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August 21, 2006



Oh great! Wonder what anti-semitic garbage Ed will peddle today?


Patrick, I guarantee it will be more of the same old anti-semitic garbage we've all grown accustomed to with Ed.

Ed Friedemann

You've worn-out the anti-Semitic thing, trying to make every rotten thing Zionist-Israel does a critique of the Jewish Religion. There is nothing wrong with the Jewish Religion, but there is something wrong when anybody or when the policy of a country is to act like sadistic killer.

That's when the Israelis run and try to hide behind anti-Semitism, which does not cover barbaric behaviour.

Sorry about that, but your luck just ran-out.

Patricia Williams

But, Ed, you do need to understand that it hurts your cause to continually vilify Israel. If you concentrate on the suffering of the Lebanese in shorter posts, you will convert far more people to your way of thinking.

You might create your own completely free blog on that you can link people to to see the collection of your work.

Ed Friedemann

Perhaps Patricia, you might start your own blog on advice for those who should concentrate on methods to bring down the price of crude oil and not ruffle your feathers in the process.

You seems just full

Israeli warmongering in the Middle East is the primary driving force pushing-up crude oil prices, by threatening to disrupt delivery from a war-zone. Oil traders are now bandying about $100 a barrel for crude, and $250 a barrel is not out of the question if current instability is not curtailed.

Those crude oil prices will break the American economy, as it translated into the price of gasoline.

Gasoline in the stuff working-class Americans need to put into their cars to get to work.

Perhaps on your advice blog you might consider mentioning that, or whatever else seems to float your boat.

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