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October 02, 2006


Ok by me. I've never been able to afford to take my family to one single game, let alone have season tickets. Those that use the facilities (Hey, JOHNSON Countians, I mean you...) should pay before I have to. And it chaps my hide to pay the sales tax.


I thought that's why my taxes went up. I'd be really angry if I had season tickets and lived in Jackson Co.

eddie pitluck

People who complain about high chiefs prices are wasting everyone's time. Of course it is high, when it costs a ton to take a family just to see a movie, why would they expect anything different out of a football game? Watch it at home or save a couple hundred bucks for a game, but stop complaining, most people can't afford chiefs tickets, get over it.

Gary S

This is total crap. I've had season tickets for 18 years and if they do this it's over. My tax dollars already go to pay for this stadium so this PSL is nothing but more $ for Lamar and family to take in and screw the fans. This shows exactly what the Chiefs think about their fans and how taken for granted we are.


Wow, Gary. You get it. Good. I gave up my tickets this year. After more crap like this I'm glad I did.


I am a 16-year season ticket holder--have 4 of them. Lower level. $79 per ticket. You know, its just pretty typical of the Chiefs and the county. So I'm not surprised. Yeah, I'll pay it--we tailgate so I don't buy any of their really expensive food and I don't buy anything from their retail stores at the stadium either. They only get the money for the game. That's it.

Someone does need to explain why the NFL has the power to stop such a surcharge. And I personally thinnk Lamar Hunt should ante up on this.

I don't expect the tickets to GO DOWN in price in three years when this thing expires either. That will not happen.

Hunt et all don't care about what kind of product they put on the field as long as they sell plenty of season/game day tickets and merchandise. Want a better team? Want change? Sick of paying to line the Hunt family's pockets? Money is the only thing that talks. Give up your tickets and stop buying Chiefs merchandise. Then, they'll listen.

Chief English

Good, I hope all of you get upset and cancel your tickets. That just means I get better seats when I renew mine next year. Chiefs tickets are reasonably priced for NFL tickets (compared to other teams). Come on folks, get mad, cancel your seats! I want to sit on the 50 yd line next year!

FYI - for those Chiefs fans mad about ticket prices, ask Giants fans about seat license charges, i.e. paying a fee for the right to buy your seats.


I have to say this is disappointing. I am a season ticket holder, and I pay the ungodly amount that they ask. We are not the most expensive ticket in the NFL, not even close. In fact the $49 for a seat at the Chiefs game is one of the cheapest tickets in the NFL. So, $44 more dollars a year is not going to get me to give up my seats. It's a sh*tty deal, but when you compare, we are on par or below the league average. We could be in New England where the average cost of a ticket is over $100 per seat.

 Jerry  Windsor

The IRS now should not allow season tickets as a tax deduction because futility is not a tax deduction. The Chief's want a roof they ought to pay for the roof. Use bonds to pay for the roof. Be a smart fan and don't renew your season tickets. Carl never promised KC a a trip to the Big Game. He just promised Lamar that he fill the seats in Arrowhead.


Seems to me that the Chiefs probably asked the NFL not to pass this so they could keep the dollar. Like the NFL would deny the Chiefs something like this if they really wanted it. It's business to them and the jackson county executive idiots just keep taking it. Yeah, that was a real winner that everyone voted for to "Save the Stadiums". Wonder if this would have come up if we had lost yesterday?


They always take advantage of the people. The Chefs have never been fair about tickets. They will not win this year and cause more pain for the entire metro area. Let them leave.

So that amount we paid up front, for the right to purchase season tickets originally, is something different from what they want now?
Can't fault the Chiefs ownership for Jackson County Executives lack of intelligence though. I thought that's why we hire lawyers to read the fine print.


