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October 17, 2006



Wow. Moreno's bringing out the star power. It will be quite embarrasing with all this hoopla when Kraus handily defeats him. From what I hear, it's not really a contest.

Sounds like a meeting of all the usual suspects. No Katheryn??

Does Chris have any work experience? Stories are circulating that he does not. How about the real scoop on this young fellow?

Sounds like a meeting of all the usual suspects. No Katheryn??

Does Chris have any work experience? Stories are circulating that he does not. How about the real scoop on this young fellow?


According to his campaign site, he's the General Manager of a Cingular Wireless store.

Looks like an up-and-comer.

What, you'd prefer he have a record of corruption, divorces and preying on minors before you declare him qualified?

Kraus is corrupt, divorced, and preys on minors? Pick up on this, DeAnn, this could be a big story!


Chris Moreno has been working hard. He has an army of volunteers that have worked this district very hard. He is running because of the bad record of Mr. Kraus and the other Republicans in Jefferson City. From the comments from some here they should try and get in the process and run for office and see if they can do half as good as Chris Moreno. He is dedicated, has good ideas and will make a excellent State Representative. Mr. Kraus is only a one termer and beat an incumbant Democratic representative last time and his record or lack of it is the reason that district needs new representation. Go Chris.

Lee's Summit Democrat

Let's set the record straight. Kraus is married, has two sons and is a 16 year army veteran. What experience does Moreno have? Does he have a family other than his live-in girlfriend?

From what I hear, Kraus has 5 times the amount of money and is up 20+ points.

This is not a contest. The Democrats need to focus their money and energy elsewhere.

It was never implied that Kraus is "corrupt, divorced and preys on minors". The point was that Moreno is not part of the establishment, but rather someone dedicated and motivated to bring change - which is what many voters want. The attempts to portray Moreno as not competent are pathetic - especially to anyone who has taken the time to actually know him.

Chris Bell

I don't work for either campaign, but I have known Chris since we went to high school together in Lee's Summit. In the entire time I've known him, he's always tried to make the right decisions for the people surrounding him. That seems to me to be the only experience I need out of someone I vote for.

20+ points, huh? Hey, are those statistics published somewhere?

Live-In Girlfriend? Actually I've known the Moreno family for quite sometime and he is engaged to his high school sweetheart! So That's a VERY pathetic attempt to bash someone personally.

Hey Lee's Summit "Democrat"! I too live in the 48th District and have neither heard or seen of this magical poll of 20 points you are throwing out.

Last time I checked the 48th District is a 53% Democratic district and I've been doing a bit of asking around myself and it seems that Chris Moreno actually has more support throughout the WHOLE district.

That might explain why Moreno received 300 more votes than Republican Kraus in the primary.

And Since you live in Lee's Summit, than you will know that Moreno's large support combined with the fact that he has more knowledge of the issues have lead Kraus' camp to do negative campaigning which might also explain why the Lee's Summit Journal posted a Cartoon and an Article pointing out that fact!


From what I hear Moreno has the experience as a General Manager of a Cingular Wireless Store, being elected twice on the County Commmittee and appointed on a Presidential Campaign, and knowledge of the issues with his degree in Political Science. As a resident of Raytown Kraus was never elected to anything before he was elected and it's known he lacks knowledge on the issues.

I attended a Chamber forum in which I saw both Will Kraus and Chris Moreno speak on the issues. Kraus couldn't answer a single question and instead resorted to attacking Chris Moreno. Chris Moreno answered every question and seemed to be the better candidate. Based on that experience I can see why Will Kraus will not debate Chris Moreno. Without other Republicans there to tell him what to say, he would be in deep trouble.

Will Kraus is a clean-cut fellow who flew Army helicopters in Iraq. He was very active in non-partisan local government work (Raytown Reaching
For Tomorrow), PTA, church, Rotary, etc. BEFORE he ran for public office. What has his opponent done?

I don't live in the 48th district but have seen both of these men tramping through Raytown in their campaign efforts. I'd take Will Kraus for my rep if I could (but I live in another rep's district).

