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October 03, 2006



Talent & the rest of the Grand Old Party of Pedophiles must be crapping their pants right now. Claire is tied with an incumbent four weeks out.

Now we get to watch the parade of negative commercials by the National Republican Party. Claire is this & that & you can't trust her.. . . .

Ha Ha on them. The party of moral values is really the party that protects pedophiles.

I wasn't sure about this election but a tie four weeks out gives me hope that Missouri is going to give Jim Talent an opportunity for a new career.

We asked him to represent the "Show Me" state and all he did was "Show ME the money."

Go Claire!


I would seriously doubt that Claire campaign is elated with joy to be tied right now either.

Remember these are, most likely, all phone polls. People just have to answer their phone to vote. Actually getting them out to the polls come November is a different matter. That will decide the winner. Who actually shows up to vote.


And how!! We are so undoubtedly exhausted of being subjected to hearing the immature statements by commercial of the Jim Talent election tribe on McCaskill.
Those commercials remind me of elementary bickering..the na-na-boo-boo pysch. Why can't Talent's crew stick to the issues and be honest with their constituates about his viewpoints instead of slinging negative fopahs towards his opponent? I haven't seen much negativity on the TV commercials from McCaskill's side. While there are hundreds of more important issues, this is where it starts and where it ends for me and for many voters. I can't seem to click the remote fast enough to shut-off the poo-tossing being done by Talent's tribe. My roots have always been strictly Republican, but I usually always sit on the fence and watch both sides..and dag-gone it, McCaskill's team is being led by a sensible and fair, nonslinging crew.. and I suppose that is where my vote will go,.. this time. Too bad for you Talent, I think you will be going back to lobby duty this fall.


Polls worry me. The inaccuracies with today's lifestyles and technologies make them questionable. It has been my experience that people willing to answer a phone poll are 40 to 50 year old Caucasian males with an axe to grind. Clearly not a cross section of America and even less so of registered voters. Let's not go into "frequent voter" status! The least expensive polls, thus the ones that candidates use most often, contact less than 400 voters. The premier pollsters contact only 1000, more or less.
My bell weather is the hysteria level of the candidates. Talent is getting out of hand. He must have a visceral feeling that his days in the club of 100 are limited. As they should be. He has steadfastly been in lock step with the bumbling Bush administration. He will answer to Missourians. We are not happy.

stevethe humble

In my 25 years in Wash DC I have never seen the level of gross, criminal incompetence and greed that I've seen with this Bush administration. To be blunt, they are one scummy crew.
It's time to take away the car keys from them, and away from those, like Jim Talent, who have unthinkingly supported their disastrous policies.
Please support Claire McCaskill and all Democrats Nov 7.

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