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September 21, 2006



Sorry for the flub. I stand corrected (you know who you are!). Wrong fruit. Mayor Kay Barnes' jacket was apple green not apricot.

Beth Gottstein

Great wrap-up, DeAnn. I know it was a work night for you, but am glad you had fun. Torch 2006 made for terrific evening, largely due to the passion, energy and smarts of our Torch Committee. (BTW we had quite a few Republican guests, too…)

Last night, with over 900 guests, movingly emceed by Mayor Carol Marinovich, the Women’s Political Caucus honored Mayor Kay Barnes: Pillar Award; Jill Jolicoeur: Torch Award; Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II: Good Guy Award; Jan Marcason; Community Service Award; and Marilyn Shapiro: Guardian of the Flame Award.

It takes an exceptional team and many months of dedicated effort to bring off this event. Billie Allen, Rose Bell, Elizabeth Bland, Kathy Bromfield Emke, Jennifer Dameron, Fran Farah, Jacquee Gafford, Kendra Gagnon, Serena Hein, Susan Hilt, Lisa Honn, Mary Jacobi, Jill Jolicoeur, Jessica Mattingly, Anne McGregor, Marva Miller, Teresa Mills, Mary Ellen Ponder, Sandra Price, Meaghan Schaible, Susan Schmelzer, Alexis Stevens, Carrie Vanderford, Shirley Wagner, Lindsey Walker, Colleen White, and Barbara Womack comprise the outstanding 2006 Torch Committee.

These women are rockstars; jewels for the WPC and our community. A solid group of volunteers, our Torch Committee pitched in to pull off this dinner, keeping their humor and grace at all times. Each Torch Committee member brought her own unique perspective, skill and voice. I will never be able to adequately thank or recognize them; but a blog posting is a good start.

There are so many others to thank: last night’s volunteers, our silent and live auction donors, our in-kind contributors, our individual ticket holders, table hosts, our sponsors, underwriters and our benefactors. Your kindness not only makes this our most successful dinner to date, but enhances how we can prepare women to serve in office, get out the vote, advocate and make an impact in policymaking. Again, I am deeply grateful to everyone who supported and joined us to celebrate on Wednesday.

I attended the first Torch dinner. Thirty of us gathered in the All Souls Church basement for a potluck. It’s humbling to see the dinner grow in popularity and attendance, reflecting the emergence of the WPC’s voice in our community. More importantly, since that first dinner, the number of women who represent us in elected office and other decision making roles has risen sharply, advancing how we serve our community.

Remember, when women work, women win.

Just watch us in November.

Beth Gottstein, 2006 Torch Committee Chair


In reality, McInerney should never really have even been in the game. The man who deserves the job is Jim Kanatzer.

Holy cow! What happened to DeAnn? Has she been abducted by Hearne Christopher who's blogging under her name? (On second thought, it can't be. There are no fawning references to Tom Leathers or Jerry the homeless guy and at least half the facts are correct.)


No farewell dance for Kay?

What about Mark Jone?

Mark Jones was at the Republican Promiss Keepers. He doesn't believe in women's rights.


It was great to see so many elected officials and candidates at the event! Especially seeing officials like County Legislator At Large Theresa Garza, State Rep. 39th District Mike Talboy and Committeeman Chris Moreno (Candidate for the 48h in MO). These are three officials that are exciting to watch and have representing the Kansas City/Jackson County area.

As a constituent of the 48th, I found it interesting to see that Chris Moreno was at the event in support of women, but his opponent wasn't! There were in fact, quite a few republicans there; but yet his opponent was nowhere to be found. I think it really defines his opponent's stance against women!

Lady of the Lake

The Torch dinner was great. I enjoyed the food and the company. Varitable who's who of politics in KC area. Everyone was getting along post primary which was nice to see after so much mud slinging. Did Tamara have a few drinks before getting up to speak? Nice job Torch workers I know it was a ton of work to put together.

Okay (ejackson) a.k.a Chris Moreno we all support you but do you think any swing voters will really read this blog and be persuaded.


Definitely not Chris Moreno. Just a constituent that wants the Blunt, Bartle and corrupt leaders like FBC Raytown out of my area! And the 48th's current state rep is a rubber stamp for their political games.

But I definitely agree about the event; Great Job!

You mean to tell me that John Burnett isn't going to be prosecutor? Well somebody should tell him that, he told me and several other people AT the Torch dinner the other night that he was tops on the list. Saying that he will be glad to get out of the Republican run Jefferson City and back home to Kansas City where he feels he can do some good unlike being in the extreme minority in Jefferson City. Guess he didn't know about McInerney and Kanatzar.


I want some of what Burnett is smoking . He wins by seven votes and thats what he brings to the table seven votes . Any chance he had went out the window when with the last primary election . But I am sure he is not in reality look at Ingrid race.

John Boy

Maybe Bill Clinton could move here and become prosecutor. Worked for Hillary.

John Boy

That would be prosecutOR instead of prosecutED.....


John Burnett what a joke . No one wants Victor Callahans butt boy for prosecutor.

No Burnett no way. Guy gives me the heebie-jeebies.

Hey Lady of the Lake, I am worried that you thought the food was good.. worse food I have ever had at one of those dinners!!! As for Chris, he is a nice guy but he ALWAYS looks like an undertaker he needs a Makeover!!

I believe he likes to be called John "Landslide" Burnett.


John Burnett told me it was 14 votes. Why is everybody saying 7?


The Re-count was 7 votes in favor of ol' Landslide himself.

Jefferson City William

Can someone answer this question? Is Mike Sanders a Democrat or Republican?

September 19, Republican consulting strategist Jeff Roe has an open house for his new consulting firm. Roe is the go to guy for the Republicans and is effective at what he does. So who shows up to celebrate this Republican consulting firm? Governor Mat Blunt and other Blunt family members, the Graves family representatives, Jim Talent's people, all the other A-list Republicans........ and DEMOCRAT Mike Sanders? I was there. I saw him. Surely all the yellow dog democrats in Jackson County would be surprised to know that Sanders talks to Republicans let alone socializes with them.

Word is that the soon-to-be Jackson County Executive Mike Sanders has hired Jeff Roe to work on his campaign and that Mike is "rubbing elbows with Republicans to help his future because he might switch parties and run for Attorney General as a Republican." Simple question: What is Sanders' doing there and where is his loyalty to the Democratic Party?

Now, now Mikey, you can either try to be a leader in the Democratic Party or you can be a closet Republican. You can't be both. Pick a party and stay with it. We Republicans would like to have you, but don't insult either party by trying to play both sides.


I got a chance to meet Chris at the Raytown Roundupdays this weekend and I think that he is a GREAT guy! I hope he wins his race!

That would explain why the next Chief Deputy could be Mark Jones. A true republican.

A witness

Sanders will not switch parties, and he will not run for AG. If he is showing up at R events attempting to lobby for $ for Jackson County (he has several programs he is puching I hear), then he is doing his job. Whether we as D's like it or not, the R's are in charge and a pragmatic leader/politician will attempt to work with whomever is in charge (that was a big criticism of Shields, she couldn't work with anyone else). Far from being a criticism, this is what he ought to be doing until the R's are voted out. Bill Clinton was the master of reaching across the aisle when he neeeded to, and last time I looked, he did AOK.


Oh come on! You didn't just compare Mike Sanders to Bill Clinton? Unlike Clinton, I guess you did inhale because you must be high! But it is sure that Sanders' wife wouldn't have to worry about Sanders with a female intern! You notice I said "femaile" intern.

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