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October 30, 2006


Hmmm... I don't see anything about John Fairfield yet but it's coming. I can't wait. John Fairfield for Mayor!!!


Check this out:

Fairfield cheats on his wives and beats his mistresses. Please get it right.


Dear Community,
FYI. The legal definition for "child rape" is children under 14. Eighty per cent of these children, George Tillers customers (Dr George Tiller in Wichita, the biggest late term abortionist in America) have been inpregnated by an older man, not by a young boyfriend. The privacy this man wants is for these pedifiles.
If you are a pedifile or know a pedifile and want privacy for yourself or friend, vote for Morrison. Otherwise, vote for Kline.
Phill Kline, along with John Walsh(Americas Most
Wanted nationally known tv host,crime fighter), have started a cyberspace task force for the purpose of catching pedifiles. John Walsh was used to promote Paul Morrison and when he found out, he made them pull the ads. People who are serious about good law enforcement like John Walsh, the Kansas Sheriffs Association, the Faternal Order of Police and the State Troopers Association are supporting Phill Kline.

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