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August 01, 2006


What does Glorioso have on Barnes? She had, at one time, said she was staying out of this race.


I too have long thought that Glorioso had some dirt on Barnes as someone posted on another thread. I'm dying to know what it is. Anyone know? Anyone?


What the? Pardon me for asking, but doesn't Kay Barnes live up north? Outside of Jackson County? Didn't that come up during the stadium tax election too? She can't even VOTE in this election. This is like the mayor of Leawood, Kansas endorsing in the race for Jackson County Executive. If not paying off a debt, what is she doing? I smell a rat.

CarrieB, if we knew what the dirt was, then Glorioso wouldn't "have it on her" would he?


Does anyone care what Kay Barnes thinks?


I think this Barnes stuff might be getting read the wrong way. It actually looks desperate to me. Like Glorioso might have access to polling that shows Charlie is in big trouble.

Otherwise, why wouldn't Barnes just come out and hold a press conference with his highness!

It seems to me that everything tied to Chales Wheeler stinks. Whether it's suspicious dealings with Freedom, Inc., or a coercion attempt with the Mayor of Lee's Summit, or his relationship with unsavory people. Does this team do anything with integrity? The baby thing has got me going too. How low can you get? I heard the radio program today, and we all must know that it wasn't some "Jane Doe" calling in with the character assassination of Mike Sanders and how he spent time with his newborn son. Hey, Wheeler staffers, the baby wasn't critical until 2 days after the parade, yet you keep bringing up! How kind and honorable of you all, especially you, "healer" Wheeler (Oh, that's right your a coroner and not a healer).

Politics 101.If you lose a endorsement trash it . Sanders you are very good at this . ITS THE SITTING MAYOR OF KANSAS CITY . Mike you would love to have that endorsement.


Mark in Westport

I just watched Mike Mahoney's coverage of the Barnes endorsement. For Mike Sanders who doesn't do the job of Prosecutor, except to knock over anyone who gets between him and a camera, it is odd that for the second day in a row, is unavailable for comment. Yesterday it was after getting called for trashing Wheeler's family, today it is losing the Barnes' endorsement. He sends out Calvin Williford to make a sexist comment about the Mayor. Stupid Calvin; a sexist remark about a Mayor his gay and lesbian community loves. She has done more and been more accessible than any other Mayor in City history. Yesterday Pat O'Neil says awful things about his old friend Wheeler, today Calvin does a verbal slap at Barnes. Does loyalty mean anything to these guys?

Sanders and the sex therapist have never seen eye to eye. I don't know how much credit people should give to Glorioso for getting Kay to endorse - that guy gets too much credit as is. In fact, Wheeler's entire team gets way too much credit.

They are no more skilled at running a smart campaign than Bill O'Reilly is at reporting the truth. Yes, I'm talking to you Phildo, Katheryn and the "wonder" that is Pat Gray.

How can Sanders out raise, out communicate and run a far more effective field program that Chucky Wheeler (professional marionette), the airport name guy?

As for Barnes' endorsement, Waldo is as political as they come. Also, people who write in caps are idiots.

I'm new, so if someone could catch me up on the following, I'd appreciate it:

What ever happened to Ken Evans and why did he leave Jabba's office?

How many Senate votes did Charlie miss?

What bills that he sponsored were passed during his tenure in the Senate?

What does it say about a candidate and his campaign staff when they continually spin and distort the facts to use little Patrick Sanders as a political tool against his own his father? Do you people know no shame?

On the Darla Jaye show, when the interviews had concluded, a Wheeler supporter identified as "Carole from Lee's Summit" brought up little Patrick Sanders. The caller tried to portray Mike as a callous, heartless, uncaring father who rode in a parade while his critically ill child was in the hospital. I will refrain from naming the REAL identity of the caller, but you know who you are...

Let me refer everyone the following blog:
"Sanders should have known the vote (Freedom) was doomed when he saw Fuzzy"
7/9/2006 12:53 By Mary Baretto

I have never posted on a BLOG before but, after reading the above on a Sunday, I feel morally obligated to respond in some way.

Now, for a second (third) time, candidate Wheeler is attempting to use the Sanders' critically sick child as a campaign issue. Wheeler, when this was done the first time in April with the CCP e-mails that I read, denied that he or his supporters would EVER use this as politicial fodder. But now, all one has to do is look at these BLOGS to see that his protestations of innocence in April now ring very very hollow. His staff is working overtime to inject this as an issue once again, only this time, he can't deny his fingerprints.

Wheeler is showing that in his quest for power, there is almost no line he and his staff are not willing to cross in their pursuit for victory in August. Whether its cutting, at a minimum, a questionable deal with Freedom, or attempting to cruelly take advantage of a sick child and his grieving parents, they are showing their true colors and complete lack of ethics and morals.

If Wheeler and his staff's actions are any indication of how he will be in office, we should all pray that he loses this election. With power must come some level of a moral compass; A line that you are not willing to cross for personal gain. I'm afraid that Wheeler has lost his compass, and saddly, his way.

BTW, I was one of nearly 200 people involved in the prayer group at St Marks praying the Rosary for the recovery of their sick child. And, not that Wheeler will care, but the Sanders baby was not diagnosed as critically ill until AFTER the parade on March 17th. I know this, as we did not start praying until the afternnon of the 19th of March, one day after he was taken to Children's Mercy. Father Taranto, our parish priest, both baptised and confrimed him on the morning of the 19th, as little Patrick was not expected to make it through that day. It was that afternoon that the Father began the Rosary for little Patrick.

