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August 26, 2006



"I wouldn't talk about values either if I had hers."

I couldn't have said it any better!!

KC Cicero

It is clear that the Repubs are desperate to keep voter turnout down. Yhat is the real reason for the misleadingly-named Voter ID bill -- a bill that would deny the right to vote to persons regardless of their actual identity by virtue of not having a particular form of ID that many do not have.

The reason is simple: The Bush/Chaney Kleptocracy knows that if every citizen is allowed to vote, they and their henchmen are in deep doodoo, as 41 would say.

Come November, it is every American's patriotic duty to drag your self and your friends to the polls and kick the legs out from under the Kleptocracy by replacing Talent with McCaskill.


A tad off subject here, but what the hell is a picture of Phil Kline doing in the Saturday Star on page F12, the religious section? Seems he is listed as a "Religious Speaker" for the 30th of August for some christian professional's group. And of the weeks worth of "Religious Speakers" listed, he was the only one with his color picture(or ANY picture) printed. I guess this was so that old glory could be seen over his shoulder?
Funny thing, but it looked a lot like a picture from one of his recent political mailings. Also, of all the various speakers listed, his was the only one that did not list where he was speaking, just a phone number. Is that Star policy? I guess that this professional's group already knows where, and if you don't, well we'll screen you over the phone to see if you are sufficently "professional" enough? Or maybe, christian enough?
Again, is this Star policy, to have candidate's for public office to get color picture's in the Saturday Religion section for speaking somewhere? Isn't that what candidates do, speak to various groups? Do they all get their picture in the paper every time?


Does she not realize that she just insulted the rural voter again I quote, "I made a biga mistake, we made a big mistake that people in rural Missouri don't care as much about college education, health care, being able to buy a tank of gasoline. THEY care as much as we do"..what a self serving B. She certainly is putting herself above those of us from rural America. I will plaster that quote myself from border to border.. What does she think we are --uneducated individuals who ride our horses to work? Good lord Claire, in trying to clear up a mistake, you have certainly insulted a LARGE group of voters. This really disturbs me me totally. I have never heard such a crud out of a stuck up holier than thou rich you know what I mean.


And by the way, she can try to listen now, that's big of her. I do not think that any candidate has so clearly insulted me, my fmaily, and friends so thoroughly. I love my rural Missouri routes and she needs to stick to her big Union friends and leave us alone in rural Missouri.

Southerngirl, judging by your constant pro-right wing comments on here, it's safe to assume that Claire McCaskill could offer you a handshake and you'd take it as an insult.

Its our choice in November

This isn't a contest between two people. This is an election that may well turn the course of history away from the culture of corruption encouraged and supported by guys like Talent.
Feelings of being insulted are legitimate in rural Missouri. The source of the insults isn't Claire McCaskill... it is Jim Talent. He repeatedly has turned his back to the PEOPLE of rural Missouri. His greed and illegitimacy guide him solely to aid the corporate farms and big-business of rural Missouri.
It is time for the people of rural Missouri to vote for compassionate representation. We need to vote for Claire McCaskill.


Southerngirl, unless you mean all those nice paved roads in the bootheel, I think you mean rural Missouri roots, not routes.


But Claire considers herself above the rural American, you can tell by her speech. And by the way, I met her and shook her hand at n event in 04 and was polite to her. But she just paints the self serving democratic philosphy of not knowing what the rural people want...and even her comment puts her, in her eyes, above those of us from rural Amercia. I have already emailed this link home and to some friends and others in "rural" Missouri and they are shocked by her statements. Stay at home in the mansion Claire, its obviously a good fit for you.


Forgive my typo dickey, but that comment so upset me I typed fast. And we do have the routes by the way thanks to Blunt who finally had modot finish our projects that had waited forever. But I am glad you pointed out my error dickey because the only backlash you had on my statement this time was a typo not content...thanks, I will try to type slower and more careful so you can understand intent.

"So she asked for the party faithful's indulgence in that they aren't seeing her as much now and she's skipping important local events."

Yeah, ignoring your base... that'll work!

No one knows more about "Kleptocracy" than KC Cicero aka Phil Carderrala!

Its our choice in November

Hopefully, rural Missourians will refuse to be duped, again, by the hollow patronage portrayed by the junior republican senator from Missouri.
We mistakenly believed his perjured rhetoric last time, and we paid dearly for that error.
This time we see clearly the way Jim Talent plays us like pawns in his game of greed.
Missouri's rural base is ready for a change. Lies, distortions, and broken promises are not going to be "business as usual" for those who live outstate.
It is time for a change and Claire McCaskill provides us the option of being on our side...a big difference for us.

This is the year the Republicans are going to see that supporting massive corporate farms is killing rural americans business and small farmers. Rural america is mad and I don't blame em. These guys are nothing but broken promises


Claire is rightfully scared: she's staked her entire campaign strategy on ignoring her urban base during an off year election when the only thing that really matters is gettting out your base. Her assumption is that stem cell is going to turn out her urban base for her. Ask Bob Johnson how that one worked out.

