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October 10, 2006



I wondering about something Settles said about Graves:
~Shettles, who was chairwoman of the Clay County Democratic Central Committee from 1998 to 2004, contends that Graves is a career politician who has voted in lockstep with the Bush administration.

Career politician? Hardly. Let's not forget about the Graves Family Farm. I've seen Sam in his farm clothes...that's not a career politician.

But if a Settles spent 30 years in Washington, DC...What does that make her?

On McCaskill - Talent -- I just watched this--you should too..

KC Cicero

Iraq, Katrina, a bankrupting deficit, torture & coddling a would-be predator!

In a sane world, every Repub would not only be running behind a Democrat, but behind the Libertarian and Prohibitionist candidates. They would be lucky to get their immediate family's votes.

Where is their sense of shame?

Where is our sense of outrage?


Yes the Republicans should be running behind a democrat. So the terrorist can shoot them first!

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