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August 07, 2006


Oh, isn't Albert Weaseler ... oops! I mean "Riederer" nimble the way he dances around the semantics? And here I thought Bill ("Depends on what the meaning of 'is' is") Clinton was the master of that type of tortured, circuitous prose.

Still, it begs the question of what Queen Katheryn of the Lily Pad has on Albert. Photos of him playing "Bo Peep" with some provacatively dressed sheep? A video of him touching himself inappropriately during "The Star Spangled Banner" at the sports stadium he'd like to oversee? It boggles the mind to imagine!

Captain Obvious

I have waited until now to say this, but it must be said: DeAnn, your reporting on this blog has been dreadfully tilted to Sanders in this race.

You should be ashamed.

Harry Truman Democrat

To All Jackson County Voters:

I have lived in Jackson County for over 60 years. I've seen 'em come and I've seen 'em go. I remember when H. Roe Bartle introduced John F. Kennedy at Municipal Auditorium in his loud booming voice. I got to shake Kennedy's hand that night and I will hold that memory forever. I was on my lunch hour downtown and got to shake the hand of Harry Truman. I approached him in his seersucker suit and white straw hat and said, "Mr. President, Mr. President!" I drove McGovern voters to the polls hoping in my little 20 year old mind that he could defeat Nixon if we all tried hard enough. My point is this Wheeler/Sanders race is not the my first trip to the polls.

I remember the good Kansas City politicians that loved this county. They weren't doing it for the money or the power; they loved Jackson County. The first person that comes to mind when I mention this caliber person is Charlie Wheeler. Even when he was Mayor you had to notice him. He thought Kansas City was worthy of a World's Fair. He could have made so much more money practicing medicine or law but he wasn't into prestige or power. Dr. Charles Wheeler is in a class alone. He is not self-promoting and truly wants to work for the good of all Jackson Countians.

With the Truman Sports Complex renovations costing nearly half a billion dollars we need a person who knows how to cut expenses and not strike unquestioned deals with the unions. Wheeler has a history of being fair to the Unions. He even holds an honorary bricklayers card! That being said he wants them to submit fair bids not padded up with extra charges. His opponent Mike Sanders accepted money (nearly $50,000) and they will expect plenty of favors in return.

Maybe Charlie Wheeler doesn't talk as fast and glib as the younger, fast-talker Sanders but the years he has spent managing budgets and keeping spending under control is immeasurable. When Senator Wheeler was Western Judge of Jackson County he managed budgets not to mention his budget experience serving as two-term Mayor of Kansas City. Charlie Wheeler has always been about making Jackson County worthy of national attention. He is responsible for the construction of Bartle Hall, and Kemper Arena, Kansas City International Airport and he was soley responsible or putting the Truman Sports Complex on the ballot so the voters of Jackson County could accept it or reject it. It was Charlie Wheeler who saw to it that our great county had lakes and parks so we can thank him for Longview lake, Lake Jacomo, and Blue Springs Lake. Truman Medical Center was changed from the old General Hospital under the direction of Dr. Charles B. Wheeler. This man is a wonderful civil servant and the best part about knowing Dr. Wheeler is he really is as good and dedicated as he appears.

Mike Sanders simply hasn't paid his dues. He's like the sixteen year old kid that get's his drivers license and demands a BMW now. You know sometimes you just have to earn your way to the top. Wheeler has earned his way to the top and for that matter he has been the Mayor and now wants to the County Executive. He has served as Jackson County coroner for four years. Followed by four years as Jackson County Western Judge with his main focus on budgets. He then stepped out of civil service and formed Wheeler Medical Laboratories. Dr. Wheeler then returned to public service and was elected Mayor of Kansas City and re-elected to a second term. Kansas City grew as a city under the guidance of this great civic leader.

Charlie Wheeler ran for the 10th Senatorial District with the strong Democratic machine all endorsing Henry Rizzo. Wheeler had only the supporters in his corner that remembered all his good works and his progressive attitude. He was outspent by Rizzo 7 to 1 yet won the election to succeed his close friend, Harry Wiggins.

Now enter Mike sanders who was appointed Prosecutor and ran virtually unopposed in 04. In four years this man has tried only two cases personally. His predecessor Bob Beaird tried over a dozen high profile cases. Not even the Precious Doe case was worth the personal attention of Mike Sanders. My point being that when you want to rise to the top you earn the position you seek with accomplishments not money donated by Jim Nutter, Labor Unions and trial attorneys. I hope the Jackson County voters will give Mike Sanders a HUGE payback for the dirty smear ads he ran against this truly great friend of Jackson County.

