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October 31, 2006


Nice Work Clinton News Network so lets sum this up.

Fox 11% undecided

Limbaugh 16% undecided


anon, "Clinton News Network" is a FReeper term, isn't it?

Rush better stay on the radio rather than seek out a TV future!


I need to find out where they are selling the GOP Word of the Day Toilet Paper.

"secular progressive/humanist"
"culture warriors unite!"
"clinton news network"
"cut and run"
"stay the course"
"wait, thats not what I meant by stay the course"
"I never said stay the course"
"the terrorists are coming"

I didn't know Fox and/or Limbaugh were running for anything.


It's about time people are seeing Limbaugh for the thug that he is. That guy isn't anything but a mouthpiece with talking points that will do anything for a buck.

It's about time people are seeing Limbaugh for the thug that he is.



13 million listen every day.

That's oh, about 4 times the number of people that watch anything on CNN.

Have fun with it but who really cares?

The good news is that Americans have figured out who the good guy is and who the bad guy is in this whole Michael J. Fox / Rush Limbaugh exchange.


Stupidity or desperation?

CNN does NOT conduct polls; no media outlet (New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CBS) conducts polls. They PAY FOR the polls and REPORT the poll results.

Independent professional polling firms do the actual polling, and if they skew the results according to their own biases, they are not providing value and thus they go out of business. (The invisible hand of the marketplace, remember?)

In this case, it was Opinion Research Corp. CNN vs. Limbaugh viewer/listener ratings are irrelevant.

So, people citing CNN bias as the "reason" for the poll result, I ask again: stupid or desperate?


Easy answer JMart -- both!!

CNN does NOT conduct polls; no media outlet

Please inform CNN to take down their current poll on their website about North Korea since they don't do their own polls.


CNN pays for polls. However, do you really think they report the poll results if it hurts their left-wing agenda?

By the way, the last I heard Limbaugh gets 20 million listeners (not 13 million.


I'm not sure where they sell the GOP version, but I bought the Democrat Word of the Day Toilet Paper at a "head shop."

I've enjoyed such phrases as:

"Culture of corruption"
"No blood for Oil"
"Bush lied"
"religous right"

And the always popular "A woman's right to choose."

somewhere in the middle

20 million stupid people is still 20 million stupid people though.....

Carole Werner

Poor old Rush! Showing himself for who he really is. For years he has duped the clones who follow his hate based drivel for lack of any thoughts of their own. He was constantly hammering Darryl Strawberry for his drug problem the whole while he was scoring drugs from his housekeeper and who knows what other sources. Then he acted like he was "dieting" and dropping those pounds.....oxycontin does have that effect. What does he weigh in at these days...about 280? The venimmous hate spewing from his mouth wasn't enough I guess, so now he's adding mimicking the handicapped to his list of credentials. Will he add that to his resume I wonder? Possibly under, other talents! I remember when Ronald Reagan cut funding for the mentally ill as an unnecessary Democratic "big government" spending ploy. We all know the end of that story. Rush just better wake up each morning that he's disease free and count his lucky stars. The real problem with this whole issue is why we the public don't rise up against the likes of these radicals that lead the weak minded to voting booths. Every person who doesn't stand up and be counted this election is responsible for the continued lack of decency in our country. The problem is "WE THE PEOPLE"!


If that's true, imagine the democratic numbers... that's A LOT of stupid people.

juuuuuuuussssssstttttttttt joking :).

Carole Werner? Nathan's mom?

No, nevermind.

Michael J. Keaton was born in Canada and remains a Canadian citizen.

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