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September 21, 2006


Thank you, Beth, for a wonderful evening.

Ah yes, I see that the Shields/LeVota crowd still hasn't figured out that Sanders won 64-29. Get over it guys, you lost. Do yourselves a favor and move on. Everyone else has.

A witness

Yup, methinks that I detect the odor of some sour grapes.

They just can't get their minds around the fact that the election is over and the votes have been tallied and Sanders won in a landslide. I guess their repeated ad hominim attacks on Mike will have about as much impact now as they did in August.


Why on earth would Sanders need to hire Roe to work on his campaign? Isn't that race pretty much decided?

And, A witness:

"Bill Clinton was the master of reaching across the aisle when he neeeded to, and last time I looked, he did AOK."

Um... Clinton was the master of reaching across the aisle and he got impeached. He's still reaching, and his reward is being blamed for 9/11.


Why are people still trying to stir up a split between the democrats here? Do you guys not realize that half of the people commenting in here aren't even Dems; but people that are paid to actually come into blog like this and make it seem as if there were a split?

Truth is that neither party gets along 100% internally.

When is everyone going to figure out that Republicans want the fighting to happen, because regardless of their internal differences they can come together to do the one thing they are out to do..destroy our society, economy, reputation around the globe, our families and our values.

So get it together regardless of whether or not you like Sanders or like LeVota. I know them both. And they are BOTH great guys that have done GREAT things for this area.

I say we all unite and kick these pathetic Republicans out of office around the state!

Seriously room, think about this..

I know EVERY single Republican in office in this area and other than the 8th District Senator (doesn't deserve name recognition) they are ALL morons! Seriously..dumb as a box of rocks.

So how about all of you put your shoes on and walk as much as you talk because all of those morons can outspend a dem..but NOT 1 has or can out canvass a dem.

Matt Bartle, you know the one that you think "doesn't deserve name recognition" Out canvasses you silly demorats every time he runs.

Gene Miller

Deann, McInereny campaigned for Jim Rowland when he was in the race and then quitely for Wheeler, he would never have gotten the job and was never in the running.

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