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September 25, 2006



Says Dennis Jones:

"I just don't believe the incumbent attorney general has demonstrated that he has a grasp of what the attorney general is supposed to do."

Now go to Kline's creepy and over-the-top website: and you'll see exactly why Jones makes such a comment. Paul Morrison as pro-criminal!!! -- only a pol with Kline's "unbridled political ambition" would make that kind of pathetic argument.


Lawyer Jones has Kline pegged to be sure. It's refreshing to see a real prosecutpr recognize another and to further see him cross party lines to do what is right. Bravo Mr. Jones!


The "paulspolicy" website is a bunch of baseless tripe, and their "facts" don't hold up. A cursory reading of the minutes, to which they mistakenly refer as a "bill," shows that all KSC did was make recommendations for "postrelease [sic] supervision periods." "Post release" refers to those who have ALREADY BEEN RELEASED. And they completely left out any mention of Morrison's motion that "sentence lengths should not be adjusted." A simple oversight on their part, I'm sure.

Let's see if I've got my facts straight...

1. Kline accuses Morrison of being soft on crime; of seemingly single-handedly throwing open the gates to our state prisons, allowing violent offenders to stream out into the populace, where they were free to prey on our women and children with wanton abandon.

2. The vehicle for this miscarriage of justice, according to Kline, was the Kansas Sentencing Commission.

3. Among the members of the KSC is the Kansas Attorney General, who at the time was Carla Stovall, a Republican.

4. The KSC's mission, according to their website, includes "…to make recommendations to the legislature relating to modification and improvement of the sentencing guidelines". In other words, the KSC has no statutory authority; it is the Kansas legislature who ultimately acts on the KSC's recommendations.

5. Among the members of the Republican-controlled Kansas House in 2000 (the year Kline says Morrison was a bad boy) was... Phill Kline! Yes, the same august body who passed the recommendations of the KSC. I don't know if Phill actually voted for that or not; I recon Morrison's campaign is researching that.

KC Cicero

Just when you think Phillllll can't do anything more embarassing, he sets up a new website just to show you how much you underestimate his capacity for foolishness.

Keith Lindgren





I don't really care about the Attorney Generals race in KS. I do find it interesting though that anyone who changes parties (Republican or Democrat) automatically becomes a hero to the media.

Now, don't get me wrong, people have a right to change their minds. Ronald Reagan was once a Democrat. But don't you think its just a little odd that people who have been elected and led a party in Kansas, suddenly woke up one day and decided that everything they had worked, bled and suffered for was no longer? In this instance we are talking about being the state chair in 2005 and now they are a Democrat a year later.

This is where Demos will say, the party left them. But if you are leading the party, isn't that somewhat unbelievable? Its like your guide in the forest suddently declaring- the group left me.

I can't help but think that these Kansas Republicrats are nothing more than publicity seekers who actually have no core beliefs and just want to be on the winning team. Politics without principles doesn't sound like anything more than a game of Risk for a politically souless, power-hungry upper class. I thought they did this because they believed in the power of people and ideas...just naive I guess.

somewhere in the middle

Naive maybe, but what's wrong with that???

And also what's wrong for Morrison's switching because said incumbent has reduced the office of Attorney General to a farce and allowed it to become the puppet of idelogues. Klein's actions have made his office seem more like it is of his ideology than of the people.

John Conaghan

Let me add something to Paul's Policy. In 1998 after getting increased state funding for his Juvenile Intake and Assessment Center "JIAC" Paul put in print, as one of his objectives, to increase from 3000 juveniles to 6000 juveniles run through JIAC each year. He wanted School Resource Officers "SRO's" to run them out there for mere horseplay, such as knocking school books out of another student's hands, even though Paul knew that such police action violates K.S.A. 38-1624. This also applied to middle school students. Parents were not called. Once at JIAC the students, as young as 8th graders, were coerced into answering 139 intrusive questions that violated their 4th, 5th and 6th amendment rights such as "do you wear a condom when you have sex," "do you have sex with people high on drugs," "do you need more and more drugs in order to get high," "is there any mental illness in your family," and so on. Every question was self-incriminating and very few, if any, related to the reason the juvenile was hauled to JIAC. Then, even for knocking books out of hands he would prosecute them for misdemeanor battery. Nowhere in this three hour process was the child allowed to call a parent or an attorney. The entire juvenile system was corrupt, and corruption starts at the top. When outraged parents began raising their voices in 2001 things started to change. The 139 intrusive and offensive questions have been reduced to 69 questions. Your young sons and daughters are no longer coerced to answer even those 69, but can now call you to come and get them. Also, school SRO's now abide by K.S.A. 38-1624. In 2001 Morrison wouldn't even appear in Topeka for a hearing on the juvenile law. He fought any change and went down kicking and screaming. Back then he wanted kids because it was all about increased funding, now he turns his back on the rape and incest of little girls because, once again, it's all about funding - his campaign funding. The abortion industry will donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to PACs which will use it promoting Paul Morrison, whose blind eye will help their industry flourish.

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