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August 31, 2006


Ed Friedemann

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist is showing the abuse of power so prevalent in Washington.

Bushco has brought this country to a new moral low. You've only to glance at the blockade by Israel, both air and sea, keeping precious food, water, and critical supplies from reaching rescue workers in Lebanon. A blockade from Israel, which Bush could lift with a phone call.

Changing the power structure in the Congress is all important in this upcoming election in November, and this may be the "icing on the cake" for voters who had any doubts.


Ed, please read posts before you comment.

It was Bill Frist who worked to uncover who was blocking the bill.

Ed Friedemann

I said: "Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist is showing the abuse of power so prevalent in Washington."

Somewhat Ambiguous perhaps, but nonetheless correct in showing us a lesser Republican. Did Frist and Bush know all along, but remain silent?

FarRight, you said: "It was Bill Frist who worked to uncover who was blocking the bill," failing to mention the blogger, right?

Turnabout fairplay?


Simply pointing out that your charachterization of him as abusing power was factually incorrect...but then you are used to that.

Absolutely the blogger(s) played an important role. The thrust of my post was that you incorrectly charachterized Frist's role.

Ed Friedemann

Oh, Fair enough........

Political Moderate

In the mean time, a republican doesn't want the light of democracy to shine on a Congress corrupted by greed.
The facts keep piling on...guys like Jim Talent just have to be voted out. Americans cannot accept the behaviors this Congress is now famous for...

John Evans

I don't know how we're going to get of them, but I know that if we are to remain secure in our liberty and justice for all, they must go. I hope we can get them out by voting but I sincerely believe that our voting system has become a very bad not too funny joke. This being said no matter what happens these guys have got to go. If they are going to make thier move and declare Absolute Control it will be right after losing the election or when the protests start contesting the outcomes. Hitler's Nazi party, which was extreme right wing, lost the majority. They then, while still in power, passed the Enabling Act giving Hitler the power to declare himself Fuehrer. Why is Bush building concentration camps? What are the gas lines running alongside the walls for? Why are several companies building railcars with Handcuffs mounted to them. If you think I am crazy just Google:Haliburton detention camps. How BIG/BAD is Big Brother. I wish this was not factual but the contracts have been out and the evidence is out there. These people already have passed the laws necessary to start thier forced labor programs. I know that those who speak out will most likely end up in them but when I started doing this I had hope that we would take back our country if enough people heard the truth. I feel that we may no longer have a window of choice and that our fate is sealed. We will see.

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