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September 21, 2006



Beth is so hot!!!

Victor may be right on this one!


Beth is hot. Brett is hot. Congrats to you both!


Unless Brett got fired today, he's the current ED of the ACLU, not the ex.

Beth Gottstein

Thank you for your sweet words - you all are very, very kind.

And, my heartfelt appreciation to everyone, our donors, our guests, our staff, our volunteers, the Westin, Missy K. and her staff, the WPC Boards and ESPECIALLY to the 2006 Torch Committee, all who contributed to making Torch 2006 one that we will all smile about w fond favor for some time to come.

Felix the Cat

I see that Beth has been typing on these BLOG's. Does anyone objective really think she is "hot?" Either way, if she was half as hot as she THINKS she is, she would give Angelina Jolie a run for her money. In reality, she's a slightly above-average looking gal that thinks she is what she isn't.

Felix the Cat

BTW, the Beth I am talking about is Lowe.

somewhere in the middle

Felix, you're all crass...

Felix, if you know so much about Beth you would know that her name is spelled LOW right? Unless you are talking about the ever wonderful Rep from the 44th Jenee Lowe? Or were you just trying to be a special blogger?

Reality Check

I agree. Both of them are doing a ton of good for the KC area. Felix did you ask her out and she said no at some point? You sound like the guy who has to try to ask some girl he thinks is hot "to borrow her notes" to talk to her. Come on. She is a great person who cares about the community.


Both Beth Gottstein and Beth Low are great but that Mike Talboy is hot and very charming.

Joseph Werkmeister

I'm sure Representative Beth Low would be pleased to know that all of you so called political bloggers care so much about her looks rather than her work.

I think she would be in a different profession if she wanted people paying attention to her appearance rather than the good work she does for EVEYONE in our community.

Talboy hot?


Yes, I see the Talboy, and others, self-promotion machines are at work. Next we will be reading from an anonymous poster with an IP address in western Independence that Victor Callahan turned down an offer as the lead dancer in the Chip-N-Dale's review given how "hot" he is.

Not J.D. (Really, really, it isn't me!)

I think that J.D. Williamson is just dreamy. He is sooooooo hunkilicious. I could look at his giant frame all-day long.

Not J.D. Williamson tyoing annonymously (really, it's not me!)

OK, OK, let's break this down......Who other than me has a little thing for DeAnn (Am I wrong to point this our?)? She has been looking rather good as of late, and I for one have taken some serious far-away notice.

Someone who is happily teken by another, but isn't blind to what he see's every Monday

Progressives_be.. Tiptop :)

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