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October 30, 2006


It was okay. He may have been over-stressing his illness before the TV camera. I wish he would have stayed away from US Senate candidates. It made his appeal sound very partisan.

I doubt that 62 percent seen that he hasn't even read the admendment yet he supports it. As seen on ABC yesterday.


I bet more than 62 percent of Missouri voters haven't read or will not read the amendment before they ACTUALLY vote yes or no.

I saw the ad on youtube as I did the Fox interviews with Couric on CBS and George S on ABC. I give him more credibility on this topic than some anon posts on a blog.

Now thats funny. Creditibility is given to someone who speaks on something they don't even know what it is about. Nice.

Yea, I noticed that Limbaugh doesn't have a clue what he's talking about either 2:41.


Yeah, your posting anon on a blog--what credibility do you have, dude?

Sure is a lot of trolling going on today.

obviously if you would have seen George S on ABC like you claim you would have the facts that he did say that and what i'm stating is true, sorry if the facts aren't credible in your eyes.


I never said he knew the amendment word for word and I didn't dispute that fact. I haven't read it either. Like I said more than 62 percent of people who will vote on this amendment haven't read it either and they will be voting on it.

I'm thinking you voted the ad was "too extreme". Sorry to disappoint, pal, but right now I would say Fox has more credibility than you right now.

But no one has more credibility than John Fairfield, your best choice for Kansas City mayor!

Who the hell is John Fairfull?

John Fairfield is currently the best city councilman in this city and will be the best mayor in recent Kansas City history once he is elected in March.

The man has Parkinson's Disease. Who can blame him for fighting with anything and everything he has at his disposal to fight for a cure? He made a similar commercial for Arlen Spector in PA during the last election cycle. He is about the cure, not the politics. Have a heart, people.

I would say Fox has more credibility than you right now.

If thats true why is support for this dropping compared to September?


Well, you certainly have a keen interest in this topic. Why don't you enlighten me and provide the "anon notes" version of this amendment. Please provide links to your sources too, I would find that helpful. As would all our readers.


Go Micheal J. Fox !! It's funny how people can actually still follow Limbaugh after his pathetic attacks and egotistical refusal to apologize.

Republicans must have already forgotten that even Nancy Reagan supports Embryonic Stem Cell Research. Oh, and So does Matt Blunt!




The reason the polls are dropping is that the churches are out full-swing with full-on distortion.

As a practicing Christian (former Catholic and current Lutheran), I am disgusted by involvement by churches. Absolutely disgusted. My church has put a full-court press on this issue. It is not that they are guiding their parishoners, they are pushing hard. I haven't been able to go to church the last couple of Sundays because it is so difficult to take.

The problem is they aren't trying to convince folks by theological arguments. I went to several trying very hard to see their points. I simply can't. I read the Amendment, I researched the processes on-line, I visited both the pro-and anti- websites. They know that people like me can't go along with them, so they are resorting to distortions and lies.

Like I told my mother (still practicing Catholic), the Church doesn't have a real good record on scientific issues. What, 5 or 600 years ago, people were put to death as heretics for believing the Earth was round and that the Earth revolved around the Sun (the Theology was that the Sun revolved around the Earth). This is also the same Church that tells me I'm having an abortion each month just because I took the birth control pill. Sorry, I'm not going to just follow what they tell me on faith.

I just hope (and pray) that more folks will do as I did - read, research, become informed. Then, pray and reflect. I think if they do this, they will come to the same decision that I have made. I am voting to support Amendment 2.


If 62 percent of the people saw the Michael J. Fox ad, I wonder what percentage saw the clip of celebrity drug addict Rush Limpbaugh flopping and jerking around like he's going through Oxycontin withdrawl?


I like how the same anonymous poster decided to post over and over again at the beginning of this thread.

Anyhow, here's the ABC interview that Michael J. Fox did last week, where he discusses his support for McCaskill. This is worth reposting:

the Fox interview, in part:

Stephanopoulos: In the ad now running in Missouri, Jim Caviezel speaks in Aramaic. It means, "You betray me with a kiss." And his position, his point, is that actually even though down in Missouri they say the initiative is against cloning, it's actually going to allow human cloning.

Fox: Well, I don't think that's true. You know, I campaigned for Claire McCaskill. And so I have to qualify it by saying I'm not qualified to speak on the page-to-page content of the initiative. Although, I am quite sure that I'll agree with it in spirit, I don't know, I— On full disclosure, I haven't read it, and that's why I didn't put myself up for it distinctly.

But I've made this point before, and I really am sincere in it, that anybody who's prayed on this, and thought about it, and really considered it and can't get their mind around or their heart around the idea of embryonic stem cell research, I'd go to war for your right to believe that. And you're right to feel that. I respect it. I truly do.

