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October 30, 2006


Greg Logan

Craig has hit the nail on the head. Shields doesn't have a clue about the level of dislike voters have for her. I know this isn't very scientific, but I haven't met anyone who would vote for her. Katheryn said on the Jerry Agar Show tonight (with Shields' good friend Mike Shanin filling in) that she is a "known quantity for twenty years". She's got that part right. We know that we don't like her. Shanin sounded very much the Shields supporter, and made a few comments that indicated he thinks she would be a strong candidate for mayor. This is the same Mike Shanin who predicted Wheeler would beat Sanders. So much for his "expert" opinion.


I thought Stan Glazer was going to be the only comedy relief in the mayor's race this year, but it looks like he'll be out-buffooned by Shields.

That Shields not only has the cajones to announce her plans to run for mayor the day after she gets slammed on the front page of the Star for spending county funds like a drunken sailor on shore leave, but actually believes she has a snowball's chance in hell of actually winning, is in-freakin'-credible.

Doug Coleman

Shields was "interviewed" by Mike Shanin tonight on KMBZ 980 radio just after 5:00 PM. She defended her spending practices by saying that DeAnn Smith got her facts wrong, and that the County Legislature was fully informed of all her spending, they just weren't paying attention. During the interview, Shields used that same method of explaining she always does. Namely, while she is talking she sprinkles in a little forced laughter throughout, as if to say, "these idiots just don't know what they're talking about." Memo to Katheryn. It's very annoying when you speak this way. But then, Shields is a very annoying person.

Katheryn and company may be counting on a large field of candidates in the primary. She may have enough core support to end up as one of the two finalists.

Mike Shanin is a joke. He peaked out about 30 years ago. He is just a voice. He is not an intellect.


Now that Shields has officially said she's running for mayor, it will be telling to see who lines up to support her. If many of her usual supporters stay away, she will be in for a difficult time. She said she will save money on consulting fees because her husband and some friends will be involved in her campaign. Isn't this the same bunch that mishandled the Wheeler campaign? Good news for the other candidates.

5:48 p.m. I don't know anything about the ex-police judge at Platt Woods. But he would have to be pretty good to be better than Cleaver, Berkley and Davis!

Dont underestimate Kate its a mistake.


Unfortunatley anon @636 is right. There is a lot of old money and underhanded support for her out there. Her husband and some friends? Are they calling Tony Soprano to come out and help?

Platte Woods has a popultion of 474. I wouldn't boast about being police judge there if I wanted to be mayor of KCMO.

Those old guys at the Citizens' Association are always good for a laugh.


Check this out:


John Fairfield. We in the north know about him. All talk. Downtown ballpark. Hope he runs on that platform. He is going to have to answer all the talk about scandals in his past also. He has been nothing but a yes man for Kay Barnes. Ignores neighborhoods and talks down to people in his own area. Take it from those who he represents. He would have a hard time getting elected to his seat again.

Obviously Fairfield is not going to run on a downtown ballpark platform. The voters indirectly voted on that issue when they voted for renovating the existing stadiums.

He wasn't just a Platte Woods judge for 8 years. He was also a prosecuting attorney for Platte Woods AND Northmoor for 10 years prior to that.

He was the savior of Barry Road -- getting it widened and making it safer -- and helped land one of the city's finest shopping centers in Zona Rosa.


Somebody with a spine needs to run for County Legislature. They let Shields obfuscate, and spin, and mislead today, until they finally got tired and were ready to let her off the hook. If it hadn't been for Rhonda Shoemaker (who unfortunately now has nothing to lose) that would have been the end of it. Fortunately, she gets it. She knows taxpayers deserve a full accounting for all of their 97 bond funds, and how it all got *secretly* spent by Shields alone. They also deserve a full accounting for all 2006 professional service (sweetheart) contracts let by Shields as she prepared a run for KC Mayor. The others need to make sure that happens: a real audit, not a "list" provided by Shields and her "advisors".


What fooled legislators today? Tactics that wouldn't work in junior high debate.

1. Don't like the message? Blame the messenger (she started by blaming the reporter.)
2. If you can't refute the facts, change them (she blurred the facts by launching into a misleading and meandering walk down memory lane, which was of course filled with new inaccuracies of her own. These of course went by unquestioned.)
3. When you have a lot to apologize for, you only have to apologize for one thing -- and make it seem like nothing (she apologized IF she neglected to tell them what she was spending millions of bond dollars on, AND that there was lots of money left over. For years. Yeah, it was nothing.)
4. Whatever you do, at all costs, AVOID AN AUDIT. You can't survive that... unless you fix the audit itself by getting them to use your paid cronies as "experts" (she did exactly that by imploring that they needed to "at least include bond counsel and the county's financial advisor along with the legislative auditor.")
5. After all is said and done, use the media to change the subject. They are sheep. Declare your candidacy for mayor. They will happily change the subject with you, no matter how scary you are. (and hey, it's almost Halloween anyway.)



I don't know what everybody's problem is with Katheryn. She just got up and told the truth today. Of course, I have been feeling a bit woozy ever since she talked. I'm pretty sure up is down, left is right, and for some reason I have the munchies.


Worst of all I can't shake the feeling that Shields is running for Mayor. Yeah, I know it's ridiculous. It can't be true. And there goes a flying pig... What kind of weird voodoo trance did she put us in? Look at the pretty colors.

"She's good enough. She's smart enough. And doggone it, people like her!"


Was that enough posts in a row to cancel out the one person who believes Fairfield matters?


Let's be thankful that Pat Gray won't be involved in Shields campaign since he is representing Al Brooks.

Common sense tells me that there is no way that Shields will have a chance. But there is that little 'what if' voice in my head that says anything could happen (and scares the crap out of me). For the mayor race you don't declare a party affiliaton but she does have the Democratic party ties and there is the large urban voting group.

Kathryn Shields has helped Jackson County tremendously in the last twelve years. Her accomplishments are huge. If you underestimate her you're a fool. She's the only one who can actually say, "Here's what I've done for the county". When she took office your property taxes were written on index cards by hand. Her accomplishments are too numerous to mention and she deserves serious consideration. She's also tough as nails and will be a fierce contender.


To anan @8:04
Please, get back on your meds. Don't leave the house until the voices go away. I know that Research has a good psych unit. Call a taxi and go there.

Hey 8:04 aka Katheryn, you continue to dance to the beat of your own drum. Time to hang up those dancing shoes, Toady. NO CHANCE you'll win. You won't even come in second place. You have NEVER seen a base so mobilized AGAINST YOU as you will in this race.


I would love to see a list of these "accomplishments". All I have seen her do is drag the county's name through the mud, drop the ball on a stadium lease, and raise taxes. Tough as nails? Just not when it comes to negotiating with the NFL I guess.

Fairfudge -- Judge and prosecutor for a town of 474 people. You have got to be kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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