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October 12, 2006


Just keep eating that bacon Dick.

Ed Friedemann

Sounds like Cheney is starting to sweat.

Ed Friedemann

But wasn't Joe Lieberman supposed to be a Democrat who believed that America should be a Constitutional Government and not a Dictatorship.

Yes, you're right about Joe Lieberman, Dick Cheney: "The case of Joe Lieberman is a perfect illustration of the basic philosophical difference between the two parties in the year 2006."

Thanks Dick, no better way to put it,... you made my case.


Yep, the Lieberman case perfectly illustrates that the voters are fed up with the rubber stamp congress.

The Real Jimbo

Does anyone believe a word that this liar says?
We're talking about an administration that has enacted tax cuts that are negligible for most people at a time when spending is on the rise. As Ronald Reagen's economic advisor Pete Peterson said, "a tax cut without a corresponding cut in spending is no tax cut at all."
Cheney lied and continues to lie about the reasons for the war. He has lost credibility on that and every other issue, so he tries to convince Kansans that he has helped them with their tax bill.
First of all, any tax cut that the average Kansan has received is nothing compared to increases in cost of living and inflation. It is amazing how far the blind loyalty of the Christian Right has carried this parasite. A rich guy using religion to control the masses - that is all Dick Cheney is.


On another note, did anyone see the recent poll that had Ryun at 42% and Nancy Boyda at 40%? It was commissioned by the KSDP so it may be a bit biased, but I didn't expect that race to be at all close. Has anyone done a more independent poll on that race? Does this spell doom for Ryun and Kansas Republicans?

unnamed assailant

I say we need to reject Dick (head) Cheney.


Concentrated private control of wealth; control of information; massive investment and manufacture of arms and military equipment, suppression of rights, suppression of labor memvements....sound familiar? Its a description of fascism. As proven in 2000 and 2004 presidential elections, it doesn't matter who you vote for because the winners are pre-selected and the outcome is determined by rich, white guys. I weep for this country.

No hunting while in Kansas, huh?


Nancy Boyda's internal polling might be skewed; one never knows. But skewed polling really does no one any good. If there's a flaw, it's in how questions are posed.

What's significant is that Ryun's campaign is not releasing any of its internal polls to the public. If the 2nd District were as secure for Ryun as they would have you believe, they'd release their numbers to discredit Boyda's claims. They've chosen not to and, while the RNC is pulling out of congressional lost causes all across the country, they send The Big Dick to Topeka for a quick $300,000 fleecing.

It's also significant that Ryun's campaign commercials don't include a whit of a positive message; it's all negative, name-calling, fear-mongering and hate.

Ryun is running scared.

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