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August 01, 2006


Why am I not shocked to read Wheeler's supporters have given "donations" to Freedom, Inc. Sheds new on light on the tainted Freedom endorsment now doesn't it.

What does it say about a candidate and his campaign staff when they continually spin and distort the facts to use little Patrick Sanders as a political tool against his own his father? Do you people know no shame?

On the Darla Jaye show, when the interviews had concluded, a Wheeler supporter identified as "Carole from Lee's Summit" brought up little Patrick Sanders. The caller tried to portray Mike as a callous, heartless, uncaring father who rode in a parade while his critically ill child was in the hospital. I will refrain from naming the REAL identity of the caller, but you know who you are...

Let me refer everyone the following blog:
"Sanders should have known the vote (Freedom) was doomed when he saw Fuzzy"
7/9/2006 12:53 By Mary Baretto

I have never posted on a BLOG before but, after reading the above on a Sunday, I feel morally obligated to respond in some way.

Now, for a second (third) time, candidate Wheeler is attempting to use the Sanders' critically sick child as a campaign issue. Wheeler, when this was done the first time in April with the CCP e-mails that I read, denied that he or his supporters would EVER use this as politicial fodder. But now, all one has to do is look at these BLOGS to see that his protestations of innocence in April now ring very very hollow. His staff is working overtime to inject this as an issue once again, only this time, he can't deny his fingerprints.

Wheeler is showing that in his quest for power, there is almost no line he and his staff are not willing to cross in their pursuit for victory in August. Whether its cutting, at a minimum, a questionable deal with Freedom, or attempting to cruelly take advantage of a sick child and his grieving parents, they are showing their true colors and complete lack of ethics and morals.

If Wheeler and his staff's actions are any indication of how he will be in office, we should all pray that he loses this election. With power must come some level of a moral compass; A line that you are not willing to cross for personal gain. I'm afraid that Wheeler has lost his compass, and saddly, his way.

BTW, I was one of nearly 200 people involved in the prayer group at St Marks praying the Rosary for the recovery of their sick child. And, not that Wheeler will care, but the Sanders baby was not diagnosed as critically ill until AFTER the parade on March 17th. I know this, as we did not start praying until the afternnon of the 19th of March, one day after he was taken to Children's Mercy. Father Taranto, our parish priest, both baptised and confrimed him on the morning of the 19th, as little Patrick was not expected to make it through that day. It was that afternoon that the Father began the Rosary for little Patrick.

Regardless of any of the above, I have deep pity and profound saddness in my soul for those that think that writing this hateful drivel is somehow fair game for "politics," and justified in their desire to win. Today, as I sit in Mass, I will be praying for all of you.


Wow. So Team Wheeler purchased the Freedom, Inc. endorsement. AND Freedom, Inc. conveniently delayed those facts from coming to light by not filing on time. Can I see a show of hands from those who are surprised?


No one?


John Vogel

Anyone have info about the relationship between Wheeler's 3rd party treasurer, Alex Diane Bagby-Ayala (Avala), and Team Wheeler? Or her husband, Carlos Arambula?

To John Vogel:

"Anyone have info about the relationship between Wheeler's 3rd party treasurer, Alex Diane Bagby-Ayala (Avala), and Team Wheeler? Or her husband, Carlos Arambula?"

One of them, and I a fairly certain it is Alex Diane Bagby-Ayala (Avala), is an employee of H & R Block.

Questions from a Naive Person:

1) Is it customary/the norm for Hallmark Cards, not someone employed by Hallmark Cards but the company itself, to donate campaign money this way?

2) Hallmark Cards money went to pay Freedom, Inc.?

John Vogel

To 7:22 PM - Thanks for the info about Alex Diane Ayala and H&R Block. Hard to say where this will wind up, but it could get interesting.

Naive: yes, and yes. Hallmark Cards is owned by the Hall family who are major Republican donors. Wheeler is pandering to the Republicans in order to raise the money he needs to beat Sanders. It's what you do when you're an inferior candidate - throw money at it. It's reason #7,309 why the former "Clown Mayor" is the wrong choice for Jackson County Exec.

Naive Person here again,

Thanks for the info. Wow, that was eye opening for me. So,

1) Wheeler is a Democrat, running as a Democrat, getting $ from Republicans. Why would Republicans want to give $ to Wheeler?

2) Hallmark Cards is a big Republican donor company, huh. Hallmark Cards $ went to pay Freedom, Inc. Aren't they worried about ruining their reputation being tied in with the Freedom, Inc. scandal?

I'm sure Hallmark wasn't counting on the stink of this whole thing being exposed. Team Shields/Cardarella have long dodged in and out of the sewers without compunction so Hallmark would have no reason to think that this wouldn't be just another day at the office. As for your first question, there are lots of reasons for major Re-thuglicans to donate to the Clown Mayor, not the least of which is Chuckle's recent comment, "I like Gov. Blunt very much".

Naive Person again,

Well, I'm just not comfortable with this Hallmark/Freedom, Inc. thing. I buy from Hallmark stores all of the time, my husband always complains that I spend too much $ at Hallmark. I don't know that I will this year....

I don't know what to say. I am speechless with shock and disgust. Look what some Wheeler supporter put on these blogs yesterday:

by Pioneer Mother, 7/31 9:14 pm "Sanders supporters finally go negative" post by DeAnn Smith

To the Nurse at Children's Mercy,

I did not question the love and dedication Mike Sander's has for his children. I'm quite aware of the very grave situation of the Sander's baby and have had a critically ill child of my own. I questioned his judgement leaving his critically ill five day old baby's side to ride in a parade with the sole intent of promoting his career. This was March 17th and the vote was the next August. Plenty of time to gather votes. What parent would have walked from the side of a child clinging to life in a touch and go life and death situation to ride in a parade? What incredible poor judgement. Is this the judgement we will see if he is elected to County Executive?