Dr. Wheeler....I'll be at the polls early tomorrow voting for you and I'm asking that all true Jackson Countians will vote for Dr. Charles B. Wheeler.

High Roadster

I can't agree more with Capt. Obvious. DeAnn Smith's coverage on this campaign has been totally biased toward Sanders.

County employee that hates Shields

Fat Albert is exposed once again for what he is, a political opportunist. Plain and simple.

Also, on a side note, I hear that there have been questions circling surrounding Fat Al's billing and handling of an insurance trust fund wrap-up, a deal that he got from his political pal Bob Holden. I hear that an investigation is set to start soon if it hasn't already.

BTW, you can bank on my info. It is, and always has been on this BLOG, dead on.


What a steaming pile of Riederer!

You know, the Shields crowd hauls Riederer out every time they get caught with their greasy hands in the proverbial cookie jar. Remember the immortal Citizens Commission on COMBAT to be chaired by Uncle Albert? That was Shields' brain fart designed to head off the chorus of calls (from Prosecutor Sanders) for an audit of COMBAT. Most called it the "Coverup Commission." Actually, now we all know the urgent reason for that Cover-up -- since the audit actually turned up years of missing/destroyed records, and over $10 million in surplus unspent funds!

The not-so-well-kept-secret is that Riederer hasn't been a so-called "white hat" for a long time now. He's a fixer. A promoter for hire. Somebody who doesn't actually have integrity, but plays like he does on TV. (Sound like any political ads you've seen lately???)

Just look at how he answered the money question from DeAnn, about that "coincidental timing of his $1,000 contribution to Wheeler coming on the SAME DAY as his coronation as Sports Authority nominee:

"I had never even thought about it in the same breath until you asked the question," he said.

Yeah, right. And pulling out of that race against Rizzo the day after you filed, had nothing at all to do with the stadium election. (Quick. Look out the window. Are pigs flying???)

The post continues with:

...What about him raising funds for Sanders just last month? "I am not going to talk about that."

Oh. Well. That explains it all. He's not going to talk about that. Good comeback, Albert. You are so smart.

It doesn't sound like Uncle Albert is used to answering difficult, uncomfortable questions. It might be time to retire. Again.

I'm so sorry to hear about the the fire at Calvin Williford's house but glad to hear that both dogs are OK. How is Dylan doing anyway?


Wow, just when I think things couldn't get any more pathetic, they do...

This whole thing would be laughable if it weren't so sad...

county employee

Captain Obvious and Harry Truman Democrat need remedial lessons in English and History, in that order.

Captain Oblivious:
DeAnn has been tough but fair thruout this race. Quit whining. Save the last shred of dignity you have left.

Harry Truman Democrat:
When people used to tell Harry to "give'em Hell, Harry!" He "told it like it is, and people just thought it was Hell." That's Mike Sanders, not Charlie Wheeler. Your long diatribe about Wheeler is called a caricature, not a history. You have him, once again, taking credit for things he didn't do, overemphasize his importance, and conveniently ignore important facts (like the fact that he ran for mayor 4 times, not 2 -- the last 2 times he lost, by large margins, to Dick Berkely. He had worn out his welcome. Just like he has now in 1 term as State Senator.)

Your assignment: read McCullough's book on Truman before you pretend to know anything about Harry or History. I won't say you need a dose of reality on Charlie, because you're about to get that -- like it or not -- at the polls tomorrow.


Calling all Wheelies (especially Harry Truman Democrat):

Please explain why you continue to call a purely factual commercial about your candidate and his missed votes "dirty smear ads"??? You have been challenged time and time again, to dispute a single fact in the ad. You have not, because you cannot. They are facts.

Your candidate missed more votes than any other state senator in 2006. Not a smear, a FACT. Your candidate failed to do what he sent to Jeff City to do -- VOTE -- in the most important issue facing the Legislature in 2006 (Voter ID). Not a smear, a FACT. Your candidate missed more votes in one session (2006) than his predecessor Harry Wiggins did in 28 years in Jeff City. Not a smear, a FACT. Your candidate smeared himself with his own actions, and inactions. And by the way, the photo is unretouched, and I hate to break it to you -- once again, it's your candidate. In all his curmudgeonly glory.

