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October 31, 2006



Calling The Association a an immortal rock n'roll band is glaringly inaccurate, shows an appalling lack of research and investigation and is deeply offensive to the good name of rock n' roll. I am shocked and outraged (oh! and awed) at this comment and insist upon a retraction and a sincere apology from Mr. Helling.

I guess 'cherish' is the word I'd use to describe the way I feel about this blog. Sadly I will no longer be able to continue to support it when it is infected by Mr. Helling's uane, suspect, blaphemous and shocking assertions.

Thank you.


Glover? Finally. Somebody who might just bore your socks off, but is at least qualified (and trustworthy). You're able to pass Jim on the street without charting a course around his ego. Shields' ego has its own weather system, and may well be a plantetoid now that Pluto's been demoted.

Let's go for a dozen candidates, shall we?


Joke of the day: Shield as mayor of KC.


Again, Fairfield? Don't mind cause he doesn't matter. Looks like Gomez on The Addams Family.


Just heard Kevin Kietzman is running Bob Fescoe for Mayor as a foil to Shields. I would LOVE to see that debate!

"Looks like Gomez on The Addams Family."

How does this matter? Sam Brownback looks like Harry Solomon (played by French Stewart)from "Third Rock from the Sun" and he now represents Kansas in the U.S. Senate.


To the same Anonymous poster from 4:00 PM to 4:10 PM:

"'Looks like Gomez on The Addams Family.'
How does this matter?"

It matters more than John Fairfield does. That's the point. Besides, it's Halloween! That's why it seems so deliciously appropriate that Katheryn Shields is running for Mayor.


Eric Rogers

You're guessing that Becky Nace is running? What's to guess about it when she has had a mayoral campaign web site up and running for months? See

Why don't we draft George Blackwood? Too bad he didn't win in 1999. He is a smart guy with a positive view of the urban area.


kathryn shields reminds me of the quintessential greedy, profligate spending, self-absorbed, ineffective, public trough feeding PIG!! just let her run for mayor of kansas city; she'll be shredded to ribbons by those that have values, maturity, knowledge, and something to offer. she is in the same camp as the mindless cheerleader we have for a mayor now. kay barnes, and her gang of monkey-faced advisors, is a weak-spined, insipid, rah-rah buffoon who has left us with a mountain of debt and a list of "legacy-building" projects whose merits and value are, at best, questionable. in both cases, barnes and shields, good riddance to bad rubbish.

CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN may end up as the title of the 2007 mayoralty race in KCMO.


with cheap being the operative word.


with cheap being the operative word.


with cheap being the operative word.

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