My point is, and our point as a community, is we have a very good and supportable conclusion that a vast majority of people in this country are in favor of science playing a leading role in making changes in the future and believe in embryonic stem cell research.

So we're just saying, know that we have prayed on it, too, and we have thought about it, and we are good people, and we are family people, and we are people that take this very seriously, and we're as concerned as you are.

And we've decided that we would like to take this step and to do it with caution and to do it with oversight and to do it with the strictest adherence to ethics and all of the principles this country stands for.

But, allow us to do that without infusing the conversation with inflammatory rhetoric and name-calling and fear-mongering. It doesn't help.

Stephanopoulos: Do you think there's any way to finally find common ground with people who do believe in the end that this is tampering with tiny lives?

Fox: Well, again, the point has been made that these lives are going to be thrown away, anyway. They are marked for destruction — thousands of frozen embryos that are a byproduct of in vitro fertilization. We have routinely, before this conversation started on stem-cell research, we have for years thrown them away.

And that's the other thing, you know, this idea of snowflake babies: We're in favor of that. The truth of the matter is that it is only going to account for a tiny fraction—

Stephanopoulos: Those are the embryos that are adopted and then brought—

Fox: Absolutely. Who would have a problem with that? That's fantastic.

But it will, in the end, account for only a tiny fraction of those eggs. And so our point is that the pro-life position is to use that — what up to this point is waste, of literal waste that is going to be thrown away — use it to save lives and to ensure lives for the future. I mean, they talk about unborn. Unborn kids are going to be born with diabetes. People are going to be dealing with a genetic predisposition to Alzheimer's or to Parkinson's or kids that are going to be injured, have spinal cord injury.

That those kids may be born into a world that has the answers for that. That's our position.



Stephanopoulos: You were just saying you're about to hit a pocket.

Fox: Yeah, I just hit a nice pocket. I should be calm for a sec.

Stephanopoulos: Good.

Fox: It's kind of like surfing, you know. You wait for the wave. And I just hit a nice wave I think.

Stephanopoulos: Well, I don't want to rile you up, but I am going to bring up Rush Limbaugh one more time.


Fox: There it goes!

Stephanopoulos: One of the things he says is that when you're talking about all these cures, you're giving people false hope and that it's cruel.

Fox: It's so funny. What is crueler, to not have hope or to have hope? And it's not false hope. It's a very informed hope. I mean, it's hope that's informed by the opinion of our leading scientists, almost to the point of unanimity that embryonic stem cells, because they're pluripotent, because they have the capacity to be anything, and, are truly— Will [it] be a straight path to victory? Probably not. Probably you'll have stutter steps along the way.

In fact, they just did some work where they found that it actually relieved the symptoms of Parkinson's in one test, but there some residue, some tissue residue that built up, which is not ideal. But two steps forward, one step forward, one step back, you know, it's a process, it's how this country was built. It's what we do, you know. It seems to me that in the last few years, eight, 10 years, we've just stopped, we've become incurious and un-ambitious. And hope, I mean, hope is— I don't want to get too corny about it, but isn't that what the person in the harbor with the thing—? (Gestures)

It's about hope. And so to characterize hope as some sort of malady or some kind of flaw of character or national weakness is, to me, really counter to what this country is about.

No smoke and mirrors there. He was supporting McCaskill, who is in support of scientific research for cures for Parkinson's, among other disesaes.


Check this out:

but, the stowers stand to gain billions and we do not need the amendment in mo for research to go on. This gives carte blanche to the researchers and facilities. And I would think that MJF should have at least been totally briefed on an amendment he says he supports but now admits he has not read. the amendment is falling quicker in the polls because it has done something in mo that may backfire on the dems, it is mobilizing the churdch vote again as with the gay marriage amendment.

Can you fault pastors for pushing it to church members who have not read it or understand it any more than celebrities like mjf speaking for it adn not reading it?

the key differences in the vote will be if you support embryonic stem cell research or not, but if it mobilizes the conservative voters to get to the polls it could very well hurt the dems.

The choice on research on embryonic stem cells will remain a personal one. No one is saying don't do any research.

John Evans

Rush got caught looking like the total moron he really is. The guy is a jerk. It's all funny to him. Except when his ass is in a bind. He has no compassion for his fellow man. None of these creeps do. Micheal Fox is passionate about this and deserves respect. I am not that understanding of the science to have any good arguments but I do think there are possible cures and it would be a shame not to try. I do not believe that we should clone people but if they are going to any way a few Million Heidi Klume Clones would'nt be so bad!


I don't Michael J. Fox beats his wife like John Fairfield

understand that the ad ran during the world series and on every network news, the athletes anti stem ad ran too, would like to see the numbers on that, then you would know what network news did for the ad



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