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September 11, 2006


What has Gray or Glorioso ever done that would merit the praise of "glossy?" They are legends in their own minds, and have made a living from bowling over token opposition with huge budgets and massive political support.

Think of all the human improvement things that this new sales tax could have paid for -- and we are now stuck with stadium improvements for teams that don't appear to be able to improve themselves. Ouch!


I am extending an invitation to any candidates to do a Sports Q&A on Arrowhead Pride. Maybe that will make the candidates more interesting...

Maybe KC should dontate Chiefs team busses to City Union Mission, reconstruct Arrowhead stadium into a homeless shelter, move the Chiefs to JoCo, and the residents of Jackson County, Mo could be free from possibility of Chiefs ever picking the pockets of local residents, through the often controversial city coucil, ever again?

That sounds like a real human endeavor worthy of Praise. Besides, it would clear out the streets of the often forgotten "Historic Northeast Kansas City" and provide housing for them, as well.

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