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August 21, 2006


So in other words, instead of tending to important state business like school financing, economic development, funding needed infrastructure repairs, etc., etc., Bartle chose to play to his fun-D'UH-mentalist base with a law that stood no chance of being upheld by the courts.

The guy's a complete tool (which pretty much sums up any Republican lawmaker in Missouri).

Besides, doesn't Bartle know that his constituents just get their porn mail-order and online so they don't have to worry about running into their the people they'll being sitting next to in church on Sunday morning at strip clubs on Saturday night?

KC Cicero

The term "activist judges" would not exist but for "grandstanding politicians".

Here's the deal: If you are against sin, sin not. Otherwise, mind your own business, and keep the law out of other people's business. Pray for sinners, but resist the temptation to burn heretics. Among other things, it's bad for the ozone layer.

Besides, naughty clubs and naughty video stores are about all anyone has come up with to create jobs outside the Cities. And they are a heck of a lot less of a health hazard than corporate pig farms!

I guess the new definition of a Puritan is a Missouri legislator who is worried that some salesman or trucker, somewhere along I-70, might be enjoying himself.


Thank God for the Federal Courts to protect us from Christian right wing politicians , looking to make a name for themselves and a gutless General Assembly that goes along with them.

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