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August 01, 2006


Will this be covered in the Star newspaper? It should.

What does it say about a candidate and his campaign staff when they continually spin and distort the facts to use little Patrick Sanders as a political tool against his own his father? Do you people know no shame?

On the Darla Jaye show, when the interviews had concluded, a Wheeler supporter identified as "Carole from Lee's Summit" brought up little Patrick Sanders. The caller tried to portray Mike as a callous, heartless, uncaring father who rode in a parade while his critically ill child was in the hospital. I will refrain from naming the REAL identity of the caller, but you know who you are...

Let me refer everyone the following blog:
"Sanders should have known the vote (Freedom) was doomed when he saw Fuzzy"
7/9/2006 12:53 By Mary Baretto

I have never posted on a BLOG before but, after reading the above on a Sunday, I feel morally obligated to respond in some way.

Now, for a second (third) time, candidate Wheeler is attempting to use the Sanders' critically sick child as a campaign issue. Wheeler, when this was done the first time in April with the CCP e-mails that I read, denied that he or his supporters would EVER use this as politicial fodder. But now, all one has to do is look at these BLOGS to see that his protestations of innocence in April now ring very very hollow. His staff is working overtime to inject this as an issue once again, only this time, he can't deny his fingerprints.

Wheeler is showing that in his quest for power, there is almost no line he and his staff are not willing to cross in their pursuit for victory in August. Whether its cutting, at a minimum, a questionable deal with Freedom, or attempting to cruelly take advantage of a sick child and his grieving parents, they are showing their true colors and complete lack of ethics and morals.

If Wheeler and his staff's actions are any indication of how he will be in office, we should all pray that he loses this election. With power must come some level of a moral compass; A line that you are not willing to cross for personal gain. I'm afraid that Wheeler has lost his compass, and saddly, his way.

BTW, I was one of nearly 200 people involved in the prayer group at St Marks praying the Rosary for the recovery of their sick child. And, not that Wheeler will care, but the Sanders baby was not diagnosed as critically ill until AFTER the parade on March 17th. I know this, as we did not start praying until the afternnon of the 19th of March, one day after he was taken to Children's Mercy. Father Taranto, our parish priest, both baptised and confrimed him on the morning of the 19th, as little Patrick was not expected to make it through that day. It was that afternoon that the Father began the Rosary for little Patrick.

Regardless of any of the above, I have deep pity and profound saddness in my soul for those that think that writing this hateful drivel is somehow fair game for "politics," and justified in their desire to win. Today, as I sit in Mass, I will be praying for all of you.

Sanders doesn't have to "touch with a 10-foot pole the $5,000 contribution from Good Government to Freedom Inc." Everyone knows that a Freedom Inc endorsement is for sale to the highest bidder. Most people, at least those in politics, knew it before Team Wheeler purchased it but now the stench has been exposed to the masses. I just hope I see it covered in depth in the newspaper before it's too late for the good voters of Jackson County to make an informed decision. How 'bout it DeAnn? You've done a great job so far - why not blow the lid off the whole ugly mess??

Charlie Wheeler

iPod? What's an iPod? You whippersnappers better show me some respect.


When asked on KMBZ's Darla Jaye show today about all the well known sleazy campaigning that has come from the Wheeler camp, Wheeler said the following:

- That sounds like a "lot of blogger stuff."
- It's totally inaccurate. "My people have done no such thing."
- Blogging in general attracts a "low form of life"

Then he said, "I posted myself in the last 24 hours."

Well. Now we not only know what Charlie really thinks about people politically interested, involved and informed enough to blog.

And we also know that Dr/Sen/Mayor/Icon -- of course -- exempts his highness from such harsh criticism, as he admitted to posting on the Buzz Blog in the last 24 hours.

The words mean and hypocritical come to mind for some reason. Not to mention his outright lie about his own people and their scummy behavior.

When asked about his age (84 by the end of the term) he also turned his highness' wrath on the show host, Darla Jaye, saying: "I continue to resent this generational dispute by young folks like you. You should pay me some respect!"

Is this he would "restore calm to Jackson County government"? By demanding respect from people who are only asking questions? Or is it just women he can't stand questions from?

Remember what happened to DeAnn Smith at KCUR? Looks like a pattern is emerging involving Wheeler and the way he treats women. Star readers deserve to know about it, not just blog about it. Let them make up their own minds. I renew my call out to the Star to cover this in the paper -- or did ignoring a problem and hoping it will go away suddenly become fashionable for newspapers?


I find it funny but also sad the way the Wheeler camp came out and was critical of a third party committee working for Sanders never denying the facts in thead. Then today we find out that they are doing the same thing with funds being raised to send out a mailing with the endorsement of Mayor Kay Barnes for Wheeler. How long did it take Mr. Gloriosso to convince the Mayor when last week she told Steve Kraske she was staying out of this race. Look for more fun mailings from this group this week. Will Wheeler and group fess up to being part of this group. I doubt it.

I have long thought that Glorioso has some SERIOUS dirt on Barnes. She's just waaayyy too compliant when it comes to his wishes. This does nothing to change my mind. Hold on to your hats folks - it's gonna be an ugly week. I think I'll have my mail held at the post office until after the primary ...

