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August 04, 2006



Well Mrs. & Mr. Phillip "Lil Tiger" Cardarella certainly have been busy. Busy destroying any dignity and integrity that Charles Wheeler may have had. This may be one of the saddest Swan Songs in the Cardarella repertoire. That disabled tweeter Bill Waris may be sadly shaking his head as he awaits the current crop of fallen comrades Wheeler and Riederer among the ruins.

Doug Coleman

Does this mean that Charlie Wheeler will be filing some ethics complaints against himself?

Gene Ostermeier

I listened to Phil Cardarella call the Darla Jaye show on KMBZ 980 radio today. Its very obvious Darla does not appreciate Phil's sarcastic and condescending manner. His behavior on his two call-ins this week are an excellent snapshot of the way both he and Katheryn generally treat people. It seems most media outlets and a majority of voters are beginning to realize that local government will be much better off without them.

Has anyone see the "new" Wheeler ad on integrity? How can they put run and out and out lie? NEVER missed a day in Senate? Didn't miss a vote that mattered? I guess the voter id bill didn't matter to him. Should have spent more time in Jeff City working with his Republican friends to make a greater impact. But that's just what I would have done.

"Katheryn Shields is OFFICIALLY (Emphasis added by me, not Glorioso) joining the festivities"
"does that mean Wheeler has OFFICIALLY gone negative?"

Like your choice of words here; everyone knows Camp Wheeler has been going negative for months and that Shields has been throwing her weight around town (literally and figuratively) to force $ into her...oops...Wheeler's campaign.

"Posted by DeAnn who can't wait for Wednesday Smith"


"Shields lightened up her coffers for her expected mayoral bid." Note to Shields: that mayoral fantasy you keep replaying in your head is NEVER gonna happen. Dream on...

"And what the Safer City do with that $20,000 from Shields, Carderella and The Doc? Cardarella himself wasn't completely sure." Is he soooooo egomaniacal that he thinks we actually buy into his little charade?

Phil Cardarella

Let's not lose track of the ball: the Shields Committee perfectly legal loan only matched the $15,000 illegal anonymoous gift that the Sanders-controled third party committee used to distort Doc's record (and his appearance) in their attack ad.

It has been a week, and Sanders still has not revealed who his illegal secret admirer is. Maybe because if he tells the public WHO, they will know WHY such a gift was made.

The list of suspects is narrowing. Hopefully, an enterprising reporter will tell the public what the Sanders folks want kept so secret.

Before Tuesday?

Phyllis, you are such a poor loser. Now go sit in the corner and take your medicine like a man. It is now offically "pay back" time.


OOHH spooky political intrigue stories. Oh please uncle phil, tell us more. We're not scared are you?


More hypocrisy from Cardarella and Shields (and you all thought they had reached their limit? Oh no, there are no boundaries for them. No limits.)

When he hasn't been calling Darla Jaye and screaming at her on the radio, I am sure that Phil C. has been calling DeAnn Smith (and others at the Star). Lecturing, ranting, holding forth -- whatever he calls it. The good news for everyone is they have been strong enough not to be intimidated by his act.

And after all of that very arrogant and high profile bluster from Sir Phil about 3rd Party this, and third party that, and charges of "illegality!" (Phil to Darla Jaye: "It's ILLEGAL. READ THE LAW!!!" Unbelievable gall!

I am convinced that Katheryn Shields and Phil Cardarella don't know the meaning of the word "hypocrisy" and they don't have ANY boundaries. But they do have a vendetta, and a serious addiction to power and money, and a propped up puppet in Charles B. Wheeler.

They are extremely nervous, and they should be. Don't believe it? Shields left town. I swear it's true. Just can't face the music. Phil and Katheryn, for all you do, this shame's for you.

Interesting Phil will post on this blog, but not the one about the candidates' debate on KCPT 19.

Hopefully, an enterprising reporter will tell the public what the Sanders folks (don't )want kept so secret.

Before Tuesday? For starters...

1. How about the WHOLE truth about Mayor Karen Messerli.
2. How about the Wheeler campaign placing an ad using Mayor Messerli's photograph and a manufactured statement claiming she endorsed Wheeler when she did not.
3. How about your candidate's behavior at KCUR - relevant because that behavior has been repeated toward others thoughout this campaign and proves he cannot be that "calming" influence or "consensus builder" he claims he is.

