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August 21, 2006



Now McCaskill has Steve Kraske's AND Willie Nelson's endorsement!


Claire McCaskill doing an event with Willie Nelson????? That sounds about right.

Go Willie!

John Evans

Its gotta get some of these redneck Bush bumper sticken goat ropers to think about thier reasoning. Bush needs to be stopped and Claire will put John Conniers In the Chairmans seat on the Judicial Panel. The man is spying on us. It's too Orwellian. The thought police have already started watching people. Two reporters were grabbed last week. At least one was beaten and tasered in his front yard. Then he was held for several hours and denied water. Threatened. Mike Ruppert has left the country. He knew more about the secret government than most of the investigative journalist' I have followed. They follow you on the internet. Keep data on your phone.They can go in your house now without a warrant. And not tell you. A watched society is not a free society. Remember the KGB?


John, Willie Nelson is not out to get you. I promise.


Willie for president!

It all makes sense


"Claire will put John Conniers In the Chairmans seat on the Judicial Panel." ?????

I suppose this author means John Conyers, but he is in the House not the Senate. Better get your facts straight, not to mention your spelling. It hurts your credibility badly.


Claire's first husband was caught smoking dope at the Argosy.. I find this ironic because Willie is an admitted dope smoker... I wonder if he is bringing any free samples for her ex-husband ??

Does she support legalization of marijuana ?


I wonder how many of Missouri's farmers will listen to Willie's endorsement rather than the Missouri Farm Bureau's endorsement of Jim Talent.

I'd hate to think that Nelson, who in the past, has supported extreme left wingers like Dennis Kucinich, knows more about farming then the Farm Bureau....


Claire's ex-husband is dead
Your info is way out of date



If you puffed on a doobie in the seventies you are a criminal
Thats what I got out of the above link
This dog don't hunt


As the farming business becomes less about families and more about corporate farms, I'm not sure the Farm Bureau represents farmers anymore.
I'd like to know if farmers really support the endorsements of their professional organizations. And if they do, why?


You are known by the company you keep.

Willie Nelson is a druguser and a tax evader... If Claire was a Republican then she would be crucified rather than adored by The
Kansas City Star and Steve Kraske.

My personal experience with her is that she is vindictive and power hungry. She was not qualified to be State Auditor and she is not qualified to be a US Senator !

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