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August 21, 2006



I wonder how many times Kraske heard about this criticism of Sebelius before he actually reported on it.

In the piece of how Steve Cloud is mad at Brownback, Kraske shows his huge bias towards "moderate" (liberal) Republicans. I wonder whether Cloud just called Kraske up and said, "Hey, buddy Kraske, hey would you please criticize conseratives for me?"

Not many Republicans in Kansas take Steve Cloud seriously. Is Cloud any different than Mark Parkinson?

Kraske -- you're a biased reporter at a biased paper. The only reason the Star is still in business is because another paper hasn't entered the KC scene yet (have you seen the LA Times and NY Times numbers recently?).


Oh please, John Altevogt criticizing Kathleen Sebelius on racial issues? Since when has he become a fan of quotas? If this is the level of criticism of Governor Sebelius, this election is going to be even more one sided that I anticipated.


"Kraske shows his huge bias towards "moderate" (liberal) Republicans."

Couple questions come to mind: Why do you equate moderate and liberal Republicans? For that matter, what IS a liberal Republican? Is it a Republican who feels our schools should teach established science; that religious dogma belongs in Sunday school; that our children didn't do anything to deserve the astronomical debt we're smothering them with; or that vouchers are a transparent attempt to cripple the effectiveness of our public schools? Am I close?

And forgive me, but I couldn't resist: The Star is still in business because so many (um, non-"liberal" Republicans?) prefer to have their opinions spoon fed to them by talk radio.

Jimmy Khuu

Oh, this is too rich - Republicans playing the racism card. Can you say desperation?

D. Walker

There was a true story on one of the talk shows where White grandparents claimed that they, nor their family were racist and that they had Black (Bi-Racial) grandchildren that they loved. But, whenever the Black (Bi-Racial) children came to visit the grandparents home, all their White cousins where allowed to play outside, but not the Black (Bi-Racial) children because the family did not want the neigbors to see the Black (Bi-Racial) children, it was okay to be there, but not seen. The mother of the Black (Bi-Racial) children allowed this behavior by continuing to visit her family with these children.

Please, help me out here, what do you title such behavior?

Look at the picture of the school children above, hey the Black and other minority children where there, just not for all to see. There but not seen. Why?

But, aren't there too many with this same behavior across both party lines?

Must admit that we live in an extremely racist society. The only solution to this problem is to truly know and believe that your identity is in Christ and not in this world controlled by Satan with his many operatives. It is impossible to oppress anyone who have that true understanding about their existence.

Hey D., if you look closely at the very last frame, you'll notice two children's heads to either side and appear in the back. So it could be worse than no African American children, instead, they're in the back of the bus.


So much for Kansas being above the petty politics the rest of the nation is enjoying.

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