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August 30, 2006


Political Moderate

It appears that Jim Talent and Claire McCaskill agree that Ms. Thomas is inept.
Mr. Talent continues to snub her at political rallies. Ms. McCaskill comments on her folly as a Platte County auditor.
The fun part of this is seeing Jeff Roe squirm to find some way to spin a positive for his candidate.
Jeff, remember you are a consultant not a magician.


Jeff Roe is the "darth vader" of Republican politics. He has the single ability to look someone in the eye and tell a whopper of a story. He would make a great reporter for the KC Star. All talk and no facts to back up statements, just a story.

Want the low down on Jef Roe just ask any of the individuals who have run against Sam Graves for the 6th Congressional District seat, they know first hand the down and dirty tricks only Jeff can dream up.

Keep hearing a rumor that prominent Republicans have asked Roe to bag his pathetic blog. So far he's refused, because it's all about his ego and not his party.


Claire's own campaign is tanking, so now she is meddling in the Auditors race?

Political Moderate

doubting Thomas...It's not "meddling" when the state's auditor comments about the performance of a county auditor...especially if that person happens to be seeking the state job.
Further, it seems a bit "high and mighty" for you to judge McCaskill's campaign as "tanking".
While the polls show some shift...don't forget they are statistically tied, despite the enormous money spent by Jim Talent.
You might be wise to hold your wager for a while.


Jeff Roe doesn't know any issue except negative issues. Your kids, your parents, your grandparents and your spouse are all fair game to Jeff. He can turn a parking ticket into a federal offense with his spin. He is why individuals from either party don't want to run for office because people like Jeff will dig deep until they find even the littliest thing to spin for their own benefit. Look at his blog and see what he is trying to do to Tersea Hensley, the Prosecutor of Cass County. Spin, spin, spin Jeff. You wouldn'tknow the truth if it came up to you and introduced itself. Outright lies, half lies and inuendos is all you know. Your a disgrace to the Republican party and for that matter either party.


Could someone provide a link to Roe's site, I have never seen it,but with the negativity being stated, I would like to read what the uproar is about. WHile I have not followed the auditor's race very much, I have been intrigued by the discussions. I have not commented either way because I have not researched it and tend to wait until I read and understand before I speak.


Please explain how Claire's campaign is tanking. Her incumbent opponent has spent millions in advertising, and is still polling well under 50% and within the margin of error for a tied race. Claire hasn't even started running ads yet, and she is tied with the Senator? I don't think that's even close to tanking...

Here southerngirl try this:

Political Moderate

The name of Jeff Roe's blog is The Source.

Jean C

Good grief: as if we didn't need further evidence of what a royal pain in the neck Claire McCaskill is. I think most Missourians would rather have a root canal than be forced to have dinner with that woman.

McCaskill should worry about her own finances...

Phyllis Nudsakk

Oh yeah smart guys, how about this:


George Will's lunch with McCaskill is on today.


David Broder and George Will are both politically astute enough to read the tea leaves of public unrest that we have this year. Zogby is seeing that also. George flew out to flyover country to see for himself, and speak to Claire personnelly. Good interview. I think he said "congragulations, Senator McCaskill".


thanks pol moderate and anon


So, let me get this's ok to trash an auditor when there are accounting errors in her county, but it's not ok to trash an auditor when money has actually gone missing in hers?

Don't get me wrong, Sandra Thomas does have some blame in the Platte Co. debacle, but Ms. Montee also shares some for her role in the Buchanan Co. one as well.

Personally, I'm voting third party in this race! Both of these candidates suck!


The difference is that Ms. Thomas' problem is real, as established by an independent auditor. And, as reported by several media outlets, Sandra consistently has accounting errors that lead to money being "written off." So far, they've looked at 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 and have found thousands of dollars worth of accounting errors (and the county commissioners are pretty unhappy because they weren't told until this year).

The problem with the public administrator in Buchanan county has nothing to do with Ms. Montee because the money in question is from private accounts. The county auditor has no authority over this money. As soon as she heard of a problem, she reported it to the county commission and the court that oversees the public administrator.

The Buchanan County Prosecutor, the attorney for the plaintiffs (William Erdrich), Buchanan County's Presiding Commissioner, and the president of the Missouri County Auditors Association (a Republican) have all said that the county auditor has no authority in this matter. Sandra knows that, and it is sad that she is either lying or does not know her own job description and limitations (look into it -- you'll see that Ms. Thomas has never audited in a situation like this, either, because she can't).

The effort to connect Susan to the public administrator problem was the invention of Jeff Roe. Learn more about him at


Congrats SUSAN! She is a total class act and will make the state, St. Joe, and northwest MO proud! Great job Susan in running an amazing campaign!


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