are preserved while discussion moves forward on a community-based solution for a permanent home for the collection. We suggest the Smithsonian be contacted to use their financial muscle to obtain a grant to bring the materials to their preservation center for their preservationists to stop any further deterioration of the collection and to house the material safely until an adequate permanent home can be created in Kansas City.

Such a permanent home will need to address community concerns about access for both researchers and area youth groups from schools and clubs. It will have to have a plan for events to illustrate the importance of maintaining and supporting the Black Archives with donations and volunteer hours. Whatever board is created will need the respect of both the urban community and the business community to ensure long term success for the very important role the Black Archives should be playing in promoting understanding and awareness of African-American history in Kansas City and beyond.

There is now an exciting opportunity to provide a solid foundation for the Black Archives. In my campaign, I will raise awareness in the district of the effort and, if I am elected to be your representative, will work with the Smithsonian and other non-profits to enlist their help in bringing this dream to fruition.

D. Walker

Too many are so willing to run from a task that require solutions to preserve a history and past of such ungodliness racism and so much ugliness that so many do not want to acknowledge existed, and still exist in the hearts of so many including most of the ones that did not even show up.

Please don't be surprised. Racism nor any other evil will ever cease on this earth until Christ's return, where everyone will have to answer at Judgment. But, the good people of this earth do have a responsibilty on this earth until such time comes.

Kay Barnes for example, can boldly support Gay Pride Day, and Gay rights, but not show up to this event. What does that tell you? It tells you that Ms. Kay Barnes and many other politicians such as herself, could care less about facing the truths of the past, present or future concerning racial problems and issues.

She is also a Democrat. Black Democrats, nor any other good and righteous person of any race who is Democrat should blindly support such ones as this lady just because she is a Democrat. She has serious distorted moral views and issues. These sort of flaws in our politicians cannot be ignored by neither Democrats or Republicans regardless of your race.

joe Miller

Barnes pays black people to go to these things on her behalf. With our tax money.

Patricia Williams

I don't always agree with Kay Barnes but have trouble believing that she failed to attend this function because she doesn't want racist materials to be preserved or made public. After all, she supported the Black Archives the first time around.

I can't speak for Mayor Barnes but I can say that, as an academic and historian, I couldn't be any more concerned about the preservation of these documents. But I don't want to see a failed project again this time and would like to see a wise plan that preserves the documents and provides access to them without costing the taxpayers more than it needs to. The reality is that many local historical archives get good start-up funding and then public interest rapidly decreases and they are left floundering.

Incidentally, I am on many historical society lists. Right now, there are a couple of groups in New York state that are absolutely hysterical because there are important historical documents that are sitting in court house basements deteriorating. They can't get attention nor funding to save and preserve. These documents are primarily what would be described as "white peoples'".

I certainly hope that whatever plan we come up with that it's a real plan and not just an attempt. The Jazz museum is a great example of a great idea executed poorly. With lots of money and talk poored into what should be the gem of Kansas City, our investment will only last a decade or two, not a lifetime. Lack of recruiting museum quality trained professionals, improper display and storage will all lead to an early deteriation of our community's investments.

Patricia Williams

I think that many of us are afraid that the Black Archives will fall into the same trap........again.

Carla Brown

Deann, Janice Ellis wa there among the mayorial candidates. I saw her talking to Call reporter Eric Wesson when I was leaving. Sharon Sanders Brooks is leading the issue because she is trying to create a platform for herself to run against Saundra McFadden Weaver for the Third District City Council. Among Black people I hear that they say, "Anybody but Sharon." First she brow beat the Black Community for not supporting the Archives. I can't wait for February so that I can vote against her. The Black Archives should be turned over the the library to run and manage. Oh by the way, Linda Braxton, one of the African American assistant attorney generals was on the stage. Carol Coe is one of the problems that the Archives has. She is one of the reasons it is why it is. In defense of Anita Russell, many Black people don't read the Star so for her to say no one was aware of it may be true. The paper of record in the Black Community is the Call. Many Blacks also don't read Penn's writing because it is boring and middle of the fence. His causes have included the CODA jazz fund and the Red Vine restaurant and Buck O'Neil wiping his nose. If he wants to keep his column then he better continue to write such stuff or he will be reduced to once a week like they did Lewis Diuguid.

Where was Jay Nixon re the Black Archives before he launched his campaign for governor?

He didn't know about it until Sharon Sanders Brooks snitched it out.


I have been no great fan of Jay Nixon, but I have to say that I am taking a second look at him. First, he had the guts to show up. Name me one other statewide politico who would have done that--not Robin, nor Sarah and certainly never our young Governor Matt. Second, Nixon seems to have matured while in office. Those issues that were handled so poorly in his early years and now handled much more deftly. Finally, I like my politicos to eat a little crow and learn from it--it makes them more aware of the problems we everyday Missourians face. Mr. Nixon has certainly done that and it shows in his approach to these sticky issues. I respect that--enough to take a second look!


I applaud Jay Nixon for addressing this important issue. He brought community leaders together in the hope that THEY would decide what to do with the archives. This remarkable history must be saved. And it is up to the local community to decide what to do with it.

I think the leadership that Nixon exhibited at the hearings is impressive. We need his leadership in the Governor's mansion.

This fascination with all things hair is kind of creepy.

Anybody but Sharon, indeed. I never saw it published, but she was in at least 3 physical confrontations on the House floor. Is this someone we want representing us?

No it is not. Anyone but Sharon indeed.

What's next? An Italian archives in Northwest? An Hispanic archives in the West Side?

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