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October 31, 2006


Jim Satterfield

If you believe that we'd be better off with divided government in Washington D.C. do you think the same should apply to Jefferson City? I do which is why I'll ignore the Star's recommendations for Will Kraus.

After Paul Morrison takes office as KS Attorney General, who will replace him as Johnson County District Attorney?

1. Phill Kline
2. Kris Kobach
3. Annabeth Surbaugh
4. The Guys from Cerner


I posted this on another thread, but it is more appropriate here

Are you tired of reading about polls?
1. Yes
2. No


How about this for a poll:
Who would make a great KC Mayor?
1. Stan Glazer
2. Katheryn Shields
3. John Fairfield
4. Shoot me now


'Only' 50% of the people who post here think the Democrts are going to win?


I'd have thought it would be closer to 75%

Some of you Democrats must be hedging...

Keep trying to convince yourself tsquare. See you here next Wednesday when the Dems control the house. That much is a lock. The Senate is up for grabs, however.

The answer to George's poll question is easy: John Fairfield would (and will) make a great KC mayor!


In the next legislative session, will the Kansas Legislature pass a new campaign finance law that limits the ammount one organization can give to support or oppose a ballot amendment such as the soccer complex in Johnson County?

a. yes
b. no

In reference to a company called "Price" basically trying to buy that election amendment because they apparently own the land involved. If not, how much more of Kansas is for sale to the highest bidder?


Addendum: Will that new law alsoi move up the reporting date for contributions to before the election instead of December 31st?

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