People in rural voted against Claire 2 to 1, and in some places 3 to 1, because she's an urban liberal. They'll do the same in November. The people she's been ignoring along I-70 won't be sufficiently motivated to turn out for someone who's taken them for granted.


Every election I can remember the charge has been made: ‘Oh the Republican’s want low turnout! Oh the republicans have to keep the vote down to win!’

Yet the Democrats are ‘stealing’ (adopting) the Republican ‘get out the vote’ program. Why? Because it works.

Now neither of these two things are newsworthy but interesting none the less:

When a Democrat says ‘holding down the vote’ what they means is ‘the big city Democratic machines can’t freely engage in vote fraud’

The Democrats think so little of us the voters that they will simultaneously; scream that the GOP is holding down the vote while also screaming that the GOP is getting out the vote. While also claiming that the only reason that they loose elections is that voters are ‘too stupid to see through the GOP lies’

If you guys weren’t serious, this would be funny. Less funny is that you think you should be ‘allowed’ no, that it is your ‘right’ to run the country.

If you can’t figure out how to get all your LEGAL supporters to vote, why would the rest of the nation think you could run national security?


Boy Tsquare, how was our national security on 9-11-01? They attacked our Pentagon, and killed scores there, under whose administration? Couldn't interupt his 36-day vacation to read his daily brief about OBL, you know, golf and all.


Eight months in after 8 years of Clinton ignoring OBL?

But hey you knew that.

Does not change the fact you can't beat him/us in an election.

Think you'd learn by now...

Its our choice in November

Remember all the noise that surrounded the Missouri Farm Bureau endorsing Jim Talent?
I'd sure like someone to ask Mr. Talent about CAFOs.
CAFOs are Concentrated Agricultural Feeding Operations, aka, corporate farms.
The primary organization that supports these businesses in Missouri is the Farm Bureau.
I'm certain that Mr. Talent is aware that 27 family farmers are put out for every 9 workers in these CAFOs. Further, the 9 workers have been occassionally documented, but more frequently undocumented workers.
Jim Talent must be aware that the family farmer is tired of being tricked and manipulated by slick Washingtonian elitists.
It is time that the family farmer has a friend in Washington with a real interest in the family farmer.
Based on my research, that candidate is Claire McCaskill. True, she isn't from the farm, but she knows right from wrong and can speak honestly to family farmers. Just listening to an honest person would be a breath of fresh air to this country boy.


Actually I am not sure she knows right from wrong with the farmers and the Farm Bureau does help only the corporate farmer, but Talent has also received the endorsement from the Missouri Dairy Farmers and Cattlemen. He has kept active in not only rural areas but thorughout Missouri. Claire, on the other hand, admits that she though rural Missourians did not care about health care, etc jsut 2 short years ago... and most of those family farms are rural. I think they would be thrilled to know how little she thought of them.


Not to mention, after a little research, Talent is endorsed by the Missouri Pork Association (300 farmers) the Missouri Soybean Association (1700 farmers) the Misouri Corn Growers (1800 farmers) and featured in the Missouri Soybean Farmers Magazine...that combined with Farm Bureau and the Dairy and Cattle Farmers is quite a long list of rural Missouri speaking out.

Its our choice in November

Claire McCaskill earned the endorsement of the National Farmers Union. For those unaware of this group, they have served the family farmer for over 104 years.
Unlike many agricultural organizations, they are not a front for "hidden" corporate entities.
In short, they are the real deal protecting the family farmer.
They chose Claire McCaskill because of their century-old history of doing right for the farm families in Missouri and America.



Regarding Claire's quote: "we made a big mistake that people in rural Missouri don't care as much about college education, health care, being able to buy a tank of gasoline. THEY care as much as we do". Your breathless indignation to that is illogical. Replace "people in rural Missouri" with "people in Spring Hill," for example. Claire isn't from Spring Hill, so wouldn't she correctly say, "They care as much as we do?" Claire isn't a rural Missourian, but she seems to be implying that she cares what "their" (I'm not a rural Missourian, either) issues are.

As for Talent's endorsement by the Missouri Pork Association, am I the only one who sees the irony in that?

Sister Mary Margaret used to admonish my class that cynicism is cheap and easy and a hallmark of the unimaginitive. She challenged us to look for the good in people, and its served me well in working with our youth. Maybe if we all (those of us on both sides) tried that a little more, we'd narrow the divide between us. I'm up to the challenge, are you?


And I can see that you do not believe in the use of cynicism with your Missouri Pork Farmers comment. And her they was referring to the rural people that she felt did not care about serious issues. But I will extend the olive branch on the fact that I do listen to her when she speaks. However, if Talent had made the above comment you would be eating him alive.


No, ma'am, I assure you, I would not have.

And it sounded to me like Claire was admitting failure in the past to give rural Missourians the due they deserve.

If you're looking to be insulted by someone's words or actions, you'll rarely let yourself down. Conversely...

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