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October 31, 2006


KMBZ was the local radio station noted in the article, of course mike shanin was peeved on the radio this morning because the star didn't name the station. But when he starts doing his "analysis" on politics he visits "different" or "various" web site to get his news. The audience doesn't hear what right leaning web sites he visits to get his opinions. Rather a hypocrite I would say.

If you would listen to that station more then you would know the history of this. Frequently on stories KMBZ reports they quote "according to the Kansas City Star" yet when the Star reports from KMBZ the rarely state that the story came from them. The Star's fear of losing circulation has resulted them to not show the same respect that is shown to them.

John Fairfield is your BEST choice for Mayor!

She puts her left foot in, she puts her right foot in and does the maoyral hokey- pokey

Should be called the Piggly Wiggly.

@9:59 "The Star's fear of losing circulation has resulted them to not show the same respect that is shown to them."

Do you know for a fact the star's motiviation or are you just making this up becuase it sounds soooooooo real to you..

What do you think the FBI is thinking today?

Greg Logan

Voters in Kansas City can be thankful they have a reporter such as DeAnn Smith with the brains and guts to do solid investigative work relative to Katheryn Shields and the bond spending. Shields' history of trying to intimidate and bully is well known in this city. Most reporters in DeAnn's shoes would have taken the safe road and opted to take statements from each side without drawing conclusions. I just hope management at the Star recognizes what a gem they have in Ms. Smith. And what's up with Mike Shanin? During his interview with Ms. Shields yesterday on KMBZ radio, Shanin avoided the tough questions and sounded like a Shields caampaign staffer.


Just when we think Katheryn is gone, she turns up again. Will we ever get to the point where we don't have to listen to this arrogant, less-than-honest excuse for a politician? Don't toads hibernate during the winter?


"KMBZ ...of course mike shanin was peeved on the radio this morning because the star didn't name the station."

Oh really? Well perhaps KMBZ, Mike Shanin, and Scott Parks didn't deserve any mention because their entire interview with Shields sounded like an extension of her birthday party! Peace, love and harmony were certainly in the air. I thought it was bad enough when 9 elected county officials yesterday winked at Shields' millions of secret spending. They listened to her meandering excuses, and then said "that's ok". But both Shanin and Parks were out-and-out cheerleaders, not interviewers.

Sure, it wasn't their story. It was the Star's story. And we all know how jealously competitive the news media are in KC, but I was shocked to hear that slobber-fest of an interview -- particularly from Shanin and Parks who normally do a pretty good job. (At the end of it I kept expecting to hear: "I'm Katheryn Shields, and I approved this message.")

Ms. Smith performed a great public service by simply doing her job as a reporter -- telling us what we need to know as taxpayers. I wonder if Shanin or Parks (or anybody else at KMBZ) ever bothered to even wonder about the use of our taxpayer money at Jackson County? I doubt it. But if they did, perhaps they should do the work first, then ask for some credit.


BTW, when Katheryn was doing her "voodoo evasion dance" yesterday she let slip that she would be taking her excuses and victim act on the road to the STAR today. Wonder how that little session went? Wonder if they will be confused enough to let her off the hook too?

Just in case they read these blogs, I have a message to send: You know how we ended up having to suffer through 12 years of Katheryn Shields at Jackson County? Too many were too weak to hold her accountable, even though her attempts at deflection and evasion are usually weak. She is persistent in her deception, and is very comfortable in the role of "victim" if you let her play it. But she's not a victim. She's the one with the power. The one with the county credit cards. The one with the landmark Sunshine Law case named after her.

Where is Victor Callahan when you need him?

I love that Fairfield's campaign is holding the money raised at the child pornographer's house "aside" so that it can be returned later if necessary. What, exactly, is there to think about? Especially if it's only approximately $1000. Returning that money immediately (and the positive press generated) more than would have made up for any thing they'll be able to buy with $1000.

For the love of Pete, why even discuss John Fairfield? I swear he's Gomez from the Addams Family.

"For the love of Pete, why even discuss John Fairfield?"

The Fairfield blogs are the work of "Team Shields". They have taken a page out of the Karl Rove political playbook. Distraction. Diverson. Don't pay attention to Shields' mural...or her bond spending...or her stadium/sports team issues...or her FBI investigation...or her awarding of contracts...When your candidate is a dead horse, point fingers and shout half-truths and lies in the direction of your opponents in the hopes some of the manure will stick and by proxy make your candidate look better. But really, there's no way to make this toad look better to the voters.

John W. Burns

To 2:37 PM - I guess I'm not the only person who noticed that whenever Shields and Cardarella are involved there are always these sleazy, personal attacks on the opposition. Perhaps its the best we can expect from the son and daughter-in-law of an organized crime figure who in 1984 winds up dead in his car trunk. The acorn never falls far from the tree.

I agree. Until you have some proof you can offer, please stop these "sleazy, personal attacks" on John Fairfield, your best choice for our next mayor!

No way would I vote for a woman beater!

Welcome to the mayors race John the laundry will be aired .


Thank God I live in Parkville...

All the Fairfield stuff is unsubstantiated rumor. Please stop with your negative attacks until you can cite some proof.


kathryn shields reminds me of the quintessential greedy, profligate spending, self-absorbed, ineffective, public trough feeding PIG!! just let her run for mayor of kansas city; she'll be shredded to ribbons by those that have values, maturity, knowledge, and something to offer. she is in the same camp as the mindless cheerleader we have for a mayor now. kay barnes, and her gang of monkey-faced advisors, is a weak-spined, insipid, rah-rah buffoon who has left us with a mountain of debt and a list of "legacy-building" projects whose merits and value are, at best, questionable. in both cases, barnes and shields, good riddance to bad rubbish.


Blogs are great. All the people who could not get elected dogcather can throw rocks anonymously at elected officials that voters keep choosing for their leaders. Shields has been consistently elected and reelected by the citizens of Jackson County and Kansas City when she was on the Council. But if someone from across the country would read this blog you would think she is hated. What a joke you people are.

David Relihan

She is hated, Phil, you guys just won't figure it our until primary night.


Yes, BYDSM, blogs are great. They give people Katheryn Shields would call "little people" a chance to be heard. They also provide the opportunity to get real facts and issues into the public discussion. It doesn't do any good to throw out red herrings and lies on blogs because they get checked out and ignored, and they reflect poorly on the candidate the poster intends to benefit. You might consider that.

Just because Shields (or anybody else) has run for public office and been elected in the past doesn't mean she deserves to be elected in the future (yes, including dog catcher). And your implication that elected officials are somehow "better" than little people like me, well, that sounds just like Katheryn herself. That elitist attitude is exactly what disqualifies her, and you, from relevance in public affairs in the future.

Oh and I almost forgot, one would think someone calling themself "BYDSM" would be more careful about putting someone down for posting anonymously. YOU are anonymous! I click on your profile, only to find it BLANK? Huh, just like your quest for a point. You and kcrocky should definitely get together.


Please for the safety of all around you, get yourself to Research psych asap. They will help you. I cannot stress this enough. Stay away from sharp objects and tell the voices to shut up. There is help for people like you. Thorazine and electroshock.

Fairfield woman beater City of Gladstone records in 1989

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