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October 29, 2006



Holy crap! If this doesn't put a final nail in the coffin of Shields' thoughts of running for mayor, then it's time for us rational and sane citizens of Kansas City to leave the city en masse and watch from a safe distance while she and her minions run the city into the ground.

Amazingly, the Toad claims this is "much ado about nothing." What arrogance! What hubris!

If impeachment isn't possible then let's hope the legislators find some way of effectively tying Shields' hands to keep her away from whatever money is left in the county's coffers. The taxpayer money she spent on her parties were bad enough, but everyone understood those parties were "just Katheryn being Katheryn and promoting herself." But her misuse of bond funds needs to be invstigated NOW!

In with the auditors! Out with the Toad!

The $2500 may have come from recycling proceeds, but that doesn't take into account all of the taxpayers' money used through the months of employees' time spent on the planning.

A fleet of drunken sailors shows more fiscal restraint than Shields.

There are three possible explanations for Shields' spending spree.

1. She's arrogant to the point of being Kansas City's version of Marie ("Let them eat cake") Antoinette.

2. She is so vindictive that she hopes to leave the county on the verge of bankruptcy in the hope that her nemesis and presumed successor, Mike Sanders, will be blamed for her financial mess.

3. She rivals political boss Tom Pendergast in terms of corruption.

Whatever the reason, she deserves to be removed from office before she can do any further damage in the two months left in her reign of terror.


check this out:

Hey reddie? Are you an idiot?

Not only is it an old story, but it's not even relevant to the topic.



4. All of the above.


She is an absolute disgrace to Kansas City.

I want to know how her fellow Democrats can stand by her side.

John Evans

Spending Money Like Drunken Sailors. Sounds like the Republican Congress. They put it out there and their Buddies get to steal it. For a Fee. They even made money stealing our Elections. I'm sure the election Machine Manufacturers have come out just fine. If she is corrupt then throw her out. But don't just Replace Her with another Crook. We had better Demand our Leaders do as we say or they will continue to Screw us.


Wow... way to go TOTALLY OFF TOPIC JOHN.

platteco, this is dedicated to your heroes:

So chris bussen said that "recycling proceeds" are being used to pay for these memorials? When did the Legislature appropriate this money?

I didn't think katie spent any money without the Leg's approval??

Isn't that what she said during the drug audit????

Where are the appropriation ordinances for this money????


I totally agree with ToadSmasher. There must be a way to stop Shields from spending money like a fool during her final months. Perhaps the County Legislature could freeze specific expenditures? Or take some kind of legal action. Before the courts would act, her final months would be over and the new Exec could hopefully nullify her insane actions. Maybe a Stop The Toad campaign. With a theme of, "Why doesn't she just hop off into the sunset?"

As one who supported Sheilds in previous elections, I am concerned about this recent rash of spending. Katheryn, please retire from office gracefully (and prudently).


"Every time I think I've heard the stupidest thing ever, you keep talking!"
- Hank Hill, Fox's King of the Hill

Every time I think Shields has done and said the stupidest thing ever, she keeps going!

“It might irritate people but I am county executive until Dec. 31.”

“They (legislators) don’t even know what the 1997 bonds are,” she said.

“This is all much ado about nothing..."

(You couldn't make this stuff up!)

And get a load of Waits:
“She’s still the county executive and we owe her the respect to let her continue to handle things in Jackson County in the manner in which she deems appropriate,” Waits said.

... it raises some questions about what Mr. Waits has to gain from keeping Shields in control, doesn't it?

I renew my plea - for God's sake -- will somebody, anybody, please make her stop! She has been using the county coffers as her personal money to burn for years. Somebody cut up the Toad's credit cards before the damage to the taxpayers is irreversible!


"County employee Chris Bussen said employees spent four months on three committees planning the surprise birthday party."

Well, there's an effective use of county employee time...

Let Katherine run for mayor. We'll just elect John Fairfield and all our problems will be solved under his strong and capable leadership. Surely you eastern Jackson County folks have leaders like John Fairfield to help you out as well.

Cyrilla the Source

Once again, unbelievable. The fact that we have an elected official that is this cavalier with OUR taxpayer dollars is amazing. Where has the press been for the last 12 years of her reign? I find it hard to beleive that all of this started in the last 3 months. Honestly, Shields should be forced to pay back the money she has stolen from the good people of Jackson County. She is a tool.


My question is, where has the legislature been for the last 12 years?
Tarwarter, Waits, Arbanas, Rizzo, Spence? Are they that incompetent that they couldn't see what was going on? Where they getting kickbacks to keep their mouths shut? Where they scared of retribution by "Tammany Hall Midwest"? Or is it a combination of all of the above?

“She’s still the county executive and we owe her the respect to let her continue to handle things in Jackson County in the manner in which she deems appropriate,”

Nice quote lapdog. Pant, pant, pant, throw me a bone. Arf, Arf.

Phyllis Nudsak

Wasn't Katherine Shields in that movie "Babe: Pig In The City"?

My bad I thought this was about the Stowers institute for Amendment 3 sorry!


“She’s still the county executive and we owe her the respect to let her continue to handle things in Jackson County in the manner in which she deems appropriate,”

Translation: Don't ever question the Queen....

Where they getting kickbacks to keep their mouths shut?

No they were for boxing matches.


No they were for boxing matches.


Had Enough

About the only person NOT getting in on Shield's early Christmas gift list was Clay County's Ed Quick.

Old Eddie boy just didn't hear about the "money gifting" until it was about all spent.

Guess Katherine's hubby will do a freebee for Ed and she felt Ed Quick had gotten his fair share of the loot.

Had Enough

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