I challenge you, yet again (is this about the 1,000th time?) to refute a single fact in the ad. Just one. We have all had enough of the Wheeler of Fortune unending list of excuses for failing to vote over 250 times. You and Charlie should either come clean and apologize, or stop talking. You're only bringing more shame on your own candidate.

"It was my belief the votes he missed were not critical votes"

Wheeler was elected Senator to be the voice for his constituency. Wheeler and Riederer and Shields and Cardarella and Glorioso and Werner and Maureen Galey et al never seem to get it. Wheeler did not do his (part time) job as a public servant. When you don't do your job, you don't deserve to win an election.

Your new strategy is to blame the media? And DeAnn?

1) Did DeAnn miss 133 votes in the Senate?
2) Did DeAnn miss every committee meeting she "served" on as Senator? And every committee vote?
(Counting missed committee votes, the total missed votes was over 260)
3) Did DeAnn give an anti-labor speech at a labor meeting in front of labor memmbers?
4) Did DeAnn use bribery to get the Freedom endorsement?
5) Did DeAnn blackmail Mayor Messerli with her job at St. Luke's to try and get an endorsement?
6) Did DeAnn have to have 3 questions repeated at the Independence formum including "Why are you running for County Executive"?
7) Did DeAnn fall asleep on the Senate floor?
8) Did DeAnn speak with Darla Jaye in a condesending manner (and who knows what else given the events at KCUR) thereby incurring her wrath?
9) Did DeAnn fight with the City Council while Mayor of Kansas City?
10) Was DeAnn Mayor of Kansas City when the firefighters went on strike?
11) Did DeAnn say in her first 100 days of office her "grand" vision for Jackson County would be to establish a weekly press conference?
12) Did DeAnn use Mr. & Mrs. Sanders' sick infant as political fodder?
13) Did DeAnn's supporters write vile blogs about Mr. Sanders' sexual orientation, Nazis, KKK, his wife and marriage, etc. in a smear campaign against Mr. Sanders?
14) Did DeAnn give long rambling, non-sensical answers to forum/debate questions seeming to have to no plan nor goals for the county's future.
15) Does DeAnn have to hire a second person for the County Executive position to oversee the day-to-day business of the county - forcing taxpayers to foot the bill for 2 salaries for 1 job?
16) Did DeAnn give conflicting reasons for missing those 133 Senate votes...

You're like every criminal that isn't the least bit sorry for what they have done, only sorry they have been caught. DeAnn caught Wheeler in a lie, so the Wheeler shills have begun a smear campaign against her. What if DeAnn had come forward with the ENTIRE Mayor Messerli story? Wheeler would be out of this race. Seleen's job at St. Luke's would be on the chopping block. What if DeAnn had told the events that happened at KCUR? DeAnn has shown great restraint under the circumstances.



"Dr. Charles Wheeler is in a class alone. He is not self-promoting..."

Who are you trying to convince? Yourself? Read his book "Doctor in Politics." Every cell in his body is about promoting himself. Always has been.

Look at his more recent actions:
- talking down to anyone who won't kiss his ring
- blowing up at reporters (especially women) who keep asking annoying questions [ala Riederer]
- deciding to skip the monumental Voter ID vote because he "had to receive an award"
- calling people "young man" or "young lady"
- demanding that Darla Jaye "pay me some respect"

Need I go on?

Real Kansas City history: Wheeler "stepped away" (as he likes to tell it) from politics in 1979 after losing to Dick Berkley. He tried to run for Mayor again in 1983 and came in 4th in the primary, losing to Bruce Watkins. At the time, Bruce Watkins had some unflattering things to say about good ole' boy Wheeler's relationship with the African American community. The Kansas City Star did a retrospective article on Wheeler's career titled "Clown Mayor". He wrestled a bear, bumped the Kansas City Philharmonic conductor off stage so that he could "conduct" the orchestra in a drunken stupor, etc. Kansas City was tired of Wheeler's antics. He had become a very unpopular politician. Twenty-three years have not erased those memories for me.


OK, back to the subject of the blog. Albert Riederer in middle of another election-eve storm... Right along with all the usual suspects, Katheryn Shields, Phil Cardarella, Steve Glorioso...

Hey, County Employee that Hates Shields, George, Countyshmounty, County Employee, et al:

You have been showing your hatred for Sen. Wheeler on these blogs for months now. So just go to bed knowing that you can drown your sorrows tomorrow night with your BOY Sanders.

