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October 30, 2006



"She's the only one who can actually say, "Here's what I've done for the county"."

Which should only take her about 20 seconds....


"Yes, Shields has done SO MUCH for the county."

Well, she did leave us with a *cough*lovely mural*cough*....

County employee that hates Shields

No Ward, a description of how she has lowered the county's bond rating, spent it into massive debt, and brought on two federal investigations, etc.,should take a good 10-15 minutes easy. Yes, Shields has done SO MUCH for the county.

anon@8:04 - Gloria Fisher, Official Shields sycophant, is that you again?

You pulled away from the pig trough long enough to post this garbage?

Where is the public record that shows Fairfield beat his wife? My understand is he beats his mistresses and divorces his wives.


"Here's what I've done for the county"
- poster at 8:04

Don't you mean done "to" the county? Yeah I would agree that Katheryn Shields has a very long and storied list of accomplishments in that area.

And you are right, when she took office our property taxes were written on index cards by hand -- but they were correct! Her administration has been one screw up, theft, vacation, and secret backroom deal after another. (You know she has a landmark Sunshine law case named after her, don't you?)

Accomplishments "too numerous to mention?" But you just held a $5,000 birthday party for her (at our expense) just so you could "mention" them all! Shields deserves serious consideration? Yeah. For an indictment. She's "tough as nails" and a "fierce contender" when anybody dares to hold her accountable. That's when she goes into "victim mode" and points fingers at everybody else around her. She's the Anti-Truman. The Buck NEVER stops with her.

John Fairfield a woman beater! That is who he is

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