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August 31, 2006



hopefully he answers the phones in his new office


I wonder if there is a "security wall" that prevents his office from getting the phone calls. Another great topic for a Star investigative reporter.

Did any ask him that while he was sitting there for an hour? How does that not come up?


In fact, your blog posts on this issue did come up.

I was here, in the office, answering phones at the time you posted your message and am sorry you did not call if you have an issue.

We are always glad to take the call of the people we serve. That is our job, and we take it very seriously. The Kansas City and Independence offices are open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mon-Fri. We field hundreds of calls each week, and while I won't call it impossible, it is certainly rare that no one is in the office to answer the phone.

We will be around this afternoon, like every afternoon, if you have a problem to discuss. I urge you to give us a call.

The Kansas City office can be reached at 817-842-4545, the Independence office at 816-833-4545 and the Congressman can be emailed directly at [email protected].

Again, our job is to serve you, please call and let us know how we can assist you. You are welcome to ask for me - my name is Danny.


How do ya like that? Real citizen service from the Rev. you seem to love to hate.

Way to go Danny! I hope FarRight actually calls this time so he and others can stop blogging that nonsense about phones not getting answered.


I believe that's the smackdown from the Congressman's office on this silly post that keeps popping up. Get 'em, Danny - hopefully we've seen the last of it!

The far right has often been associated in various degrees with social, cultural and religious conservatism, reactionary monarchism, reactionary nationalism, jingoistic chauvinism, populism, economic protectionism or economic free trade, anti-immigration or racist and xenophobic policies, but the usage varies greatly.

In the modern world, the term far right is applied to those who support authoritarianism, usually involving a dominant class (which may be aristocratic or defined along racial or other lines), and/or an established church (although some forms of far right—for example, elements of the militia movement in the United States—are devolutionist).


FarRight, does that describe you pretty well?

KC Cicero

Good move, Rev.

There are rare circumstances under which individual courtrooms may require special security, but no citizen of a free society should be required to submit to search of his person in order to enter a public building.

Public employees who feel differently -- including those who are elected -- should seek other, less stressful employment. Soon.


Pardon my typo, for those who are interested...the KC office can be reached, of course, at 816-842-4545 (not 817, sorry fast fingers).


Thanks, Danny. You made my point for me.

INEFFECTIVE= Not knowing your own phone number.

Who is answering the phones while you are blogging?

Probst, you don't have a point. Danny made his very clearly.


Probst, just because you are unable to multitask, doesn't mean that Danny can't.

Don't feel bad, they are many at your level that can't handle doing more than one thing at a time.

We have no problems with them answering our phone calls and his staff is great to work with!!!

Political Moderate

Probst and your hateful lies. We are tired of hearing the deceit you try to put on these blogs.


Thanks Danny. If I can't get you guys this time, I'll email you.

And political moderate, stick a sock in it, you are neither political nor moderate. Just annoying.

And to answer 1:28-- While I don't know that Wikipedia is the gold standard of definitions, I will assume they copied it from Webster's. Indeed-- Populist does indeed describe me...thanks for asking.


Since Cleaver appears to be concerned about saving money, here's a suggestion: don't have phones installed in the next office. You don't answer them anyway.


Glad to know the Congressman's staff is spending it's time which is funded by the taxpayers blogging on POLITICAL websites. Danny, ever heard of the Hatch Act?????


KC Cicero:

I am no fan of Cleaver. He is just as ineffective as Dennis Moore in Kansas (moreso, because he hides his liberalism behind his "Reverend" title -- even though his social views are far to the left of most black church members).

But, why do you oppose security measures that exist to protect public employees/officials?

While I appreciate the libertarian perspective (you do understand that it's LIBERALS who support taking your private property for a Burger King?), I fully support a higher standard of protection for certain public buildings and public employees. I admit, a higher standard of security often means a lower standard of privacy rights of individual citizens who are near these places and people.

Functionally, it just doesn't play out. In a government building, if someone wants to enter from the outside -- how does security know that this person is a good person? A citizen? Even with an ID card, how does security know if the ID is not a fake?

Part of what makes FarRight and myself conservative is that we understand that humans are inherently flawed. I place a limited amount of trust in government officials not because they're politicians, but because they're human! And if a computer were to do a job tomorrow that a human did today, I wouldn't trust that computer because of the fact that it was built by a human!

I've wandered a bit here... my point is that while leaders are any "better" or "more important" than the next guy, they're roles are indeed significant. And if 10 government leaders were killed tomorrow, and if those 10 leaders represented 2 million U.S. citizens, then this would be bad for the security of the United States. These leaders need to be protected.


"I am no fan of Cleaver. He is just as ineffective as Dennis Moore in Kansas (moreso, because he hides his liberalism behind his "Reverend" title -- even though his social views are far to the left of most black church members)."

Hides his liberalism behind his Reverend title??? False! Mr. Cleaver does not "hide" his views. YOU are the one being deceptive about "views" here in your use of black church members to make your point - as if you have a sudden brotherhood with black church members (ever actually attended an inner-city black church?). Truth apparent is; Mr. Cleaver's social views are far to the left of YOURS - and no matter what his office does at this point will be to any satisfaction of those claiming his office doesn't answer phones. Because really, it's not about weather or not his office answers the phone - it's about those disagreeing with the social views and therefore are going to stick their fingers in thier ears and not hear anything from this point forward.


Sometimes circumstances dictate that congressional staffers be at different meetings, actually doing their job- representing the elected official. When that happens, sometimes you have to close the office- BOTH sides do it.

If they hired an extra person, then everyone would b and moan about how their staff budgets are out of control. Fiscal responsibility is more important than making sure someone is there is a 24 hr hotline. If it's that important that you need to get ahold of the office right away, call the DC office.


Maybe the reason Cleaver cann't get anyone to go to the downtown court house is that they would have to leave their weapons at home. No security issues to deal with at the other office. I have not heard any complaints from those that want to visit Senator Bond's or Talent's office.

John Evans

At least Cleaver isn't a rubberstamp for Bush and Chaney like Blunt and Talent. Danny thank you for you service. You sure answered the Far Right. This country will be forever destroyed if these right wing bastards get thier way. They'll have a grand old time while the rest of us fight over tablescraps. We can stop them but only through mass strikes. We must take back this country from the organised Republican Crime Syndicate. Wishful thinking; It can be done peacefully. Looking at the facts; I doubt it.

Here is a solution that won't cost Rev $72,000 in annual rent. Why not locate his office in RAYTOWN where rents are less, parking is abundant and his children went to school?

Some parts of Kansas City, MO are in the Raytown School District. Students in the Sni-a-bar Road area attend Raytown High School and Raytown High School.

Buy a clue.

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