10:00 AM - So Will looks like a statesman therefore he should be? Wow high standards you folks have for your elected officials. This is how we get stuck with incompetent leaders like Bush and Blunt. Nice going.
If Moreno is better for the job and knows more as it appears he does by leaps and bounds he should be given the chance to improve things.

bush looks like a statesman? To whom?

raytown resident

I find it interesting that Republicans want to attack Mr. Moreno on "what has he done" in such a 10 year old fashion. What has Mr. Kraus done? He refused to stand with Democrats as they spoke about Medicaid cuts and Sponsored a Voucher Bill that would have taken 50 million from public schools then told the Raytown teachers the opposite. Looking at his literature left at my door he refuses to claim his party now? Seems he has a record of failing to tell the facts and that's why my vote is going to Mr. Moreno


If Mr. Kraus will not debate Mr. Moreno then he and his supporters should not attack him as a person. My question is with Mr. Kraus as my State Representative, what has he done? In 04 he said he was for the cuts to medicaid and then refused to stand with Democrats when speaking against the cuts, he sponsored a voucher bill then told our Raytown teachers he didn't and looking at his literature left on my door, he refuses to claim his own party to deceive voters. It seems what he has done is refuse to tell voters the facts and that's why I'm supporting Mr. Moreno. He spoke at my door and from I can see is just the victim of another Republican attack fest.

Mr. EJ

9:49 - If you are talking about the LS Chamber Forum, I actually attended that forum as well and this is what I took home from it.

First off, I noticed when I grabbed literature on my way into the event that Republican Candidate Kraus didn't even mention his own party on his pieces, but is clearly a Republican.

The whole time Kraus was not paying attention to the speakers and was talking to whom I believe was Republican Rep. Yates as if he was asking for advice writing down notes! I say writing down notes, because he would then get up and read word for word those notes.

Democrat Chris Moreno asked Republican Kraus if he (Kraus) was aware that 300 constituents were just recently laid off from Ford Claycomo; the Representative did not respond. I found that interesting.

Also when Republican Kraus was asked about minimum wage; he stated that he didn't know enough about the subject and would have to look at reports. He didn't do this while in office? He represents a working class district and has known for quite sometime that minimum wage is going to be on the ballot!

Chris Moreno spent the whole time speaking to the audience, answering all of the questions and because of that received applauses.

As a matter of fact, Moreno also was the only candidate to cite his facts so that the audience could then go and look. That showed a lot being that his opponent couldn't even give numbers.

However, Kraus spent the whole time reading from a sheet of paper some notes that didn't even answer any of the questions but were really just negative attacks on Moreno. Kraus really reminded me of George Bush at a press conference by how he would stutter and then read the notes which really had nothing to do with the questions!

I realized that I wasn't the only one that noticed that Kraus chose to attack Moreno instead of answer questions, because I also seen that the Lees Summit Journal addressed these issues in an article and a cartoon about the event!

I was also reading in the Independence Examiner that the Republican Representative still has yet to accept Chris Moreno's request to a debate!

I just find it obvious and definitive, that when an incumbent doesn't even claim his own party and spends his time bashing the opponents history and knowledge of the issues AND THEN avoids accepting a debate...he is definitely avoiding any and all chances of showing the citizens his own lack of knowledge.

Chris Moreno is clearly more in tune with his district as a whole.

Clearly what District 48 needs is a young, inexperienced, non-vet, glib Jackson County Democrat to represent its citizens.


11:18 Clearly Must mean that the 48th(a working class, democratic district) DESERVES an educated,experienced, and moderate working class democrat who is the son, grandson, cousin, nephew and lifelong friend of MANY veterans and will proudly represent our children, seniors, community, veterans and our workers.

Because that's exactly what they get in Moreno which beats ANYDAY his opponent who has not represented anyone well except Matt Blunt.


I don't have a horse in this race. But I am getting a big kick out of this thread. Nice to see there is this much interest by both sides on a small local race.

Missouri Independent

I am offended that the Republican Kraus in today's examiner said "the public has no interest in a debate." Hiding behind a cheap excuse like that, to not debate someone you continue to go negative about instead of talking about issues, is why we need this guy out of office. I know I'm voting straight party for the first time in my life and it will not be Republican.

Goldwater Conservative? Wasn't Barry the guy who wanted to bomb North Vietnam back to the Stone Age and who wrote the book "None Dare Call It Treason"?

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