Regardless of any of the above, I have deep pity and profound saddness in my soul for those that think that writing this hateful drivel is somehow fair game for "politics," and justified in their desire to win. Today, as I sit in Mass, I will be praying for all of you.


Wheeler staffer "Mark in Westport" calls Calvin Williford stupid. Memo to Mark. If you want to see stupid, take a look at Maureen Galey. She's as dumb as a tree. Goes on TV and makes statements that contradict what Wheeler has told Star reporters. But for double stupid, look at the person who made Galey campaign manager.


Has anyone given any thought to the fact that Kay's endorsement actually hurts more than it helps? People in Blue Springs, Lee's Summitt and those areas are not huge fans of anything KC, let alone its Mayor.

I really didn't care who won this race because I don't live in Jackson County, but Kay's endorsement makes me hope that Sanders wins.

Let's review:

1) We know the Wheeler campaign (via their connections with Seleen at St. Lukes) threatened Mayor Messerli's employment with the St. Luke's Heath System if she did not endorse Wheeler in this race. After refusing to read a statement prepared by the Wheeler campaign at a press conference, Mayor Messerli telephoned members of print and television media to resend her endorsement saying she had been blackmailed.
2) We know the initial protestation of there being no instance of bribery in the Freedom, Inc. endorsement by the Wheeler campaign were false, as donations from Better Government Committee (Glorioso) and Jackson County Good Government Committee (H & R Block, Hallmark, and DST via Thomas McDonnell) gave payments to Freedom, Inc.

So, how did this group get to Kay Barnes? Only recently she said she was going to stay out of the race, now this endorsement? Seems alot like a Messerli-type squeeze play to me. It is simply amazing that Senator Wheeler and his campaign can't get an endorsement without some form of bribery, blackmail, coercion, payoff, etc.

Interesting thought, FarRight.

Given that Kay is on her way out of office, I think her endorsement of Wheeler is her way of waving a big, one-fingered 'good-bye' to Kansas City.

After the Mayor Karen Messerli fiasco, they must have really, really worked hard on Mayor Kay Barnes to get her to change her mind about "not getting involved" in this race. After knowing what Messerli went through, I sudder to think what happened to Barnes. She's not nearly as tough as Messerli.

Mark in Westport sure has a funny way of showing his support for Wheeler:

"She has done more and been more accessible than any other Mayor in City history."

It is refreshing to see a Wheeler supporter admit their candidate was NOT the greatest Mayor of KC. Which is the truth. Anyone catch Darla Jaye today? Remember Wheeler saying he "stepped away" from politics in 1979? That's because he LOST the mayorial election to Dick Berkeley. Another KC historical fact, he lost again in 1983 - coming in 4th in the primary. Doesn't "stepped away" imply is was his choice. No, Ex-Mayor Wheeler, it was OUR choice.

Have any of the endorsements, for Mike, received TV news coverage? I don't recall seeing news coverage for any of his. Just wondering.

Hey 7:36 Now that you mention it, no. Funny, someone on this blog was saying Wheeler was too humble to toot his own horn about his accomplishments and someone else is always taking pot shots at Sanders being on TV too much, but Wheeler demands and gets same day TV time for all of his endorsements...well...he hardly has any I guess its not as much TV time as I first thought. Never mind.

For the record, Sanders' TV time is related to his job (except his TV campaign spots of course). He is keeping the public updated on the progress of the cases being handled in his office, as he is the administrator of the office. Public relations communication.

How about the beloved Mayor Barnes and her own self interests. We live in a city where the recent condo boom developers received tax abatements for many years and yet stuck it to Jackson county tax payers with huge increases. The downtown is undergoing a revitalization. Hmmm...I wonder who owns or is invested in many of those same buildings and will make buckets of money...Mayor Barnes. She has ownership in at least 7 properties in the downtown area. Some of her largest contributors are construction companies those wouldn't be the ones that got the nod for the Sprint arena project and other projects over the last several years would they. Before you place the always friendly and smiling Kay on a pedestal take a look at the under the table money she is lining her pockets with. Maybe the Star could investigate how many properties she owns. Oh but Glorioso the flunky would kill any attempt at that wouldn't he.

Last time I checked all prosecutors went in front of the media about the criminal cases going on in the city. Nobody seems to have a problem with Paul Morrison in JOCO doing his appearances. Give me a break people. Mayor Kay is no endorsement. Jackson county residents living in Midtown are dealing with higher crime rates, bad roads, horrible public schools, and yet our property taxes shot up like we live in some fancy suburb. Way to support people in the urban core who put up with all of the garbage. Mayor Kay should have taken over the KCMO schools like other Mayors in other cities have done to fix this crisis. Alas, she didn't want to deal with it. Just leave that for the next person.

I thought all City employees had to live in the City? How can she get away with not living there and yet be collecting a paycheck for being it's mayor? If she doesn't care enough to actually live in our city, then she should keep her big pontificating mouth shut. I find that very gauling. Stay in the Northland, sister, we'll clean up your mess when your gone and sitting by the lakeside.

She lives in Kansas City, but not in Jackson County. But yes, I too find it ironic that she's making high handed pronouncements on a race in which she cannot vote from an office from which she will soon depart. (not soon enough for my tax dollars as happy as I am that rich developers are getting richer with shiny new tax abated condos on the backs of the people trying to keep the REST of the urban core alive) But I digress.

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