It is time for new leadership in Jackson County. Charlie Wheeler has proven he would just be more of the same.

Richard C.

I have seen you all blogging about Glorioso for some time now, and I didn't believe it at first. It all sounded too slimy to be true. I guess I'm just too naive.

With this Barnes mail piece out now, how can anyone seriously believe him he is a "volunteer"? It's obvious he is more than that. He also seems to have an amazing ability to compartmentalize. The ability to spread rumors about your opposition when you're doing the exact same thing? What is that called again...?

Hypocracy I believe is the word you're looking for, Richard C. Hypocracy. And Team Wheeler is up to their smarmy eyelids with it. No surprise, given the members of the team. Shields/Cardarella/Glorioso/Werner. Yeesh. I wouldn't turn my back on any one of 'em for a second, much less the whole pack of hyenas together. And if Glorioso is a volunteer, I'm the Queen of England.


I think I may have heard Chris Werner's mommy on Darla J today. It was a woman who called herself Carol (Carole?). She said some really stupid stuff. It was fun. I'm glad Chris Werner's mommy is back.

How do you know it was her?

Norice how huffy Carol got on Darla Jaye's show, when Darla asked her if she was working for Wheeler's campaign?
My favorite Wheeler comment on the show, was when she asked about his energy and his age, and he started his reply with"Now, listen here young lady...." I wonder if he raised his hand to her, like he did to DeAnn?


I didn't really know it was Chris Werner's mommy. But she said her name was Carole. I guess I just wanted it to be Chris Werner's mommy. I missed Chris Werner's mommy. Her posts are fun to read.

I have said this before and I'll say it again, Sanders and the sex therapist have never seen eye to eye. I don't know how much credit people should give to Glorioso for getting Kay to endorse - that guy gets too much credit as is. In fact, Mr. Wheeler's entire team gets way too much credit.

They are no more skilled at running a smart and effective campaign than Bill O'Reilly is at reporting the truth. Yes, I'm talking to you Phildo, Katheryn and the "wonder" that is Pat Gray.

The hypocrisy of the Wheeler team, when it comes to 3rd party committees, is alarming - do as I say, not as I do, or say as I do, not as I say, or say and do one thing then do something else.

What an embarassment.

As for Barnes' endorsement, Waldo is as political as they come. Also, people who write in caps are idiots.

KCHotDog, trust me. "Carole from Lee's Summit" is NOT Chris Werner's mother. The answer to your next question is "Yes".

To John Vogel:

"Anyone have info about the relationship between Wheeler's 3rd party treasurer, Alex Diane Bagby-Ayala (Avala), and Team Wheeler? Or her husband, Carlos Arambula?"

One of them, and I a fairly certain it is Alex Diane Bagby-Ayala (Avala), is an employee of H & R Block.

To Every Woman in Jackson County:

Did you catch Mr. Wheeler on the Darla Jaye show today? If so, then you heard the "tone" he used with Darla when she merely asked him a question. She was in no way rude or out-of-line, simply asking a question that had been asked by many of her listeners. His terse "respect" remark was quite shocking. He was on the radio and miked, and knew he could be heard by all potential voters listening to her popular program. This is how he conducts himself in public with an audience.

DeAnn Smith, Karen Messerli, Darla Jaye...I am really starting to get a good sense of Charles Wheeler's disdain for women in positions in power. You could hear it in his voice on the radio program loud and clear. Or, is it a superiority complex that a woman he deems to be of "inferior status" dares to question him? Either way, Wheeler seems to be too old-fashioned in his treatment of women.

What is he like when he isn't on mike? Or on camera?

DeAnn Smith should come forward and tell the story of Mr. Wheeler's behavior at KCUR radio. After the Kraske show, DeAnn asked Wheeler a few questions about Mayor Messerli (other blogs have been posted about blackmail and coercion). Wheeler became agitated (remember Darla Jaye today), began shouting at her so loudly the office staff at KCUR could hear him, and he raised a hand to her.

Remember, he knows everyone is watching his every move as he is running for office - this is Wheeler on his "best" behavior. Why isn't this being reported in the Star? The voters of Jackson County should know about Mr. Wheeler's behavior and decide whether they find it relevant in their choice for the next county executive. Mr. Wheeler has been running on a platform of being a "consensus builder" and having a "calming personality". Does anyone really see those character traits in him? This is the behavior of the candidate, not his staff or supporters. The candidate. Charles Wheeler. Own it and apologize for it.


To 7:55: I couldn't agree more. The behavior of the candidate is a relevant campaign topic for discussion/reflection.

I don't know what to say. I am speechless with shock and disgust. Look what some Wheeler supporter put on these blogs yesterday:

by Pioneer Mother, 7/31 9:14 pm "Sanders supporters finally go negative" post by DeAnn Smith

To the Nurse at Children's Mercy,

I did not question the love and dedication Mike Sander's has for his children. I'm quite aware of the very grave situation of the Sander's baby and have had a critically ill child of my own. I questioned his judgement leaving his critically ill five day old baby's side to ride in a parade with the sole intent of promoting his career. This was March 17th and the vote was the next August. Plenty of time to gather votes. What parent would have walked from the side of a child clinging to life in a touch and go life and death situation to ride in a parade? What incredible poor judgement. Is this the judgement we will see if he is elected to County Executive?