But first, BYTE ME!

To Adam Stewart, aka Pat O'Neill who makes Judas look like "the good guy" and Mike Sanders "the biggest most underaccomplished candidate who has ever run for elected office in Jackson County who happens to be a crybaby....waaaaaaa" I really must bid you all the the same farewell as 10:10. Byte me as well!!!!!!! I am The Pioneer Mother and I will always protect Jackson County.

Now, Pat O'Neill, the coward and Mike Sanders the backstabber I want you both to be at the Unity Brunch so I can look you straight in the eyes and see what low life cowards you really are.

Know that the voters always see through dirty campaign tactics and tomorrow will be payback day!

JFK Democratic

To Harry Truman Democrat,

Look what I found on the Chiefs web site. I see mentions of Mayor Roe. Guess what? No mention of the "sole" guy for getting the sports complex mention.
Sorry Charlie! And shame on you for ignoring the role that Lamar Hunt and Jack Steadman played as visionaries. You know no shame.

Dear JFK Democrat,

How dare you! You Sanders folks have distorted the truth too long. You can read. Charles Wheeler was responsible for forcing the decision for whether or not the Jackson County Voters shall have a new sports complex. Wheeler put it on the ballot. Without the stadiums the Chiefs and Royals might ave left this county. Wheeler didn't lay claim to bringing the individual teams into KC but I'd have to speak with him on that. Without the Wheeler ballot referendum there would be no stadiums therefore no teams.'s like first grade again.

Please all bloggers tomorrow vote for Integrity and experience VOTE DR. WHEELER!!!

Since Deann and Darla both have names that start with D I'm starting to wonder about the DU__ factor. No these news reporters have a problem allright and it starts with the word BIASED! They are there to report and keeep their private feelings and views to themselves but they don't. Who cares. It's all over. The voters will speak and if the D broads aren't right they'll look stupid which is as it should be.

Dear County employee,

My dear son, I had the pleasure of meeting Harry Truman and know more about Harry than you can imagine. Have you toured his summer White House in Key West? There are great similarities between Truman and Wheeler. Both are straight shooters and very very tough. Wheeler also had the privledge of meeting Harry Truman.

Wheeler missed not one vote that would have passed had he stayed. That questioned is answered. Why is this relevant when Sanders won't even work? Misses works lots, can't win a case trial, calls Fred Arbanas for help constantly. This man doesn't deserve to be a candidate.

Dear 9:17, I get your point. When you don't do your job you don't get to win an election. Since Wheeler had a 100% attendance record and even stayed the night for some bills and any bills that he missed had no different outcome for the 10th Senatorial district had he stayed then where does that leave Sanders.

Sanders missed work most of the time with a twenty minute commute and when he did show up he drew names out of the hat as to who was prosecuting what case but certainly not him. He tried only two cases in four years and didn't even try Precious Doe case. Boy what a slacker.

Tomorrow will tell. I encourage all to vote Wheeler! Experience matters! Integrity matters! Not knofing your opponent in the back matters which brings me back to integrity! VOTE WHEELER

Just as hot weather causes pond scum to rise on ponds, I guess hot elections bring out a different sort of scum.

You Wheelies are too much. It's laughable how desperate you've become. Everthing is attack, attack, attack in your desperate stupor. I can almost hear the ice rattling in your glasses while you down yet another drink and your hands tremble as you try to think up something else nasty to say.

Referring to women as "broads"? Gee, you're really showing yourselves as a bunch of troglodytes.

Comparing Wheeler to Truman? Oh that's a stitch! Truman had real integrity; not the kind you seem to think you get if you go around stomping your feet and screaming about how much integrity your guy has as if claiming it makes it true. The only comparison to Truman I can see is that both Truman and Wheeler have been and are associated with corrupt political bosses. The difference is that Truman rose above the Pendergast machine to achieve greatness. Charlie just allows himself to be used by the Shields/Cardarella/Glorioso/Werner puppet masters.

I'd suggest you should be ashamed of yourselves, but to support a puppet in the hands of the aforementioned corrupt cabal pretty much lets us know you're beyond feeling shame. So instead of chastising such a pitiable group, I'll just suggest that you put down your drinks and stumble off to bed to sleep off your little collective fit of desperate pique.

Good morning everyone. It is the dawn of a new day in Jackson County. :)

Mike Sanders can win if you Lee's Summit Democrats don't cross over and vote for Bob Johnson.

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