Would you if you are a Mother leave your critically ill child to return to the work place for the purpose of self promotion just five days after the birth of your gravely sick child. He was needed by his baby and wife's side and this was the year he needed to forget about parades and waving to the crowds and focus on not missing the specialists when they came in to see his baby. He even made calls to the Star reporting that Charles Wheeler had his name on the side of his boat he was riding in while at the parade. Playing politics calling the "ethics commission" on Wheeler (as if) while he should have been with his sick child. I'm sure he loves his child but this was one parade Skippy should have skipped. So are you saying you would leave a critically ill child to ride in a parade? That's a yes or no question.

Read the 3:33 post on this blog thread.

STATE SENATOR CHARLES WHEELER, this question is addressed to you, sir. How can you justify your continued silence when your campaign staff and supporters go on the radio, and the internet, and send out emails spreading this vile garbage? You clued everyone in to the fact that you read the blogs, as you knew the comments read by Darla Jaye regarding "Mike Sanders is a hate-mongering tool" etc. came from these very blogs. Twisting and distorting facts about an innocent newborn baby to try to score political points is, well, beyond words. To be candid, your grumblings about looking like Scrooge in a photograph seem very petty and small compared to this. What do you have to say about this, State Senator Charles Wheeler?

Phil Cardarella

Of course the Sanders staff posing as irate citizens fill up the blog with their fake anger BUT for anyone who has read this far, the real scandal is the GCM contibution of $15k to the Sanders clone committee. Records show that GCM was former on 7/20 and gave the money the next week. Only it's lawyer is named in any paperwork -- the actual source of the funds is kept secret -- which effectively makes it an illegal anonymous contribution.

This is not politics as usual. Sure, businessmen like Jim Nutter will support a candidate big-time. But Jim does not feel the need to hide his identity in a shell corporation created to permanently avoid public exposure. Of course, Jim is unlikely to be interested in the same things as GCM.

It really does not matter whether the humans hidden behind the GCM screen want something from the Prosecutor or from the Executive or maybe a cut of the stadium funds. The important thing is that they feel Sanders is a good investment of their $15K given in secret (at least from the public) Care to come clean, boys?

Probably not.

Rear View Mirror

I just got the heebie jeebies. I think it was from Phil Cardarella using the phrase "Care to come clean, boys?"

He must have run out of aliases. Did you like how he pretended to speak for Jim Nutter? He was pretty crafty working that in like that wasn't he? He's got an Ivy League education you know. I'm glad he's around to point out the "real scandal" for all of us who jus' don't know no better.

...6 days and counting.

Phil, you really think that anger is fake? I don't.

Everyone knew the Freedom, Inc endorsement of Wheeler was fishy. On these blogs "Freedom Member" clued us in on the "private" meeting between Wheeler & Shields & Bryant right before the endorsement and what happened that day. Now, Dave Helling's post exposes the endorsement pay offs - I'm certain this is just a downpayment.

Phil Cardarella

Forget the gossip & misdirection. Look at the facts on the Ethic's Commission site.

Who is GCM Investments, LLC, and why do they want to support Mike Sanders anonymously in violation of Sec 130.031?

What do they want?

Why are they hiding?

Who? What? Why? Pretty important questions.


Yesterday, I noticed the discussion regarding Hallmark's campaign contributions. I'm a Kansas resident who has been following the Board of Education primaries very closely, and I was looking today through the records of campaign contributions for the District 1 (D) primary -- incumbent Janet Waugh (one of the few who did NOT support the goofy changes to the science curriculum of last year) vs. Jesse Hall. I'd heard that Hall had outraised Waugh by a factor of 3 to 1, and wanted to see who the contributors were.

It surprised me to see that among Waugh's contributors was... Hallmark. They may be a major Republican donor -- I don't know enough to say on that one -- but they definitely made the right call in one election.

Having Phil Cardarella talk about violating the law is like having James Traficant talk about how not to commit fraud and taking the high road while in Congress. Phildo, you're a fool.

Jack of All Trades

I keep telling you folks -- VOTE REPUBLICAN. Do you really want Phil Carderella and Steve Glorioso running the Jackson County Courthouse? If Charlie wins you might as well as write-off the fantasy that he will actually be County Executive. It will be called the Glorioso years. At the end of that term you will all be voting Republican. Sanders is a good man but he simply is not mean enough or filled with enough venom to take these snakes down. Sorry.

They are cunning and vicious. I have seen their work before and watch out Sanders family they have no boundaries. If really want Mike Sanders to win you guys better start getting ugly. Surround their headquarters and their homes with pickets and banners telling the voters the message of who the man behind the silhouette really is and then give them all a picture of Steve Glorioso and Phil Carderella. You guys need to take your show on the road and carry the gospel of win at any cost to their doors. If not, remember we will be here waiting for you in November.

Jack, you and I agree on one thing. If, God forbid, Wheeler wins this election, the citizens of Jackson County won't know what hit them. If he wins, I'm moving. I can't handle Bush and Matt Blunt and the Shields/Cardarella/Glorioso/Werner bunch in power for another 4 years. Wheeler can't run the county executive office. The administrator will be a member of the Shields/Cardarella/Glorioso/Werner camp. Think they are doing this out of fondness for good ole' Charlie? No way. If Wheeler were to win, I'm not sticking around for their payoff.


Have you heard that Katheryn the Grate is taking all of her non-merit hand picked political friends (like her sister in-law Vicki Shields) and giving them merit positions so they cannot be fired in January as is customary with new leadership???

Is this true DeAnn???

I guess this shows just how much she thinks the old "doc" is going to win huh....

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