"Sanders-controled third party committee"

You know Sanders is NOT in control of that 3rd party.

"distort Doc's record" Wheeler missed 133 votes, plain & simple. No distortion.

"(and his appearance)" That photo is the EXACT photo Wheeler posed for when O'Neil worked on his 2004 campaign. No distortion.

Know what is a distortion, referring to Wheeler as "Doc" when he was never a medical doctor, but a coroner.


"Before winging her way East for a conference, Shields lightened up her coffers for her expected mayoral bid."

Told you Shields left town. Always does right before a chosen puppet is about to lose. (Kathy Finnell and Cynthia Clark Campbell anyone???)

Nothing is EVER going to be her highness' fault. Not ever.

Deann who can't wait for Wednesday.... I have lived in Kansas City for 42 years and have subscibed to the Times and Star since I was ninteen. Now we are left with this cut down version of the Star and we're left with you, a cut down mini version of a real reporter. You are the most biased reporter that I have ever seen in all these years. It's the Star's own fault for not pulling you up on a short leash. You're not worth reading as there is no surprise element to your stories. You are pro-Sanders and refuse to report anything that is anti-Sanders even if you have statistics to prove his incompetence. You should be LET GO! This is the Star's fault! Yeal is pro-Sanders and uses the muscle of the Star to attempt to bury Wheeler,so he thinks. The voters of Jackson County see through your biased reporting and will speakin their own very effective way and as they know who Doctor Wheeler is and are outraged by these attacks. I am the Pioneer Mother and I can't wait for Wednesday either as I'll welcome in Wednesday with a smile on my face.

Jack Reuther

Now that Pat O'Neil has been called out as Adam Smith, Ian Rodrigues, KC Hotdog these bloggers have disappeared. Now O'Neill is posting anonymously. O'Neill, you're a coward.

I think "Pioneer Mother" will be crying in her bonnet, and taking her wagon and going home on Wednesday.
DeAnn has done an excellent job reporting the TRUTH, in this campaign. If there were ANYTHING good to report about the Wheeler Campaign, or the candidate, she would have. Old Charlie has made news in this campaign. It's just too bad for him and his supporters, that it hasn't been GOOD news!


Okay, Pioneer Mother, I am trying real hard to see the correlation with the wonderful history that "Pioneer Mother" evokes in this nations quest to push westward. She did the heavy lifting along side the Pioneer men and then some. What in tarnation has that to do with Ms. Smith reporting the facts? I have lived in KC a bit longer and the Morning Times and Kansas City Star hit the driveway courtesy of our carrier Mr. Fisher. I have political friends who feel that there is a bias against them with the Star. and they are opponents! I think the Star coddled (ugh...) Shields for too long. Deann Smith has done a credible job in keeping reporting even, I give you she is no Ed Morrow, but who is?


Charlie where's the beef. Judge Wheeler where's the ROOF.

Back in the sixty's you got us to vote for the stadiums with ROOF.

Where's the ROOF

11:57 Because your candidate is not doing as well as you had expected in this race, do not take your frustration out on DeAnn Smith. She has been more than fair. What if she had reported Charle's blow-up at KCUR? She could, and probably should, have done so. Candidate behavior is fair game in reporting. What if she had reported the entire Messerli story? Again, she could of and should have done so. As everyone nows, Yael has been quite forgiving of Shields over the years. Many felt his endorsement of Wheeler was a shoe-in. The Wheeler campaign only has to have each individual look in the mirror to find who is at fault for your campaign's implosion. Look at Wheeler's demeanor on the Darla Jaye show. His testiness toward Nick Haines. His debate and forum performances. You are wrong to blame DeAnn, Yeal, or the Star.

David Relihan

Did anybody get that amateurish piece from Gray today? Honestly, I could knock out better stuff at home on my computer. This was their "big shot?" Very poorly done, and ineffective.


To Jack Reuther - How many times do I have to tell you guys? I am not Pat O'Neill. If all Wheeler supporters are as dumb and slow as you, no wonder the Wheeler campaign is floundering. And what's up with this pounding of DeAnn Smith? Her reporting looks very creditable to me. If you want to pound on someone, why not start with your candidate. The events of the past few weeks make Charlie the closest thing I know to a punching bag. Man, is he taking a beating or what?

David: I didn't get one, but I heard about it. Doesn't surprise me one bit. Everything about their campaign has been ineffective and poorly executed for weeks.

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