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September 08, 2006


Political Moderate

I wonder if he'll open up and discuss the Senate Intelligence Committee's Report that indicates there was no connection between Saddam and the al Qaeda before the war began.
The report further clarifies that al Zarqawi gained traction in Iraq as the direct response to this invasion.
Bush and Talent have tried to paint the war in Iraq as an anti-terror action. That is just not true.
Americans are less safe from terrorists because of the policies of Bush---supported by Talent.
Bush has around 380 some days left as President. Jim Talent should be on a similar countdown.

I wonder if Bush will ask Talent why he missed all those armed service hearings. What was it, something like 70% of them?


He ended up coming right in fron of my apartment on Ward Parkway. Luckily I made it off of work in time to "let him know" how I feel about him. I didnt have enough time to make sign or anything, but I think I got my feelings across.

On a side note, they towed all of the cars on the south side of Ward Parkway...50 cars at about $150 a pop. Although they claim there was a sign up for two days, I live there and did not see that sign until I got off of work today. Looks like a big payday for someone.

Bill is coming to St. Louis. What about Monica?


That is about the most liberal post I have read from you. I will chalk it up to you not liking Bush, you are usually more Moderate, like your name.


How many times do we have to tell you Bushitas, Kraske gives money to Republicans - not Democrats.


PM--Let's see...since President Bush began the war against terror, how many more attacks have there been in the United States? Any more bombing of US ships (i.e. USS Cole) in foreign harbors?
I remember how I slept for weeks after the attacks on September about you? Are you sleeping more sound now? I'll bet you are--so aren't you glad we're winning the war on terror?

Political Moderate

First craig---Yup...I let my emotions get ahead of me on that post.
Tommy---I don't attribute my success or failure at sombalence to the President.


PM: Bush has around 380 some days left as President
-That doesn't make sense, he has 2 plus years left as president.

Everyone does know that the 'new' report that is out was seen by the members of congress back in 2002 and 2003 and members of congress (both dem and rep) came to the same conlcusion as the White House.


Maybe now that he has his Supreme Court nominees in place Bush will change the Constitution so he can run for a third term. (Sarcasm is intended)
I should get heat from both sides for that comment.


Just remember, when you diss Bush, Karl's watching you:

Political Moderate


Yup...I mis-fired on my math. It is closer to 860 days. Durned it. I liked the other number better.
Thanks for correcting me.

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