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October 10, 2006




EVERYONE KNOWS that GOP candidates are running AWAY from this administration


John Evans

Hope Cheney don't bring his shotgun!!!

Better post NO HUNTING signs around the town.

Not Quail

Duck! It's Dick!

Not Dick Cheney

Everyone gets a kick out of a good Cheney joke--President Bush included.

I wonder why no one ever says "don't wear your blue dress!" when Clinton comes to town.


John Evans

Clinton has some class. These guys are dispicible and evil. Not someone you would invite in your house.


At least I could trust them with my daughters...not even Claire would trust Bill Clinton with his daughter.

MS. McCASKILL: I said at the time, “I think he’s been a great leader, but I don’t want my daughter near him.”*

*Meet the Press, Sunday, October 8

Surely Claire hasn't changed her mind since her statement on Sunday...

Ouch John!!! You left yourself wide open for that one.

Not Quail

No you can't trust these GOP guys with your sons OR daughters.

They will lie to send them off to war, with poor and inadequate equipment, then cut combat pay rates, medical services for them back home and then stop-loss their butts ad infinitum until they are dead.

The only comparison is that the soldiers are as consentual to their fates as adult Monica was for hers...


I would rather my daughter get hit on by W.J. Clinton than shot or disfigured in Iraq thank to Bush, Cheney and Co. Further, I thought that the GOP was a the party of (ahem) morals and self control? If you can't trust your daughters not to fall for the wiley charms of the Clinton than either you weren't a very good parent or she's a harlot. Your call...

"Bill Clinton": your pavlovian response to his name is amusing.

For more information on Dick Cheney, go see 'Iraq For Sale' and learn about all the money his (former?) company is making while risking the lives of our soldiers in Iraq. Disgusting. He is an evil evil man.


Cheney shoots trial lawyers...

How bad can he possibly be?

Oh yeah, the lawyer lived...

steve meszaros

The bright spot on the horizon: after Democrats regain control of the congress, investigations will no longer be tabled. Mr Dick will have to answer some hard questions. As will his boss.

Not Quail

That's the plan, steve

steve meszaros

Although Bush and company have caused the death of 3000 americans in Iraq, Clinton killed millions of potential americans with Monica's help.

steve meszaros

hah!Rush Limbaugh logic!!!hah



COnstant, loud, heavy breathing that appears to have nothing in common with his speech. Always wears a dark suit. Where he goes death follows. Works for an evil empire (not the U.S. government, but who he really works for) that cares not for who they trample in their lust for power.

Has anyone ever seen "Big Dick" and Darth Vader in the same place at the same time?

Jo Jo Whyte

This is comedy at it's best. Why would ANY political hopeful want representation from the lowest rated presidential administration in our nations' history?

This is GREAT news for Democrats. Dick Cheney is a Brown n Root moron. Al Capone could get more support for Ryun than Cheney.

Don't these GOP'rs know that their stumps will, well, get them cut off at the stump?


exiled kansan

All I ever see on these posts are hate. I'm glad I'm not a is more enjoyable when every commnent or decision doesn't boil down to hating someone that you don't agree with politically.

It is kind of funny though, liberals hate Bush so much and he isn't even conservative on most issues (like education, medicare, welfare, etc). He is actually more like JFK, you know, the former Democratic president that cut taxes for the wealthiest Americans and was strong on national defense.

JoJo Whyte

How DARE you associate any Bush that's been in administration with the late great JFK. Are you smoking crack?

I'm glad you're not liberal, but, if our ancestors were like you we'd be saluting the British everyday and paying taxation without representation. (Remember this little incident called the Boston Tea Party that basically started this little thing called the Revolutionary War....?)

You're certainly conservative, and, people like you didn't build this country.

Once again, SHAME ON YOU for even using Bush and JFK in the same sentence.

exiled kansan

Jo Jo,

Thanks for making my point. Lots of emotion but no substance.


Oh, I don't hate bush and Co, I pity them.


This is the second time today that I've seen a liberal associating drug use with conservatives ( and JoJo above at 1:41.

My skin is thick enough to put up with the name-calling and child-like behavior, but why do we have to go to this level?


The Big Dick is coming to Topeka to declare the Boyda Campaign "is in its last throes."
This being a fund-raiser for Ryun, all money will be collected under the table.

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