Would you if you are a Mother leave your critically ill child to return to the work place for the purpose of self promotion just five days after the birth of your gravely sick child. He was needed by his baby and wife's side and this was the year he needed to forget about parades and waving to the crowds and focus on not missing the specialists when they came in to see his baby. He even made calls to the Star reporting that Charles Wheeler had his name on the side of his boat he was riding in while at the parade. Playing politics calling the "ethics commission" on Wheeler (as if) while he should have been with his sick child. I'm sure he loves his child but this was one parade Skippy should have skipped. So are you saying you would leave a critically ill child to ride in a parade? That's a yes or no question.

Read the 6:53 post on this blog thread.

STATE SENATOR CHARLES WHEELER, this question is addressed to you, sir. How can you justify your continued silence when your campaign staff and supporters go on the radio, and the internet, and send out emails spreading this vile garbage? You clued everyone in to the fact that you read the blogs, as you knew the comments read by Darla Jaye regarding "Mike Sanders is a hate-mongering tool" etc. came from these very blogs. Twisting and distorting facts about an innocent newborn baby to try to score political points is, well, beyond words. To be candid, your grumblings about looking like Scrooge in a photograph seem very petty and small compared to this. What do you have to say about this, State Senator Charles Wheeler?

I apologize, the blog I was referencing was posted at 3:59, not 6:53.

Charles Wheeler is nothing more than a tool of the Republican party in their effort to take ove Jackson County. Greg Grounds will be the next County Exec if Wheeler is elected.

Felix the cat

Let's get back to issues folks, the candidates' job performances. Front page story today: "Verdict tossed in lawyer murder." Prosecutors hide evidence and convicted murderer might go free. I don't know if this was while Sanders was there or not, but Sanders' number two guy and heir apparent to Sanders' appointment Jim Kanatzar handled, or should I say bungled, this case. In a recent hearing, defense attorney John O'Connor made Kanatzar look like a bumbling idiot in an issue that Kanatzar easily should have won. Isn't it interesting that Sanders didn't handle the press on this one? And Jim Kanatzar thinks he can be prosecutor? Also what does that say about Sanders' management that of all the attorneys in the office to handle this serious case, he hand picked Kanatzar to do it and Kanatzar failed miserably? That’s what this election is about. Sanders' inability to manage, evaluate talent, and make good judgments. He just can't do it.

Posted by: Desperate Misdirection
August 02, 2006 at 11:34 AM

Felix the Cat (Phil Cardarella), you are despicable. Because you're having a bad day, you have to make yourself feel better by going after a real public servant? Pathetic, and Hateful. Pathetic just isn't strong enough!

By the way, Phil/Felix - the case was overtuned yesterday due to ineffective assistance of counsel. Defense counsel. In this case, that's O'Connor.

But you know that. You just choose to ignore inconvenient facts, hoping people will be stupid enough to swallow your swill. Not this time.

And as for your tired mantra...
"That’s what this election is about."

No, Phil/Felix, that's what you *wanted* this election to be about when you were scheming and plotting your little personal vendetta. Go sell your swill somewhere else. Nobody's buying here.

Carol Hoffman

I'm the Carol that called the Darla Jay show. I have been following this County Executive race quite closely and was appauled when Mike Sanders said that he quit campaigning on March 12th. I knew this to be completely false as Sanders called from the St. Patrick's Day Parade to the Kansas City Star on his cell phone wanting a reporter to do a story on the fact that Senator Wheeler had two Silhouette signs (you know the ones that Pat Gray and Sanders like to distort) taped to the side of a boat that belonged to the Missouri State Water Patrol. The sign read Charles Wheeler State Senator. It did not say vote for Charles Wheeler or mention the County Executive's race. Sanders reported this event to the Missouri Ethics Commission calling "fowl Play" on Wheelers part. The Star wrote an article on Sanders and the whole boat issue making a big hoopla out of the sign at the parade on the Sunday following St. Patrick's Day. The article was titled Sanders Cries Fowl. So knowing all these facts to be true and accurate I felt compelled to set the record straight that on March 17 Mike Sanders was campaigning or why else was he calling the Star and the Missouri Ethics commission? The record needed to be set straight. Either Sanders lied or he mispoke. His baby was born on March 12th. The baby was five days old when he rode in the parade and from what Sanders said the poor litttle baby had two cardiac arrests on St. Patrick's Day. This is a horrible experience for any family to endure and everyone is glad that the baby is doing so well, however I'm not the one that left that baby's side to wave at the crowd it was Mike Sanders himself. Everything I'm sharing with you can be substantiated with the Star and the Missouri Ethics Commission.

The fact is that Sanders also says he had no knowledge of the attack ads on Senator Wheeler. I also believe this to be a blantant lie but this is only an opinion of mine and can not be substantiated but I still believe it to be true.

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