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September 05, 2006



Talent - $15,000 from the Ice Cream, Mike and Cheese PAC.

Jim Talent: In the pocket of Big Dairy!


I'm left wondering how lower to middle income rural Missourians can look at the list of Talent's contributors and feel that he represents their interests. I mean, other than purely on ideological grounds, what do rural Missourians have in common with Talent's financial base?

The single largest contributor listed, Overnite Corp., is locked in a years-long battle with organized labor in an effort to drive down wages and benefits. The "Ice Cream, Milk & Cheese PAC" may sound like it represents the interests of family farmers, but it appears to be nothing more than a front for the GOP.

Pfizer? Express Scripts? They're going to send their money to the legislator who promises to keep competitively-priced drugs out of the hands of seniors. Citigroup? After years of foisting credit on those who are ill-equipped to manage it, they're now for weakening bankruptcy laws.

It seems that Talent is so far removed from caring about what REALLY matters to rural Missourians that all he has to offer is pandering to their fears and ideologies.

I'm seeing a lot of explanations from bloggers here of what they don't like about Claire, but I really haven't seen much describing how Talent has made the lives of rural Missourians better off than they were.

Is that enough to get him elected? Indeed, is that enough to get ANY politician elected?

"Jim Talent: In the pocket of Big Dairy!"

I'm udderly shocked!

Political Moderate

Nice post dennis. We'll all be curious how this is spun...


I can you tell you one good thing he did for rural Misosuri. I have already stated that my family is in the bootheel. After an F3 tornado struck in the bootheel, Jim Talent visited several times and worked quickly with Jo Ann Emerson and Kit Bond to provide trailers quicker than anyone expected. He met with citizens and is still working to fill their needs. He is currently working on several projects for the vicitms and the immediate area.

He showed genuine concern for all the vicitms in the two county area and has been back to follow through.

My daughter and herin laws were relocated because of his help.

Claire made one photo op tour immediately following the tornado.

ALso he has been a champion on energy legislation for ethanol and renewable fuels, something that makes the rural farmers happy.

While I was not present during some of his visits in southern Missouri, he commands strong turn outs and always takes time to listen to the citizens and follow up. He and his staff have met several concerns in the area.

It is not just legislation, but it is being an elected offical who goes to the people. Talent has done this for a fact and I expect that he will continue to do so.


EARLIER COMMENT: I'm left wondering how lower to middle income rural Missourians can look at the list of Talent's contributors and feel that he represents their interests. I mean, other than purely on ideological grounds, what do rural Missourians have in common with Talent's financial base?

MY ANSWER: I am orginally from rural Missouri down by Springfield. Rural people aren't that concerned about money in the big scheme of things, ideological stands are much more important. Rural people feel that the politicians are going to waste away the money anyway whether it be Democrat or Republican (and they are probably right), so they vote on who they feel to be a good person with sound beliefs with the thought that they would make better judgements in decisions.


that is probably one of the best summaries I have heard about rural voters in a while Be Proud...and while so very true. Being raised in rural America, I can tell you that you hit the nail on the head. That is why Claire is running a rural ad showing her cooking with her mother and daughter. While whether she really cooks with her mother and daughter and this will not shake legislation in Missouri, she knows it is her the family value way of voting. I mean, do we really care if she cooks meals with her mother?

Good point be proud and so true. While in another post someone told me conceal and carry, and partial birth abortion, gay marriage, etc would not be issues in this election, they are in rural Missouri. These are areas where there is still prayer in school no matter what, and the votes are cast along moral issues.

CLaire does have a problem there with fundings from pro choice organizations, which rural people are aware of. WHile in the cities and more liberal areas, this is considered ok it still will not play well in rural areas.

The question is, where will the voters turn out the most. In the grass roots area, the get out the vote will be strong in the rural areas, churches will organize and Claire can cook with her mom, but some of her issues from the last election still haunt her. While a lot of the large urban areas are looking at the stem cell research bill, a lot of rural areas are still talking about strong christian values. (I am not saying that CLaire is not christian as it is not for anyone to judge, I am just saying she does not play well on the strong family value moral issues). It hurt her in 04 and at least rurally, it will hurt her in 06. Is that fair? I am not sure much in politics is.

Political Moderate

southerngirl---occassionally, I see glimpses of you being a moderate. Albeit, a right leaning moderate, but a Moderate nevertheless.
The post above was one of your better ones. You stuck to the issues and didn't go on the attack.
The important thing, I think, for America is to send a Senator to Washington who can effectively work the issues regardless of which side of the aisle they sit on.
As Beproud says, republican or democrat, they are both going to waste money. So let's send the person who will effectively waste our money.
Candidly, my mind is not made up regarding Jim or Claire. I'm still learning.
Hopefully, other Missourians won't fall into the trap of deciding too soon. The issues are complex and the answers require us to continue to focus on the issues and the ideology of the candidates. Too much energy is going into attacking each other and the attacking the candidates and not enough discussion is occurring on the issues.

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