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September 20, 2006



My sympathies to the Moore family.


Sympathies to the Moore family as well. Hopefully he returns from the break ready to start talking about the issues.



JOCO GOP, way to use this thread to take a cheap shot at a defenseless man.

Donkey Lover

Wow Joco GOP what class you are showing by throwing a political jab in these circumstances. Did your parents raise you to be this way? I know DMoore would never say anything like that to somebody. Oh wait a minute maybe that is why he is so successful and keeps getting re-elected. Why don't you save your GOP perversions for another blog.


JC -

Again, my deepest sympathies are with Congressman Moore and his family. I hope he is able to recover after this much needed break, and discuss the issues at hand. Don't be so quick to judge. The previous comment had no malice intended.

And, on the topic you brought up, he is so succesful at being re-elected because of flowery rhetoric and censored speech. That must be it. It certainly can't merit based. We all know that's not possible with his lack of sponsored legislation.

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