I live in Johnson County and I have never been able to afford taking my family to a Chiefs game, I have lived all over the country and notice that whenever money is involved in political arena, people in the metro always refer to Johnson County as the scapegoat or the martar. Why is this? I pay my inconvienance fees along with the rest of everyone. Why refer to Johnson County as one?


it's likely that the chiefettes knew this action would be taken by the nfl far in advance of the april 3/8-cent sales tax that they threatened, bullied, and jammed down the throats of jackson county. just one more lie from the likes of albert reiderer, jack steadman, steve glorioso, kay barnes, kathryn shields, mike smith, sly james, mike white, the kansas city star, and the other PAID stepford chatty cathys yammering for the SOS crowd. now, of course, the team can keep ALL this money without sharing a dime with the county....just like they will keep ALL revenues from the corporate suites and ALL ad revenues from the new TV studio to plug into the nfl network, that the taxpayers are paying for. it is clear that lamar hunt is a greedy, selfish, pathetic, doddering old parasite who should be tarred and feathered, and ridden out of town on a rail. those that would take this latest insult and renew their tickets are the sort of bubble-headed, insecure, insipid, third-level, piss-in-the-sink, cretins whose lives are so empty and void of meaning and worth that they have to seek their miniscule self-esteem through a second-rate football team like the chiefettes. these are exactly the sort of morons who should pay for this. mindless suckers like TCofKC, jenniferm, chief english, and their brainless ilk can pony up the money because they have absolutely nothing else going on in their meaningless little trailer trash lives. Bend over TC little man, et al., and jackson ain't over yet!!

Jackson County Chiefs Fan

Because you're all stuck up snobby ass jerks.

I've heard the questions plenty of times. So where do you live at? "Blue Springs," I say. "Oh, you're from Jackson County" is their response. And if you ask where they live at, they say "Johnson County" instead of giving the city name, like we're too stupid to know where anything is over there. Bunch of no class jackasses if you ask me.

Quote: "I live in Johnson County and I have never been able to afford taking my family to a Chiefs game, I have lived all over the country and notice that whenever money is involved in political arena, people in the metro always refer to Johnson County as the scapegoat or the martar. Why is this? I pay my inconvienance fees along with the rest of everyone. Why refer to Johnson County as one?"


I don't know what the big deal is.

Original option, $1 per each ticket for 30 years (or longer), new option $4.40 a ticket for three years. I guess if you don't plan on keeping your tickets for a long time, you come out on the short end, but if you keep your tickets over 13 years, you will come out ahead.

"Chiefs tickets are reasonably priced for NFL tickets (compared to other teams)." Of course they are. They have to be. You get cheaper ticket NFL ticket prices when you have a mediocre football team. If we were better, they'd double or triple the prices in a heartbeat.

"I don't know what the big deal is."

It is insult added to injury after just passing the sales tax.


Dropping my season tickets was the smartest thing I ever did. I bought two games I really wanted to go to (Seattle and Denver) and scalp for the rest, which I haven't paid over $30 for my seat. I'm glad I don't have to worry about more money to pay to the Chiefs and the corrupt county that is Jackson county.


I believe this is BS! I too am UPSET that this is being handled this way! Ok if your first idea didnt work, why not go back to the table and try another approach, like you did for the Save the Stadiums I & II. Ok maybe the $1 per ticket was not enough so how about $2.50 per surcharge a ticket. Dont give up keep working and trying to comprise with the other side.

How can the NFL mandate what can be done to a stadium that is owned by the taxpayers?

Is there not enough money generated by the tax dollars to pay for the renovations?

Same story, different year. People will cry and moan, but 95% of the ticket holders will renew. After two more non playoff seasons, they will raise tickets $8 a game and people will moan again, but still fork over the cash. So long as society worships at the altar of sport, there is no reason for them not to fleece the parishioners.


Everyone has a choice to not get season tickets. I'll keep mine and get better seats next year.
I do call this surcharge BOHICA.
Bend Over Here I Come Again.


comment from earlier: It is insult added to injury after just passing the sales tax.

The $1 surcharge was already part of the agreement with the sales tax. This is nothing new, just getting it all in three years instead of 30 years.


This is outrageous. And if it doesn't void the leases then those attorneys the county hired didn't earn their fee! Nobody had any answers today, only questions. How is that possible?

Maybe because only the Chiefs and their lawyers know the real story behind this little "surprise."

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