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October 31, 2006



maybe bush can stop off in leavenworth and
honor the unger boy who died in iraq.
This disgusting president has used lies
and a failed policy to cost 2800 soldiers
their lives. Ryun is in trouble cause he
bought a house for $100,000 under value
from abramoff...another lying disgusting politician
that cares nothing about his constituents.


It looks like the American people are starting to get fed up with the sleazy crooked part of politics. You all have just become to bold and have gotten that I am untouchable attitude. It was a matter of time and I think that the time may be closer than you think. Politicians are under the microscope and that is the way that it should be. You are employees of us, the tax payers.
Someone may want to inform the Prez. about that. 67% of the American people said no to a wall at the border, but the Prez. just sighed a bill to support one. Most likely someone’s son in Laws fence building company will get the contract. I am sorry that I have to feel that way, but your past has caused me to not trust you any more.

The fact that Bush is spending the final days of the campaign at a rally for someone who should have been a shoo-in tells you everything you need to know about this election. Remember when Republicans had a good chance of knocking off Dennis Moore? Now they are reduced to trying to protect incumbents like Jim Ryun.


IF you believe the only politicians that are paid off are Republican ones, then you must also belief on the tooth fairy, Santa Claus, and the like....

Whatever happened to the Democrat congresman caught with 90K in MARKED bills from a bribery scandal?

They're ALL crooks.. that's what makes it so hard.

Find the one closest to your ideals and vote. They're all crooks. regardless of party affiliation


Ryun will be in even more trouble with the Liar-in-Chief at his side. Everybody knows that this election is a referendum on Chimpy's miserable failure. That's why so many Rethuglicans are running as fast as they can to get away from him. Rats deserting a sinking ship, indeed.

proud dem vet

5 Deferment Cheney in Knob Noster last Friday and now AWOL Dubya in Topeka on Sunday - how special. I agree they both need to go by Leavenworth and pay their respects to the men they killed in their invasion of Iraq.

How anyone can support these war mongering draft dodgers or anyone in their party is completely beyond my comprehension. Here's hoping Nancy Boyda trounces Jim Ryun!


According to the Topeka Capital-Urinal, "The '2006 victory rallies' coordinated by the White House are designed to encourage core GOP voters to vote."

Talk about being out of touch! In Kansas, "Core GOP voters" are the ones who elected Kathleen Sebelius, who will rally behind Dick Morrison, and will carry Nancy Boyda to victory. No one ever won office in Kansas depending only on "core *Democratic* voters." Core *Republican* voters elected and re-elected Nancy Landon Kassebaum, and Jan Meyers, and Martha Keyes. The only way people like Phill (the extra L is for "liar") Kline and Jim Ryun and the lame-duck State Board of Edjumacation got elected was by turning out radicalized twice-born-holy-rollin'-send-in-your-love offerin's-an'-say-thank-ya-JEEEEEzus-while-bashin'-gays-an'-teenage-loose-wimmen pseudo-Christians.

If George WMD Bush actually draws the intrinsically moderate core of Kansas Republican voters to the polls, Ryun's race this year will end exactly the way his last Olympic race did.


Jim Ryan? Let me tell you about the time he was PAID to run Hospital Hill as a promotion. He told me the day before he was only going to run a couple blocks...and head home..that it was simply a running gig for him. And what happened? At the first right turn, he pulled up and started limping. He told the media he had gone out too fast and hurt himself. It revealed to me a lot about his character.

I. Walter Jones

This upcoming election will tell us how many self thinking Americans we have in our great state of Kansas and the great US of A. My grand-mother had a saying,"god gives his children warnings." God has given us the American People warnings about the Party now in office. It is up to the American People to stop listing to the Party in power who have NO regards FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE or for our Constitution. They think we the American People or stupid and will buy in on their Lies with lIES! AND MORE lIES!

Wake up!! Wake up!! all American People and start think for your self before it is too late to save our Country from the greedy.



Get a grip. Kennedy and Johnson took us to Viet Nam and many more died. I don't here you crying that they lied.

Let's face it you just can't stand Bush and his confidence that democracy is the best system of government and that we should do everything we can to support it aorund the world.

Maybe the US and most of the world misread the itelligience data regarding WMD. Maybe the adminstration underestimated the complexity of creating and supporting a new democratic government in Iraq. But none of that support you hyperbole and conspiracy theories.


We will have to wait and see but I firmly believe history will view this action as a critical response to the global rise of Islamism (not Islam) and other intolerant ideologies. Similar to the response of Churchill to Hitler and the delayed response of the US in WWII.

Unless, of course, the DEMs win and we turn tail and run. In that case, it will be the precipitating event to the overwhelming rise of Islamic radicalism leading to loss of European identity and continued bloodshed in America and a balkanization.

At least be consistant dems. I want to hear you call all the weatherman liars for predicting the weather based on information provided and it doesn't turn out that way.


Wow. After reading back over these comments after a couple hours I am struck by one thing: There are either astute people or some very stupid ones in this world. Man, there seems no middle ground anymore.

By the way, Shrugging if you need somebody just to admit that Kennedy and Johnson lied then so be it. They lied. They were scroundrels. Now, how does that matter to what has happened, dare I say gone wrong, in Iraq?

By the way, how's that democracy thing working out in Lebanon for you?


What does this cost tax payers

I love how you Dems think you have this in the bag while offering no ideas what so ever!


"You Dems..."

Posted by: "ooops, I'm-afraid- to- give -my -name- guy."

"You Dems?" Seems to me this is part of the problem, no name guy. Name calling!


Come on....Senator Kerry's comments about our mem and women in uniform shows you what the Democratic party is all about. I will admit I have been disappointed with the republicans and was going to sit it out. Kerry's comments have caused me to rethink and will now vote. I also notice how biase the press is in mot reporting much of what happen. If it would have been a Republican Senator, it would be front page. Now I am pissed. See you at the polls.

Thanks Kerry for the push


Buck, right on. I concur.

the dems towel heads are coming to yake you over with their mexican friends

the dems towel heads are coming to yake you over with their mexican friends

I dont know why Bush would bother going to that sorry state


If the distorted Kerry remarks is what it takes to make you vote(Buck,Savage)...then you are sad. This fabricated Republican anger is a joke. My dad was in Vietnam and I was in the Gulf War and we both plan to vote Democrat b/c of this joke of an adminstration. I will never understand how people for vote for such liars..For Bush to be campaigning while 100 US troops have died this month in reprehensible. I cannot stomach the sound of his voice.

Josey Wales


You ignorant liberals are SOOOOO stupid!!

Get used to losing...the GOP is coming for you! HA HA HA yeah, thats right...we are in power, we will stay in power, and you will LOSE. Keep those sniveling remarks to your self because NO ONE CARES- at least no one that matters cares. I hope that GW Bush changes the law so he can be President another 8 years. He has done a GREAT job as President...look at the stock market! I have gotten even richer with him in there, and got to keep most of it with the tax breaks that protect me and my money. Long live GW Bush! Long live the Republicans!

C'mon, ask Bush about his WMD joke at the White House Corresondents dinner

Bush looking under his desk in the Oval office: "Those weapons of mass destruction gotta be somewhere." "Nope, no weapons over there." "Maybe under here"

Video -


OK first of all the GOP inbreds led by Crook in Chief Bush will finally be pushed aside in a Democratic wave of victory.. Then all you miguided Fox News watchers can commiserate over your cheap beer about how 'you wuz robbed". The reality is that GOP is the party of hatred and lies and greed. When I hear Bush name drop great men like Truman, it is sickening even since his father and grandfather tried to resort to smear tactics back in '48 to defeat him..

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