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October 17, 2006



Stu Rothenburg may not have added him to the list yet, but I added him to my list of worries this weekend when I saw how far Kline was behind Morrison. Kansas Republicans gave up on the Governor's race when Moran decided not to run. We focused our efforts on Kline. Now he is behind by 13 points. If another poll shows that lead holding or growing for Morrison, we'll find someone else to help.

Unfortunately, so will the Democrats. The national parties may not include Ryun on their target list yet, but they didn't include Tiahrt as a possible winner until just before election day in 2004. A big win by Sebelius and Morrison, not to mention redirecting late funding to Boyda, could easily sweep Ryun out of office.


Oops - Meant to say Tiahrt wasn't considered a likely winner until just before election day in 1994.

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